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  1. Relevant as its a shallow water attack.
  2. I’ll bet at least 2 or all of those were the result of compliant fisherman or jealous poachers calling in. Keep em on speed dial and record if necessary.
  3. A moderate muslim lol. He could be the nicest guy in the world and it doesn’t change the fact that he’s one sermon away from blowing you up. The message is world domination. Not peace.
  4. Negative. That would involve self reflection. They are only allowed to feel what the media tells them.
  5. The problem is you asked a specific question. Dems only function on generalizations.
  6. Thanks for proving my point. Lol
  7. Dems have to speak in generalities because they have no specifics. They think we follow the leader. We follow the constitution and rule of law. Both of which are completely foreign to dems just as much as a rational individual thought is.
  8. Peace to a muslim comes with the eradication of all infidels. They are all one sermon away from cutting your head off or blowing you up.
  9. Color doesn’t matter with those. Fish it.
  10. How about beach deterrents against seals to keep them isolated to areas such as Monomoy? Time to assemble the Seal colonization prevention team!!
  11. I let the current take in the slack on my ss darters. If I have to dig it in then I need more current.
  12. My 6k spheros is still super smooth after a hard season of fishing. Gear ratio is noticeably slower than the gosa. Not my favorite reel for top water in calm conditions.
  13. I smoked striper twice now and it was absolutely amazing. Never tried smoking sea bass.
  14. For stripers I would get committed hits almost every time I ignored bumps and taps. And any time I’ve pre maturely set the hook on a bump or tap I instantly regretted it. That cast is ruined. I dont set the hook until I feel the weight of the fish after the initial contact.
  15. I would cross over a private jetty to get to where I was going.... If I needed to walk above the high water mark to get around a resting dock I would do that. It would seem pretty clear that you are avoiding walking on it.