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  1. Closing thread no sale thanks SOL
  2. Sorry I am located in the Livingston nJ area I could meet it is close to someone so it’s easier but I was trying not to travel too much or ship . But open to suggestions
  3. Where are you located ?
  4. 3 new Quick silver 2 stroke premium engine oil for sale $60 bucks picked up
  5. Are they floating sps?
  6. If you end up splitting I would take the green no problem
  7. Ahh sorry can’t go that high gonna fish it . thanks anyway though. Happy thanksgiving
  8. Respectfully offer 30 for the z shore spook
  9. Closed
  10. Last bump $35 shipped before closing
  11. i pod 35 for that one . If you can do 38 I feel that’s fair and I’m paying shipping
  12. Bump price drop to $38 shipped
  13. Any Surfster for sale?
  14. 2 cedar run lures bottom popper is new approx 5 inch weight about 3oz maybe a little more top popper used twice approx 5 1/2 inch 2 oz im guessing $50 shipped pay pal