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  1. fishweewee ... sorry for the misspell
  2. fishwife, mike, et al ... does anyone know of any studies on how effective the Moderna vax is against the Delta variant in the US or anywhere else? And PS ... why the hell does this site change vax to Jax every bleeping time I type it?
  3. I'm confused. I thought the 4.903 deaths were AFTER vax but not necessarily FROM vax
  4. Therein lies the riddle. Many that don't believe they need the vax, also don't believe they need a mask. Dare I say that the lower vaxed areas are proving that assumption wrong?ax
  5. college 1973
  6. whaler1889 - Been hand cranking boats on trailers for over 20 years. Now at 65 and having had 2 surgeries in the last 2 months, hand cranking is not an option. At least at this time. Who knows about the future?
  7. The winch I bought came with the 25' wiring harness. It's 8 gauge wire with, I think, a 40 amp circuit breaker. bought a set of quick disconnects so I can make a short piece to go from the back of the SUV to the winch. I would guess that the big advantage to using the vehicle battery is that it's being charged while you drive and even while you're pulling the boat up. Also your dash gauge will give you an idea of battery health. If it's on the trailer you have to keep it charged and check the volts every so often.
  8. mckeeper ... From what I've found out, most people run the power from their tow vehicle. Which is what I intend to do. I've seen batteries mounted on trailers and I'm sure that would work. But it seems like you'd need to keep a battery tender on it when not in use to make sure it's good to go when you need it. Maybe your trailer battery just needs a good charge. Mr. Bigdeal ... when else would you expect it to happen??? ;-)
  9. Purchased a Dutton-Lanson 9000. From what I could find out it should do the job. Now I just need to get to work installing it. As far as something else to go wrong ... couldn't agree more. But at this point I really don't have a choice.
  10. pioneeratsea ... What size / kind of boat are you pulling with the Powerwinch 915? Someone local to me suggested the Powerwinch 912.
  11. Been hand cranking my boats onto trailers for the last 25 years or so but, due to some medical issues, looks like those days are gone. (At least for the immediate future.) I have zero experience with power winches and know even less about them. Any and all info / recommendations anyone can share would be greatly appreciated. I have a 20' Grady (total weight loaded is about 3,000#) on a virtually new Load-Rite tandem trailer. The Q's I know I need answers to are below. I also know there are likely things I haven't even thought of yet. - What brand(s) of winches seem to hold up well? - I assume I need to get a winch rated for at least 4,000 #. Is that enough excess capacity? - Is a cable or strap better for a smaller boat like mine? - Any idea where I can get the tow vehicle wired to run the winch? (Someplace like Pep Boys, auto electric shop' travel trailerler dealer???) And like I said, anything I haven't thought of yet.A Thx, in advance for any and all assistance
  12. Thx DZ. I'll check it out.
  13. I'm in Maryland. FWIW I'll be heading to Montauk on 5/8 for the weekend.
  14. OK. So thx to MattieG I contacted Causeway but they don't have the kits anymore. Does anyone know where I can find a tailless conversion kit?