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  1. Went 0 for 4 last night. Inline circle 8/0 which looks plenty big enough. Not snelling hook using palomar knot. Will try a snell, but loosing faith. Plugged an hour before false dawn and picked up a 37 inch fish to salvage the trip. I usually just fish eels as I for some reason want to break 45 pounds from surf and eels give me my best shot. I have a boat 50 and honestly just a live bunker in right place. A big surf fish has eluded me. Most likely giving up on live eels and will try rigging them.
  2. I have tried bowing the rod as normal and when line comes tight I start reeling. I have tried slow reeling, medium, and fast. Hook up ratio is around 10 percent with this method
  3. Around the first of June I start surfcasting with live eels so I am closing in on a month of using circle hooks. My standard method was octopus hook and just bow the rod after take and when line was tight set. 90 percent were lipped hooked. Now onto circles, I have tried to bow the rod and when it comes tight just start reeling, I have tried setting like normal, and opening the bail and letting the fish run with the eel and set like normal or just reel. All I do is miss fish. I have tried different size hooks and to no avail. Anybody have any suggestions to make the live eel and circle work.
  4. There has been some sturgeon in Salem harbor as of late. Bet that is what you saw
  5. I am a surf guy and yet to land a fish over 28 inches. The latest I have ever gone with out one. The one positive is each trip I am catching a variety of year class of fish. It seems like last three years I was always catching a certain year class and very rarely out of it. Trust me, from a long time surf guy, the fishing is similar to the early 90's in my opinion.
  6. Thinking of purchasing Suzuki 10 foot and pairing it with a 5000 sized stradic. What would you say sweet spot is? Generally be fishing under an ounce, but want to be able to work a 1 ounce pencil popper at times. 

  7. Maybe the arrows should be used to keep women on one side and his predator son on the other. At least that would make some sense
  8. Want to see ridiculousness drive to plum island. Airport parking lot blocked off as well as bridge parking lot. Bob’s seafood absolute mob scene! Traffic backed up onto plum island turnpike and crowds outside. Nobody social distancing, but thank god all wearing masks lol, but don’t walk the marsh of the plum river. Can’t make this crap up.
  9. Anybody using the sidewalks to access the beaches can rest easy that your ass clown governor did do something this weekend. He has ordered orange directional arrows painted on his hometown sidewalks. If sidewalk walking was an issue for you vote Charlie Baker. Perfect running platform for next election.
  10. Good news! The ass clown governor that extended his executive order by 24 hours did do something this weekend. He has ordered orange directional arrows painted on his hometown sidewalks. You have to be kidding me.
  11. 24 hour extension. Zero critical thinking. Seriously, please explain what a setback would mean. A .19 percent death rate! Baker must have been promised a sweat gig in the Biden administration. Your right on wanting weekend. He will enjoy it sitting in Marblehead while small business suffers. He has nothing to tell us that he needs 24 hours more. How many of your employers would tolerate that, but as citizens we are supposed to take it.
  12. I know this is a fishing website, but really need to vent. I feel like I am the only one that thinks Baker is doing a terrible job. The 18th is fast approaching and no idea about what he plans to do. As a business owner how do we plan and what do we tell our employees. Is he just going to release an executive order a couple of hours before like he did for the opening of golf courses. Now he wants to be the world leader in testing. I thought the goal was to flatten the curve. Now what is the goal and opening strategy???. He talks on data that any person can see is wrong based on percentages of tests and keeps feeding this BS to the citizens. I see his approval ratings soar, so I guess this state is made up of a bunch of lemmings. I know if Baker extends his executive order on non essential businesses further then the 18th I will be opening. My employees want to work, I need to open, and if people want to chose to come to my business they should have that option. Come shut me down, for what trying to earn a living for me and my employees. I know other business owners are planning to do the same and hope they do. I voted for him and he has lost all my support. I could go on and on. I apologize in advance, but had to vent!
  13. Pretty one, also added two bows. Lost a laker around 8 pounds right at shore. Great fight on light rod, but unfortunately my 6 pound leader failed. Hit up top
  14. Mom wife ( a nurse ) avoided lay off today. Unfortunately many others were not as fortunate. Hospital still in major trouble. Governor can’t wait much longer to get to so called phase one. Anybody who can read can look at the data and see the so called surge never happened. She actually had some patients today. A broken leg, appendix, a severe wrist sprain, stroke, and two flu patients who tested negative for covid. One was in rough shape. In the past month she has dealt with 4 times the flu patients then covid patients a fact you won’t see in the news. This country needs to admit they made a mistake on false data, but acted with the citizens in mind and move on and do so quickly.
  15. Like how the governor was the only one not wearing a mask at the Massachusetts State Police graduation despite his own mandate. Just another example of the terrible job he has done handling this. At least golf is coming back, but only because he was worried of total fall out when courses started to open on their own. Oh and my wife’s hospital is still empty and in major financial trouble. Another round of layoffs for doctors and nurses coming this Friday. Have to wait and see if she is on the list. For what, nothing!