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  1. I have neoprene stocking foot waders. For rocks I wear studded wading boots. For the sand I picked up a pair of cheap nylon strap type sandals big enough to go over the neoprene foot. No sand build-up, light weight and low cost. Only used them a few times but worked good for me.
  2. I just saw the following post on a Maryland fishing board. Does anyone have any further info and/or comments?
  3. Thx all. Much appreciated. Decided to just get another set of clamps for the Battery Tender and switch back and forth using the quick connect in the power lead. That way I'll be checking on things regularly which is never a bad idea as 31BBert pointed out. dwyak - Thats what I did for years and years. But removing / installing the batteries on this boat is a PITA. Add in some physical limitations and I decided to leave them in. JoeyZac - I'm pretty sure Option 1 is fine. Was just wondering if anyone knew of any problems that might occur.
  4. makorider - I thought I remembered that there was a reason not to do the BOTH setup but couldn't be sure. Soon as I read your reply it reminded me. Since my batteries are like 4 years difference in age it's not worth the risk. Thx much for the input.
  5. I have a '77 Grady with 2 batteries and am located in Maryland. For years I removed the batteries in the winter but age and laziness convinced me to buy a battery Tender and leave them in the boat. Done that the last 2 years by setting the battery selector switch to OFF and alternately hooking up the batteries for 2 week periods. This has seemed to work fine. Now I'm wondering if I can do either of the following: 1 - Buy another Tender and attach one to each battery with the battery selector switch in the OFF position. Would this cause a problem since the battery grounds are still connected? 2 - Use just one Tender and set the selector switch to BOTH. Or just continue switching like I've done the past two years. If anyone has experience with any or all of these methods I'd really appreciate some input.
  6. Thx again Tidewater. Done a little researching with confusing results. On the VMC website page for the closed eye 9170 they list three finishes: Nickel, Black Nickel and Permasteel. My eyes su_k but I believe that Stainless is NEVER mentioned. Huh? I'd swear I bought some stainless 7/0's at Paulie's 2 years ago. That is, stainless on the VMC package. OK - my eyes AND my memory su_k. Searching a few retail sites I found a few mentions that all three finishes are bonded to the same base - carbon steel. Anyone know if that's true? Maybe I should try that Q in the Main Forum. Anyway, ordered a pkg of the 9170 in Nickel. Anything will be better than the rusted ones. Later, Bob
  7. Awesome guys. I've used siwash hooks to replace trebles on some plugs and couldn't for the life of me remember the right name. Gotta record that somewhere since the old brain just can't keep track of sh_t! Batman - yes indeed. When the "feathered" tins work they really work. Gonna dress some for sure. Another Q - Do the tinned hooks hold up to light/medium use in salt or is it worthwhile to just go stainless? Thx, Bob
  8. I've got a bunch of small tins (Crippled Herrings, Kastmasters, Hopkins, etc) in the 1 to 3 oz range with single hooks that need to be replaced. Obviously they need to be medium sized (maybe 2/0 or 3/0?), moderately beefy, not offset and with a big enough eye for the split ring. I've replaced small lure hooks in the past and apparently didn't bother to save the package for reference. (Duh!) Does anyone know a number, model, whatever for a hook that will do the job? Thx, Bob
  9. Thx all. Shag - my neoprene waders are very similar to a Farmer John wetsuit btm I had 40 years ago just a little looser. So with my wading shoes I'm doing basically the same thing. Think I'm gonna try adding some kind of studs and see how it goes. Buck... - I have an old pair of booted neoprene waders with felt soles that are pretty effective without studs. Probably be awesome with em. But the damn boots weigh a ton and discourage any amount of walking. Spleens - I've done a little searching and ran across the screw idea as well. Still debating that vs the after market studs.
  10. I have an old pair of Korkers that half the studs are shot on. Trying to decide if I should try replacing the studs or scrap the Korkers and put after market screw in studs on my wading shoes. (Used with neoprene stocking foot waders.) In case it matters, these will not be used for any serious rock work or anything like that. Basically just for the smaller rocks around Clark's or Camp Hero in Montauk. (Please don't spank me for a spot burn.) Wondering if anyone has experience replacing studs on old Korkers and / or using the screw in studs on waders or wading shoes. Thx an advance for any and all assistance.
  11. BlackDog - tough to argue about the serviceability or longevity of Penn 700's. My 704Z is from 1993 but my "Greenie" Spinfisher 700 is from 1966 or 67. I bought it new and it's had exactly one repair at a tackle shop.
  12. I can't believe Speedy's still running a boat. When I worked the deck in Montauk in the '70's I used to hop a trip with him often when I was "up the island" to run errands or whatever. I thought Speedy retired years ago and his son was running a boat.
  13. Thx everyone for the replies. Obviously we have a bunch of research to do. And y'all have supplied lots of starting points. Artie, we might just start out with the 500S as you suggested. I was thinking an upgrade would be nice since the reel is like 20 years old. On the other hand my Greenie is from like 1966 and the Shimano probably has less than 200 casts on it. If the drag on the Shimano really is decent maybe we'll see how she does tangling with a bluefish. Thx.
  14. I posted this thread previously in SurfTalk and someone suggested I try it here. Would appreciate any and all ideas. Grew up on the Island and used to do a good amount of surf fishing. Presently live in MD and only get in the suds the 3 or 4 times a year we get up there to visit family. My wife, who's an accomplished boat fisher-person, has decided that she wants to give the surf a try. We're both in our 60's and she doesn't have a lot of upper body strength so she needs a light setup. Last year she did pretty well with an old 9' Tica and a crappy old Shimano graphite 500S reel. (My 704, 706 and Greenie are all too heavy for her.) So I'm hoping somebody(s) can recommend a decent but lightweight reel that would work well with the 9' stick and perform reasonably well. Since this is in essence a "beginner" setup I'd rather not spend a fortune but would like to give her a fighting chance should she hook up with something good sized.
  15. Thx all for the comments / suggestions. Gotta hit a shop with a large reel display and see what the boss thinks of the weight / feel of these reels. Worse comes to worse I might have her try a Shimano Sedona 4000 I have for some test casts. I was thinking that a 4000 was too small for the surf but the weight of a lot of reels jumps a lot between a 4000 and a 5000.