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  1. Decent brown today along with two small salmon. Fished deep for a while for two 18 inch lakers that were rather fat. Wind made it difficult to bounce bottom and I missed quite a few hits.
  2. Water level is not an issue. Fished this morning from sunrise until about noon. First trip in a while. Fished a 1/4 ounce gold kastmaster and never changed. 8 lakers - biggest 22 inches, 2 salmon - both 14 inches, and a gorgeous bow of 19 inches. All fish in 12 to 15 feet of water and kastmaster neeed to be hopping along bottom. Guy to my right was doing well with a small little Cleo.
  3. 2018/2019 waterfowl season is in the books. Challenging late goose season with constant weather changes and lots of flowing ice.
  4. Don't know why, but I have seen more cans this year then probably the last 10 combined. Saw one lone drake doing a float hunt on the Parker River in October and there has been two different groups hanging around the Merrimack this past week.
  5. Going into this morning, I was on 28 years of shooting either a duck or goose on Thanksgiving Day. Some had been very challenging, but this one ranks up there with ice, wind, and cold. Plan A and B didn’t work out due to ice, Plan C, I wimped out and didn’t want to cross the salt marsh in a canoe in white caps. Settled for plan D and jump shot some sheltered tidal creeks that had limited open water. Settled for one female bufflehead and called it an early day keeping the silly tradition going.
  6. Totally stumped on that duck??? You seeing any goldeneyes along the river yet?
  7. Hunted coastal today. Super slow and the ducks I saw were not headed where I was. Took a female hoodie for a friend that wants to mount one to compliment a drake she has all ready mounted.
  8. Surprise phesant sitting on a 25 foot high spot in the middle of a marsh. Set decoys and pulled canoe into high spot. Chambered a shell and up she came. Nearest stocked WMA is probably 20 miles as the crow flies. Strange place to find a pheasant.
  9. Jump shot my favorite spot this morning. A huge influx of wood ducks, but just harvested one drake. With old age I am becoming more of a bird watcher, but still love eating wood ducks. Saw a lot of bigger ducks and could have taken a drake canvasback. Haven’t seen one in a while. Swung on him, but didn’t pull the trigger. I did keep putting a dent in the resident goose population with this big male.
  10. If storm doesn’t hit until after morning flight the morning could be extremely productive. If the storm is in jump shooting would be the best method. Have had some great jump shooting on days like Saturday.
  11. Sat by what I call a roost pond on a scouting trip tonight. The last 15 minutes before dark it was literally raining ducks. A lot of new birds have come down as this pond had no where near the numbers I saw tonight last Sunday.
  12. I have had permission to hunt a couple of good fields for years and one golf course during the late season. Tough to get permission in this day and age. Most farms in Massachusetts have someone paying for the right to hunt the field. Love field hunting, but a lot of work for a two goose limit. Early season is 15, but corn isn't cut yet and geese are not using the fields I have permission to hunt.