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  1. Distance from butt to center of reel seat?
  2. Payment received and heading out in tomorrow’s mail - thanks SOL
  3. Sure thing - pm on the way
  4. $475 shipped PayPal 3-4 years of use, last serviced 3 seasons ago and not fished since (carried as a backup a few times). Has a few dings shown in photos/video. Nothing that catches a finger nail on the spool lip. Reel does not have a drag clicker. Added paracord to the stock handle. Cosmetically 7.5 Mechanically 10/10 Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving!IMG_0311.MOV IMG_0311.MOV
  5. Awesome - I’ll have out in tomorrow’s mail sending you a pm
  6. Its the original wire. Didn’t even notice it. Little loose from torque I suppose.
  7. $30 shipped
  8. $63 shipped? dang, is it that bad out there?
  9. Prefer to ship without hooks
  10. Thats it! Thanks
  11. Both new $35 shipped darter is “midnight massacre”
  12. Used but great shape $68 shipped PayPal 2 blacks 1 parrot 2 black over grey(ish I forget the name and think they may be discontinued? Could be wrong)
  13. $24 it’s all yours understand if that’s too steep but after pp fee and shipping it’s not worth the effort for $20 lmk
  14. Sold to beachorbust thanks sol!
  15. All yours. Sending PM