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  1. There is no ice still in my area and while I can not fish - I make homemade fishing tackle. I made a video about how I make very simple strike indicators. Take a watch:
  2. Initially they weren't labeled. Over the past two weeks I believe I identified all of them correctly except the last one. I don't know what blenny it is. So, the links have correct scientific names and all common names. Here they are: 1. Opsanus beta - Gulf toadfish, dogfish, mudfish, oysterdog 2. Orthopristis chrysoptera - Pigfish 3. Cynoscion arenarius - Sand seatrout, sand weakfish, white trout 4. Hypanus say - Bluntnose Stingray 5. Lutjanus griseus - Mangrove snapper, gray snapper 6. Diplectrum bivittatum - Dwarf Sand Perch, Aguavina 7. Dasyatis sabina - Atlantic stingray 8. And this one I'm not sure about. Either Chasmodes saburrae (Florida Blenny) or Hypleurochilus aequipinnis (Oyster Blenny) Still there a possibility that I misidentified something, appreciate any comments.
  3. Thank you DennisBKLYN215. Yes, #2 is definitely a pigfish. #5 is a Gray or Mangrove snapper. Updated.
  4. Hello, need help with identifying the following species: 1. This looks very similar to Oyster toadfish (Opsanus tau, http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20160917183823) I caught in New York but this one had teeth and "horns" (Oyster toadfish didn't). Gulf toadfish (Opsanus beta) maybe? - http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180503123452 2. I think this is a Jolthead Porgy or Littlehead Porgy. Not sure which: http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180503170642 and http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180503121727 3. Have no idea. Maybe American silver perch (Bairdiella chrysoura)? http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180502185232 4. This looked to me like Hypanus say (Bluntnose stingray): http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180501183756 5. Is it a Gray Snapper (Lutjanus griseus)? http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180429204707 6. This looks like a wrasse. Couldn't find exact species: http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180429165213 7. Pretty sure it is an Atlantic stingray (Dasyatis sabina), but please confirm: http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180428155427 8. I don't know how to start searching for the identification info. Is it a punk-fish? http://fish.aseev.com/photo/20180428134642
  5. 1. Half of a turtle 2. A burned stolen car 3. Caught a pair of pants with random stuff in the pockets 4. A message in a bottle
  6. Thank you, updated the titles. Yes, I went to Mexico Beach for a few days.
  7. Are these two different catfish species or these are a male and a female? I think these are Gafftopsail Catfish and a Hardhead. http://aroundme.aseev.com/photo/20160404145703 and http://aroundme.aseev.com/photo/20160404144036 What kind of shark is this? - http://aroundme.aseev.com/photo/20160405152831
  8. That's a bit too much work for me. I prefer something local and something that doesn't involve mining. But it is another source. Maybe someone will find this information useful.
  9. Thank you for the suggestions. Piscesman, thank you - I will try to call plumbing companies directly. Wire For Fire, will tell friends that I'm looking for lead - who knows, they may have information on where to get it.
  10. Hello all, I need a few pounds of lead. I've read about different sources of scrap lead and here is my progress for now: - Tire shops - went to about four of them, but they said there are no lead wheel weights anymore. Steel or zinc. They stumble upon lead ones rarely but throw them away. - Heard that plumbers dismantle lead pipes in old buildings. Asked on a plumbing forum to sell me pipes - got banned. - Called two scrap yards in Brooklyn - they said they don't sell. - eBay is too expensive. Does anyone know where I can get lead locally (in Brooklyn)?
  11. I'm In.
  12. One day I met two guys on the beach where I usually fish and we started chatting about something. Since then I met them many times at "our spot". They were friendly, talkative and thought me lots of good stuff about fishing. One time I was catching only sea robins and was releasing all of them as I always do. They came to me and asked why I'm trowing back the best tasting fish. What do you do with sea robins? P.S. NY Department of Health has nothing on sea robins in their "Health Advice on Eating Fish".
  13. Thank you wicane07 for the thorough answer, very informative and encouraging. That's true, I was striving to change any other aspect but my offering. I will work on that next time. smellfish - Kastmater is 1.5 oz, the twisted one is 1 oz. If these are knock offs, I hope it won't significantly lower my chances (saw a video in which a guy was catching fish on a spoon, table spoon). I'll buy a Hopkins Shorty to try as well. What size should I start with? I'm thinking 1 oz with 2/0 hook.
  14. Spent a good amount of time trying them. Tried them at low and high, in-going, and outgoing tides, in the morning, noon, and in the evening. Next to jetties, sandbars and creek mouths. Fruitless. There is a slight chance that's because I don't know what I'm doing. Any recommendations? P.S. But I'm mostly were at the Plumb Beach, which may also be a reason.