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  1. Any have plans to get out Wednesday? Looks like a very nice day. Would be traveling solo, if people want to meet up. Wouldn't mind putting something together. Looking to fish Raritan Bay, launching from Keyport. But open to other ideas in same general area.
  2. Finally remembered to snap a picture of my cartop. 2020 PA12. Added pool noodle to the racks, just for some protection from scratching. Makes loading slightly difficult though, since the kayak doesn't slide as easily. Front and rear tie ins. Straps to the roof racks. Additionally one strap goes through the car. Front bar has saddles, helps with any lateral movement.
  3. Thanks again guys. I am going to try the PA12 on the racks. I have padding on the bars and saddles to hold the kayak from any side to side movement. Going to try this technique for fishing NJ, since many locations are not suitable for a trailer. I will try to get a picture together next time I load it. However, still going to pursue my trailer option. I live in SE PA and fish alot of freshwater tournaments. One of the main reasons why I went the PA12 360 drive route to begin with.
  4. This past weekend, in very windy conditions, I did a test run. My son had a local hockey game, which was roughly a 25 mins drive. Highway speeds for most of the trip. So I loaded up the kayak, flat on racks (with padding). Strapped the kayak to the racks, front and rear tie downs. Everything went well, no major shifting. However, my car was dancing ALL OVER THE PLACE! Made me very uncomfortable! I have started looking into trailer options and small hitch unit for my car. Appreciate everyone's feedback and comments. Just feel the trailer option is the safe bet.
  5. I would be transporting PA12 right side up. Upside down really isn't an option due to H-rails and steering controls.
  6. @computeruser -- Two questions. 1) What is the spacing between your bars (front to back)? One of my concerns with a smaller sedan and heavy kayak, is I can get the spacing I'd like to fully support the rigs weight. My spacing is roughly 30". 2) When strapping, what are you strapping the kayak to? Roof rack itself or through the vehicle? Very confident in my bow/stern strapping for additional support.
  7. My company vehicle, which I also use for personal, is a 2015 Ford Fusion. Believe in the near future, as soon as next year, company will be providing a new vehicle. What that might be, I'm not sure. Recently got a decent deal on a 2020 Hobie PA12 w/ 360 drive. So I jumped on it! Not fully thinking about transporting. With that being said, my current 2015 Hobie Outback went on top of my roof racks w/ saddles. Traveled very well, many miles along interstates at 80 mph regularly. I live in SE PA and regularly travel to Raritan Bay (2hours), Chesapeake Bay area (2-3 hours) and fish many local and non-local freshwater bass tournaments (far as DE, 3 hours). Now, moving into the Spring, I want to travel in the same manner with the PA12. I'm not concerned as much about loading the kayak on the roof. I've done it a few times, even in the snow and wasn't a problem. My concern being traveling at speed with the PA12 on the roof. How to go about this in a safe manner and without damaging my kayak. Two options (maybe 3) at this point. 1) Adjust the saddles to fit the PA12. I did give this a quick try, but didn't feel real warm and fuzzy about this, since the saddles didn't hold the hull as nice as the Outback. 2) I picked up the cradle set. Thinking of mounting these to the roof rack. Hobie Cradle 3) Straight onto the roof racks. Would need to add some sort of padding (thinking pool noodle). Future consideration would be trailer. Trailer has two issues. Many of the places I fish, parking is limited and a trailer would not work. Such as NJ and smaller streams here in PA. I'm not super crazy about pulling around a trailer with a small, light 2WD compact sedan. Even though for longer trips, when parking space is not a problem, this would probably be the best option. Plus the trailer would allow for quicker movement. Being able to leave the kayak semi rigged is appealing. The freshwater bass tournaments would be ideal for a trailer setup. Looking for opinions, experiences, photos, etc. of people who car top heavier kayaks, particularly the Hobie PA12.
  8. Very large. Im not big into drum fishing, but they were big enough for me to get excited.
  9. Recently upgraded by setup, which includes continually running a gopro for recording, recharging phone, gopro, speaker, etc. Also, running fish finder, 360 white light (as needed) and cockpit lights (again as needed). Over the Winter looking to upgrade my setup, includes some switches, new wiring and make things slightly easier to 'plug & play' style. Currently this is what I am using, which is a very nice light, small battery. I have it in a DIY waterproof box, that I use SAE connectors to plug in FF. Talentcell Looking to go larger for longer floats and perhaps multi-day trips. Even some camping. Several questions, do I need 24Ah? Assuming larger capacity is better, but maybe not. Also alittle concerned with the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. I've read some stories, but overall they seem good. Once complete, looking to have a system that is removed from the kayak (complete) and plugged into the house power for recharge. Basically with switches to control different power requirements, fuses for protection and extra USB charging ports. I've watched several youtube DIY builds of varying "battery boxes", but nothing that actually captures what I am looking to do. Even though I get the concept would be same, the container would be the different.
  10. One of my goals for 2021, was to start a youtube channel for myself. Purpose was more a hobby, not for fame or monetary gains. More to combine my filming, photos, experiences into a movie format that I can share. With that being said, I put together a 'movie' from my last surf fishing trip. You could say its my first try at a youtube video, which is semi-true. At any rate, here it is. Would like feedback to help improve, constructive please. December Schoolies Saltwater and surf fishing will not be the primary focus of my videos. Since I live in SE PA, getting to the salt does not happen as often as I would like. Plus, I have a hard time filming/photos while fishing on the sand, plus the issues with saltwater. I believe most of my focus will be on kayak fishing. I do several fresh water kayak bass tournaments. But again, my plan is to do what I love and true to sum it up in video format. Keeping myself organized and finding the time will be my biggest hurdle. But what better time, then another COVID lock-down!
  11. As a general statement, I use many of the same patterns and colors as day time. If anything, I will throw a larger pattern at night. Last Winter, I tied a few experimental eel patterns in both black and dark purple. Few different versions of weight and unweighted. Only had one taker, but I also did not fish them as much as I'd like.
  12. Yes, this past Spring. Launched early for stripers, which was unsuccessful. Blue bird sky in the middle of the day, they basically where sunning themselves in a small cove. Assuming they where warming up before/after feeding. Accidentally snagged one, which broke me off on a SP. I made note in my log and this Spring I plan to target them, for fun.
  13. 6 - Midnight MoCo Started at my normal spot and was greeted by a deer roaming the beach in a very suburban area. Was a real surprise. Plugged along the beach and structure for a few hours with out a touch. Moved to a inlet at the bottom of the outgoing until slack and nada. Another skunk trip, sixth of this Fall. 220 miles and 4 hours of driving. This routine is getting old!
  14. Need to start exploring some back water spots, in the event the surf is blown out like last night.
  15. 1400 - 2000 MoCo Got to the beach after my sons hockey game, light drizzle, 10 mph (or less) NE wind. Big incoming surf. Did alot of walking and only a few casts. Surf has really changed. Wind picked up around dark and switched more NNE. As said, big north to south sweep. Found a beautiful piece of structure, with a perfect ambush setup. Someone should have notified the bass. Good clean white water. Saw only a half dozen or so other casters out today. Did not see any fish landed or hookups. Another skunk drive home for me. These 2-hour commutes are getting tough when fishless. My sixth surf casting trip of the Fall.