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  1. I have used every different reputable brand to exhaust x-raps saltwater version, hydro minnows, sp minnows, crystal minnows. The only one I don't throw first are x-raps because I cannot source them quickly for anything less than 14-16 dollars when I can get hydro minnows and sp minnows for 10 and i loose them because I throw 50lb mono leader instead of wire for more bites. For windy days, Hydro minnow LC 6" in sardine and if money is not a factor x-rap size 14 spotted minnow. However, I would recommend also getting SP minnow 6" (sinking model) in laser sardine or blue mackerel. The sinking model is a great alternative because it allows for a longer retrieve in the water when fishing off a pier that is 50ft above the water. Floating models force you to reel in your last 10 yards of the cast because you cant swim them anymore being so high up. hopes this helps a bit more
  2. Well--- I'll add my own opinion and that is "I like them alot". Been usefully this past week for walking the surf changing between jigs and plugs and spoons. Landed a 20"+ flounder the other day and a few 15lb jack Caravelle, but Jack's were fought with moderate-light drag so no real potential for any mishap to occur.
  3. 2 oz spoons and 5-6" minnow style plugs that are atleast 7/8 oz and heavier. Plugs are fun to fish and produce fish but if I'm king fishing I'm trying to snobble a livebait 100% of the time when possible. I cast plugs/spoons in the morning when I can't see **** because its not predawn yet OR if we got zero bait on the pier. Once mid-April gets here. I'll fish a frozen dead cig, before touching any artificial if livebait can't be obtained. The order goes 1. Livebait 2.deadbait 3. Artifical in terms of effectiveness
  4. Does anyone have a personal IGFA scale that they carry around that is NOT a certified boga? I would certify my boga but I just dislike how it's not very easy to interpret a "Tenth (.1)" reading. Worst case, I'd just certify my boga but wondering what options yall may have good experiences with.
  5. Appreciate all the feedback, hopefully others who ponder the same question will find this thread helpful. I went and purchased some 50lb TA's since i only had the 150lb with the new micro clips. In addition, purchased some of those mustad fastach's aswell to give a try.
  6. Does any use the 25# micro clips for backbay or flats fishing? I have always tied loops knots for light 1/8th oz jigs/swimbait hooks thinking it be too much jewelry and bad action with a TA clip however after seeing the micro 25# clips in person I'm thinking it won't make a difference. I ended up getting a pack. Haven't used them yet. It appears the 25# ones have been out for awhile maybe yall have put them to the test. Anyone got an opinion on them?
  7. Fishing out of Puerto Vallarta many years ago in January for a New Years trip. It's heavy whale season in January. Running back in from a day's long fishing and our panga literally ran over two whales that surfaced for air right in front of us. We were on plane going about 20 Knots and I vividly remember seeing the whales tail 80% severed and the bow of our panga had about a 3ft open gash. Only thing that saved us was where the gash was located so when under power the hole didn't take on water. Once we got into the mouth of the inlet water quickly started to come in and by the time we got to the dock and got everyone off the boat. The panga ended up sinking in the slip. With all the being said, the occurrence of that is so rare I highly doubt whales "dying" is from blunt force trauma from being ran over. Has to be something else.
  8. I don't get why they haven't deployed a large net from one of these AC 130s they use to "recon the areas" and just snag the damn thing out of mid air. I've watched them do small scale snatch at a Air and Water show in Chicago before. It's entirely possible and would almost ensure they could salvage any technology.
  9. Now I look smart but REALLY in 20 years the "books" will be laughing they had Mahomes as a underdog
  10. Got SB squares 1,8 both ways and 0,3 both ways. KC moneyline People 15 years from now will be like "Remember when they had Patrick Mahomes as a SB underdog" Even if they loose, KC shouldn't have been an underdog
  11. It's entirely possible but he won't ever mention there probably 5 of those positions in the 3,000 jobs
  12. Now we're advertising 130k a year jobs with no college education... who we trying to appeal to now LOL
  13. Is this the real guy or the clone
  14. I'm honestly too lazy to take the time to explain why your both "partially" wrong, but this is all you need.
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