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  1. Alot of water, but missed you. I went down twice last week, after work specials. Fishing was good. Got caught in a storm one evening, which wasn't fun.
  2. Any interested in a flounder/porgy trip after the 4the weekend? Later afternoon trip during the week or weekend. Wouldn't mind loading up on some porgies!
  3. Anyone have a video on how to make the the tube & worm? Not the rig, interested in making my own.
  4. Report from Friday 6/5. Weather was good at first like and I was off the water around 10:15. A few smaller blues around here and there. Caught 3 short fluke, largest 17".
  5. Looked over the weather and think I'll hit it first AM and try to be off the water around lunch. Will be launching out of AC, next to the Golden Nugget.
  6. For sure will keep an eye on weather.
  7. My normal kayak fishing buddy is unavailable this Friday, he is back to work. Would anyone be interested in meeting up Friday? My schedule is mostly open and I am flexible with location. Coming out of PA and tentative plan was to hit AC area, but again open to options.
  8. Got into a school of small stripers Saturday in some skinny water. Everything was going great, until the first small CNR. It was fun while it lasted. After the fourth one, I moved on. Fishing was very slow for me other than the CNR excitement.
  9. Had to burn a vacation, so I took off Friday. Plan on heading out of UB, launching first light. If anyone is interested, blue hobie. Be on channel 69.
  10. Place a smaller order with Tackle Direct on Thursday. Package just arrived today complete. Never had any issues with Tackle Direct.
  11. Very nice paint job on the poppers. Are you using air brush or copic brush?
  12. First attempt at jiggy head. Heavier than I thought.
  13. Hmm...Shoe Goo. I have that in-stock. Might have to get into those soon. Working on Jiggy Heads today. Materials for Bob's Banger should arrive tomorrow at some point. Quarantined, bad thunderstorms, 40+ mph winds, hail, rain, sleet and now snow. Guess I'll be doing alot of tying this weekend! Pics to follow.
  14. Hoping to be fishing when the blues show up!
  15. SIFF #11 Imagine humping out to the hook tip carrying a ladder! LOL