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  1. Also is there a critical difference between the 57-704 washer keyed "smaller diameter" and 57a-750 washer keyed large. It seems like most kits just use the the 57a-750 for both parts.
  2. I purchased a well used 704 greenie and once I cleaned it up I noticed it was missing the the top 2 drag washers. It had the bottom 5. The black Teflon and the slot hole with rounded corners were missing. Not thinking much of it since its my first 704 I've owned, once I've put line on it and testing the drag. I noticed the drag knob and drag tightens down on its own when I test the drag. I've researched the forum and I've found its typically due to out of placement of washers... however in my scenario the 5 that I have were in the correct order. The 5 I have from bottom to clip are shown in the picture. Is missing the 2 causing the drag to tighten down on its own?
  3. Time to add my first custom to the collection and hopefully many more to come... Original 710 greenie turned into the "Lil' Hulk" I didn't want to touch the plastic spool and ill probably paint the handle fully white.
  4. Oven cleaner, sound familiar to anyone? Watched a video of a guy from West coast custom tricking out cars. He used oven cleaner to strip an anodized car part.
  5. What methods do yall use to strip the gold spools in order to paint. Sanding isn't really doing the trick for me.
  6. I had trouble getting the screws removed and I eventually did. Followed by having a difficult time trying to remove the bearing itself and the pinion shaft. Once finally removed and cleaned and ready to put back together. The bearing would not fit smoothly back into place and needed alot of pressure. Being young and dumb I tried to put some pressure and I eventually put a ding into the bearing itself. What would cause the bearing to not go back smoothly? It seemed like it was almost too big and I made sure the edges were clean and I applied some grease so it would be easier but that didn't help. The bearing still spins really well with oil but I'm guessing I should get another one just to be safe. Edit: After a couple more hours of trying I finally worked this bearing down into the right position along with pinion gear. When I attached the handle and main gear to give it a few turns. It felt locked up and then a few full turns of the handle were rough. In the end it began to spin freely and smoothly. With that being said, I'm just going to get a new sealed bearing in the morning bc I did damage this one a bit.
  7. I went and created a YouTube clip of what the reel currently sounds like (Post Cleaning). If an expert could possibly take a look and tell me if the noise that is created from retrieving normal or could I possibly clean some more up. Clip: Thank you LB! I have been looking for awhile for a reel of this nature to appear locally and finally one did. This is what I was able to manage to make it look like internally with some more appropriate grease.
  8. I went and bought some Penn Grease and Reelbutter Oil and cleaned her myself. Even though it was supposed freshly redone, per some advice, the grease in the picture I posted was either bad grease to use or old (black color). I didn't have small enough flat head to get into the single ball bearing but I oiled it up and finished it off pinion with grease and it spun fairly well. Any clicking noise I had, is now gone. So thanks for your suggestions.. the reelbutter oil probably worked out any kinks. When not under a load while reeling (i.e retrieving a plug) it retrieves almost effortlessly but once being fished it gets a little tougher. Maybe its simply the design of the older reels and I'm just so use to the smoother reels now in days. I don't think anything can be done to make it even more smooth. Anyway, thanks to those that replied. I believe I fixed the most worrisome issue which was the clicking noise!
  9. This picture resembles old/bad grease?
  10. I guess it just doesn't feel "smooth" I feel like there's just a little bit of tension or pressure while trying to retrieve.
  11. I held the handle and rotor cup, only the spool had a little bit of play. I could move it up and down just a few CM's each way, that could be normal movement. If not, it could be causing the sound as it slides up and down the pinion if its loose.
  12. I recently purchased a relative unused penn 710 spinfisher "greenie" and all be it it fishes really well I still have a few concerns that I am not sure if it would be consider "normal" or if some matience is required. When retrieving the line, there are 2 noises i hear. The first is a constant, "Wearing sound" not like grinding of sand or dirt but more of just the gears. I am pretty sure this is just the typical sound of the classic reels, but I am not certain. And most YouTube videos I have come across never really display the reel being retrieved. Most are just your basic how to clean and repair videos. The second noise that I hear while retrieving is a single click what seems like once per full turn of the handle. This I am 99% certain is how the reel came manufactured, but still was inclined to ask the SOL community. If anyone possibly knows a good video they could refer me to of a properly working 710 or maybe my question makes slight sense and you can answer. Thanks!
  13. Some of my best fishing memories are shark fishing. You have the initial rush of getting setup baits out, maybe catching big live fresh bait. Then sitting waiting to hear the tick tick tick.... Zing sound. Then it's game on, fishing the Gulf of Mexico. In these cooler months sometimes that shark on the other line pushes 1000+. Good times, try it
  14. Yeah, I've been using some pen ssv10500 but just got one of these for bottom fishing and ect... I love tarpon fishing off the piers it's more of a challenge. It's defenitley not as fun when you know their migrating and you take a boat to them. Something about a big swimbait off the pier for bull reds and Tarpon gets me alittle tickled inside