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  1. 25 dollars friends and family ...no fee.....Thanks for consideration
  2. I respectfully offer 25 dollars
  3. Ok ..appreciate if you change your mind
  4. Offer respectfully 215...pp friends and family
  5. Its a fair price ....Ill take it ....can send you PayPal friends and family...Pm me your PP and ill give you my address
  6. 10465 Bronx ny
  7. I respectfully offer 30 dollars shipped......
  8. Found a replacement ...thanks Tim close post
  9. Bump
  10. Yes one person ...make offer....any reasonable offer taken
  11. Giant Tuna come in close in Gloucester that what makes it great.....no need to go to canyon for tuna
  12. Tuna trip for this Saturday Gloucester Ma 6am to 6pm Great trip ..Cost me 430 gratuities included 4 person ...Got called into work cant go ...my pain your gain ...make me a offer...Kelly Ann Great boat ....Any offer considered
  13. Ill be up in Yamar Mass ,,,cape cod late sunday night and monday
  14. Still looking for more Shimano Travela to buy