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  1. Weather looks to warm up Sunday compared the cold snap moving in. Regs are up in the air for 2020 on stripers, so that option is unfortunately OUT! Would prefer to hit the saltwater. Options? Upper Chesapeake for perch?
  2. Heading to Port Charlotte to visit family. Leaving later tonight and coming back Jan. 5. No kayak though, alittle to large for the plane! Planning on heading out with a private charter to get the family out. We do alot of localized kayak fishing with my son. Tons of mangrove snappers in the lagoons. One of these years, probably when my son is alittle older, plan to make a long road trip and do some serious fishing with the Hobies. I'd be interested in learning more and heading back to the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area for some Winter reds. My sister lived in Jacksonville area for 10+ years and I did learn alot of area and different tactics down there.
  3. Had a break in the schedule that allowed for me to hit the surf this morning. Not the best conditions! Low/slack tide to start at day break. Blowing 15-20 Bitter cold! Once the tide switched, found a few schoolies in the trough as the tide began to flood. Was a slow, lethargic bite. Had several "short strikes" as well, but was only able to come tight on one fish. That will wrap up my Fall surf run. Will rinse the gear and put in storage till Spring.
  4. My fishing partner and I have been discussing a trip to the Bay Bridge Tunnel or concrete ships for tog. Been trying to do some research. My life during this time of year is scheduled around my sons hockey games & tournaments though. Looking forward to hearing other replies.
  5. Guys - Looking to get alittle help on this one. For years I have tried to make this event, just never seemed to work out. Already put this on the calendar for 2020. My question, how is camping handled? Assume bring everything you need. Bathrooms? Additionally, we (our group of three fishermen) are considering bringing a trailer, for kayaks & gear. Depending on the responses, we also would like to consider bringing our camper (trailer). Just not sure if the route allows for trailers or if the launch site allows. We would be traveling from NW of Philadelphia. If trailers are not an option, we need to explore plan B.
  6. Just fished my first night with GT eels. Not from kayak, but from a jetty. Great action in the water. I was using titan hook, 1/2oz. Only caught one striper, but I like the bait and for sure will be using them this Fall. I have "Plurple" & "Shimmering eel".
  7. Was up this past week, Sept. 17-22. Obviously the weekend is alittle crazier than during the week. Tuesday & Wednesday crowded was very light, increased as we approached the weekend. Our group fished the lower end of the DSR property and only wandering slightly to check out other local holes and pockets. Water was clear and running around 355 cfs, roughly 60-65 degrees. Weather was outstanding, clear blue skies with nice sun every day. Morning temps where alittle chilly and I opted for the waders, often undressing around late morning or lunch. Others within our group wet waded the whole trip. Fish movement was pretty steady each day, mostly (95%) kings. A few Cohos caught, but not many. Out of our group, single brown trout caught and single steelhead (small). All fish released, to go about their business. Plenty of hooking up and action to keep everyone involved entertained. Personal, I had more fish landed this year than any other year. On average landing a dozen kings each day. Others did not fair as good as me in the landing percentage. Overall a great yearly trip in the books and I'll look forward to next year. Any who needs flies, I over tied this past Winter, so I have plenty of extras. If anyone wants to purchase my excess flies, I'd be willing to part with a few dozen. PM me if interested.
  8. I'll take the box for $25 (shipped), if still available.
  9. West wind, should help. We are planning on fishing Raritan Bay Sunday, since we only have a small window to fish.
  10. I use a collapsible colander as a basket. Easy to store and fits perfectly between my legs if sitting (most of the time in saltwater). If I'm standing or kneeling, I have a bungee I wrap around myself like a belt. Not full proof and does not 100% fix the problem, but definitely helps. A lot of gear and stuff for line to wrap around. And of course, in my experience, it usually happens when you hook up!
  11. I'd like to hear recommendations on a good surf casting topwater plug "walk the dog" action. Mostly fish northern NJ. I've been working on the surf casting bag and growing over the last 9-10 years. This is something I need to add to my arsenal.
  12. You need to do a night, instructional clinic! LOL
  13. Delaware Paddlesports No tax in DE. They can set you up with extras. Got 6-month @ 0% interest.
  14. I stayed mostly toward the "back". Two short flounder and quickly ran into a school of blues and got one. Other than that, was off the water at noon.
  15. After looking at Google Earth. Think I am going to try launching from Ocean Blvd parking lot. Gives me quicker access to some different water.