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  1. Is there anyone out there that fishes with $237 and up plugs?
  2. Andrus ball jigs from TD,
  3. The plugs that work are cheap,a bucktails $3,a tin is $5-10,an sp is $10,darters and poppers $15-$20,stop whining.
  4. Hi Jason,I would look into the Shimano Saragosa 6000SW,versatile, good on the right 7’ and most 10’s,strong,light,sealed and under $300,
  5. The Tactical Angler bomb popper probably easiest to use,casts far and makes alot of disturbance with little effort,The Super Strikes are great too,i find when one is working the others not,so nice to have both in various sizes and colors.
  6. Great Job!! That Newell is a beast!
  7. Not surprising coming from the party that Hates the military and America,RIP Bob Dole,
  8. Trump Rally,now who won?anyone who thinks Trump lost is an idiot and better wake up.
  9. I would walk over and tell him to put the fish back,most times they listen,the beach aint a supermarket.
  10. How was i the threat?they came at me whether intentional or not,maybe i could have percieved them as a threat and shot them and it would have been within my legal right,they had no right being there hunting from a motorized vehicle with loaded guns,in an area they were not supposed to be in,
  11. First,my gun just happened to be pointing in theyre direction,2nd,when they rolled up on me there were 2 guns pointing in my direction,im not going to turn my gun sideways if im not sure of theyre intent,id rather be ready,it seems whether its fishing or hunting,almost each and every time someone is doing something they shouldnt be doing,sit quiet and just let it continue? Thats not me.I do realize there are some nuts out there,so diplomacy first,DEC 2nd,depending on the situation,but doing nothing is not an option.
  12. Hunting last weekend,state land,setup on a field edge,just before dark pickup comes flying through the field which is off limits to motorized vehicles,driving 40-50mph riding along the same field edge im posted on,3 shotguns pointed out the window ready to roll up on a herd and unload,i stepped out with my gun pointed at the truck,they quickly saw my orange turned around and left as fast as they came,DEC was notified but didnt seem too interested…point being people just dont give a flying F-CK anymore,im starting to think the past few years more and more its up to us to start policing the resources,because nobody else will,if you cant handle being confrontational or feel its not worth risking your well being than maybe just quitting might be right for you.
  13. Gross trampling of rights are these new bail reform laws,we have a right to live without criminals roaming the streets.
  14. Just stating what happened on 1 particular night,other nights i have seen circles work as intended,as for me i hold my rod and will stick with j-hooks.