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  1. So ... what's the difference between the gt51 and the CV51M-TM? Anybody know?
  2. Huh! Looked all over the duper and found no model number. Never thought to check the cable. Duh! Mine says the same.
  3. I was wondering about the duper with the bundle I got. The packaging doesn't mention the duper model but lists the specs and the Garmin site just says mid-range duper. Researching the specs from the packaging against Garmin transducers online, it appears that the Gt51 is the one that I received. When I saw the list price I was rather surprised.
  4. When I called Tackle Direct to see how long the price would be good for they told me they had sold the last one "yesterday". Went to Goggle Shopping and it still had the unit at 499.99 from Tackle Direct. I figured that Google just hadn't updated yet. My wife says what the heck , try it anyway and places an order. Two days later it was on our doorstep.. Whoda thunk? Sorry you didn't have any luck..
  5. Thx for the info all. Still pondering the issue and came up with a bit of a quandary. The buffers I've looked at so far are all one speed models rated between 4,000 and 4,800 OPM. For 3M Cleaner and Wax (which is what I use the most) 3M recommends a buffer speed between 1,500 and 2,000. Does anyone know if the higher speeds are really a problem? PS - My father was a carpenter and always taught me to buy the best tools you can afford because the good stuff almost always pays for itself many times over. Haven't proven him wrong yet. But for a once a year polish on an old 20' boat that will NEVER see compound again (or anything more aggressive than Cleaner/Wax) I'm having a hard time going better than maybe a mid-range Black & Decker. And I'm 64 so who knows how long I'll use the damn thing. Definitely more research is needed.
  6. Been cleaning/waxing my boats for 20 years using a drill with disk setup and am thinking of switching to a random orbit buffer. I know nothing at all about them so: - Good / bad brands - Best size(s) for a 20' boat - Any thoughts on best speed(s) Most of the use will probably be with 3M Cleaner & Wax - Best type of pad/cover to use (Always used "wool" pads on the drill) - All the other stuff those with experience would know that I'm ignorant of Any and all ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Whaler - if I had space I'd keep the 498 for backup until it truly dies. Been a great unit. Ferret - haven't gotten into the instructions yet. If it can be "front - removed" that easily I'll probably do the surface mount. I was afraid that once I got it in it would be a PITA to remove the unit and enclosure together. Front removal would mean I can build a more permanent enclosure and still take it out for winter. Thx much.
  8. Thx all. I bit the bullet and picked up a Garmin 94sv from Tackle Direct. (Thx Kml - I got the very last one they had at the same price you did.) Now another Q: The 9" is really big for the space I've got for it when its mounted on the supplied bracket. (Windshield is severely angled.) However, I could build an enclosure and do a surface mount installation. (Maybe make it less likely to be stolen???) But I'm wondering if the unit can be left in the boat year round. (I'm in Maryland and it gets pretty cold in Jan/Feb and right now in Mar too.) In the past I've always removed the electronics for the winter. But if I build a flush mount there won't actually be rear access so taking it out would be a PITA. Does anyone know, for sure, whether a Garmin chart plotter can handle temps down around 0 degrees? Thx again.
  9. Seadogg - no argument. If we don't support the locals, even the chains, they'll disappear.
  10. The last time I was in the market for electronics (sonar) my first stop was West Marine. They were pretty busy and I waited my turn. When the staffer got to me I asked if I purchased a Lowrance unit the same size as my old one, could I use the existing mounting bracket and cables. He looked at me like I was asking about advanced micro-surgery, laughed a bit, said 'Probably not' and turned away to help another customer who he greeted by name. That customer was not next in line. The couple who should have been next and I walked out. I bought the sonar from Defender who is a brick and mortar, on-line and catalog retailer. (At least they used to have a catalog.) I still shop at West Marine occasionally but only for items I don't need much help with.
  11. SeaDogg - I was just looking at the 74cv and 74cv plus. Probably fit my needs pretty well. Gonna visit a couple of retailers this weekend for some Q and A as well as hands on looking.
  12. I have an old Garmin GPSMap 498 that gave us a few problems last year and I believe its time to move on. I'm hoping that some of you might be able to suggest a chart plotter that meets some (or all?) of the following: - Space is tight. No bigger than a 7" diag screen. - For sonar I primarily rely on a Lowrance sonar (also old) so I'm looking mostly for a good GPS unit. I'm not looking for Side Scan or anything too high tech. - I'd like to keep the price below $750 complete with ducer. - I've had 2 Garmin units so I'm familiar with their operation but I'm not locked in to them. Any and all suggestions for brands, models, features, things I haven't mentioned here, best place(s) to research/shop/purchase, etc, etc are appreciated.
  13. Just saw this on another board and thought I'd pass it on. Don't personally know anything about it. Anybody have any additional info? This article just popped up on one of my electrical engineering email list. (*from PC Mag website) The problem is that they stored the week number as a 10 bit binary value and 1024 Weeks has gone by since the reference date. Bottom line, if like me your boat is put away for the winter, you may want to crank up your GPS sometime after April 6th to make sure that it still works. The article says that units built after 2010 should be OK. Also, you may be able to get a free software update but, with my luck, my 2001 vintage GPS is probably to old for getting an update and I need to buy a new one.
  14. I have neoprene stocking foot waders. For rocks I wear studded wading boots. For the sand I picked up a pair of cheap nylon strap type sandals big enough to go over the neoprene foot. No sand build-up, light weight and low cost. Only used them a few times but worked good for me.
  15. I just saw the following post on a Maryland fishing board. Does anyone have any further info and/or comments?