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  1. The problem is exactly what is stated above. People walk in the local super market and expect they will have it all at their fingertips. The problem is that what can the resource handle before it collapses. Enough to supply a state, a region, the country, the world? I feel terrible for the commercial fishermen and their plight. I believe its unrealistic to think that in a supply and demand industry where the product has a finite ability to replenish itself, and the demand outstrips the products ability to do so, that the industry can survive. Commercial fishermen will get more desperate as it becomes harder to keep the fish in the markets and more importantly food on their families table. Sad state of affairs indeed.
  2. Thats because the pogies didn't mind the Crap pipe that was off Deer Island back then but the whales did. Definitely due to the water being much cleaner. I wonder if they can navigate through all that lobster gear ?
  3. I think their stirring the pot already. It makes them feel better about themselves. As if White sharks are immortals and only die if it is caused by human's.
  4. Thats what I thought too after the fact.
  5. I don't think those weights would have killed it. It probably just grounded itself chasing a seal on the outgoing tide. No need for alarm unless others start washing up.
  6. No but that's a great idea!
  7. I don't plan on getting the police involved. Instead of enjoying just the fishing I enjoy her pain of me doing so. Good one! I could spot burn the place to spite her.
  8. She stood behind me yelling constantly. That it was upsetting her that I was fishing and that the beach is a no fishing area. she was upset that I intended to hurt fish. The no fishing thing was intended to get me to stop. There are no houses there so its not a get off my land thing. More likely a vegan looking to save the planet. She was walking a dog so I assume I will see her again.
  9. I know and I told her so. There is usually a statie there but he was no where to be found tonight. It ruins tge experience to have to deal with idiots when you just trying to relax. That being said, I plan on returning tomorrow to expecting to be harassed and ready for it.
  10. I was just harassed not 30 minutes ago while throwing some metal for Striper at a local beach. The idiot said that "it really upsets me that your fishing." She just wouldn't stop! Im looking out and there are fish breaking all over. I ignored her and then she returned 15 minutes later and started again. She lied and said it was posted. (It is not posted actually listed for fishing by the state) It ruined what should have been a quite night on the water. Going to make a vid if she does it again. The way things are getting im guessing we will be seeing more of this.
  11. Don't Whites deliver one devastating bite and then let their prey bleed out?
  12. Every seal eats 60% of its body weight every day. Fully grown male grey seals can weigh 550 lbs. Do the math!
  13. Did anyone catch that shark week show where the pair of Orcas killed a White Shark and ate it's liver? After the attack all the Whites in the area left for deeper water. The biologists believe that the Whites picked up some kind of chemical scent given off by the attacked shark causing them to flee. If their ever able to figure out what caused the others to run it would be a giant step forward in a solution to problematic shark areas. But alas, the seals would benefit as well.
  14. Nothing new here this used to happen every summer in Boston Harbor from about 1974 thru 1978. It stopped when the pogie boats were allowed to come into the inner harbor and decimate the bait fish. Once the money on the water front properties gets a good wiff of nature I'm sure they will authorize the complete eradication of menhaden from Boston Harbor. The die off's always happened when major Bluefish blitz were going on as well as some huge cows.
  15. The older section of the peir survived just fine. As you can see in the picture the newer and lighter gangway failed.