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  1. Al G., You seem to be familiar with many rod builders in Mass. I was wondering if you knew of a guy who makes(made?) rods in the North shore area? Perhaps in Medford or Malden. Sorry for the broadness of the question, but that's all I have to go on. The reason I ask is that my father lives up that way and he mentioned this rod builder as fairly legendary. Unfortunatley my Dad hasn't been able to find any more info. I'm sure this is a shot in the dark, but what the heck! Thanks.
  2. Apparently the whole transport thing is open for interpretation. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2011/12/holyoke_police_sgt_john_hart_s.html I especially enjoy that he was the departments firearms inspector.
  3. Im good, I wish it would get hotter............................................
  4. The Tierrell room is hugely underated.
  5. Where's the wedding John?
  6. Billy, to put this in terms you might grasp, the difference between D1 central mass and D1 Eastern mass, is like sprint cars vs. open wheel F1
  7. That's swell.... but SJS is still D2 and didn't get the the chance to have the snot kicked out of them at F.boro by Everett(who I'm pretty sure is the only High school team that can run the wildcat)
  8. Im good Billy, I know all about hill billy St. John's beating real St. John's. It's too painful to talk about.
  9. I come, I abuse, and then back in my hole.
  10. Billy, You're truly doing God's work.....................
  11. Hi, I'm putting together a very, very last minute trip to W. Palm next week with my family. Any recs. for an Inshore/offshore guide(non-fly, unfortunately) would be appreciated. I looked at the sticky and didn't see much. Thanks in advance.
  12. I know the shop in question pretty well. The owner is a confirmed asshat.
  13. Bills detailing in Stoughton does a great job. http://www.billsdetailing.com/
  14. Anyone ever have this replaced? I understand it's a somewhat common problem in Jeeps. I got a quote of $950 in Quincy Mass yesterday that seems really high. Thanks
  15. I know, the age old question, Anyone know of any shops that may have skins? Many thanks.
  16. Thanks Bob, time to get the pliers.
  17. Cabelas has the 2-6 for $240. Not sure if that's high or low pricewise.
  18. I had lousy luck finding them last year after my darling wife threw out a dozen or so I had in the freezer. Any info would be appreciated.
  19. HAhah. The restos serve eel skins................ John O' and I are sort of neighbors
  20. Nice room but I give the finger to the Food and service. Ledge is better. How about you?
  21. Thanks very much for the info.
  22. This does not bode well.