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  1. Foot number - xx0104. The first two numbers are unreadable. With a strong magnifying glass, it appears to be ".72" Thanks for all the help.
  2. Got the reel on the cheap, have an axle, new gold spool, plenty of bearings. Would like to hot rod an older abu just to use for fishing. Plan on making a CT out of it. Has the old drag stack so may run into some problems there. May have to leave the old spool and spindle. Will see.
  3. I have a 6500 that has bearings in the side plates. Can I replace it with a spool that has two bearings inside the spool? I would now have bearings in the side plate and inside the spool. The new spindle has two small notches on one end. The bearings inside the spool appear to be 4x10 and the side bearings appear to be 3x10. I did a search and could not find the answer, just wondering if feasible? Thanks in advance.
  4. What finish? Are you saying 75 in the first batch and 100 in the second batch?
  5. Is the alumilite white unopened? The reason I ask, is the shelf like is not long. Ask me how I know?
  6. Some spools will fit these reels. Can't remember at my age, but I have changed different size spools on mine.
  7. Landed about a 100# shark on one last fall. I was in a boat, but it wore him down. Durn good reel.
  8. Beware of used bats. I would send you one, but my son's bats were spent when he got through with them. He went through several a year from 12 years of playing. Lot's of money. Then they will like another kid's bat better and you have to spend more.
  9. +1 No pressure no foul!
  10. Make sure the bat is legal for the league he wil be participating in. The modern rules and regulations limit ounces, length, etc. Usually minimum and maximum.
  11. Both look great! I have been reading up on the recoating guns with an airbrush and baking the finish such as gun kote. Anyone tried it on reels?
  12. You can also make them suspend and they make a great gliding type lure.
  13. You know you can buy bubble wrap. Wish I was closer, I could get you a bunch of peanuts. The bubble wrap I re use in my business.
  14. Surf will most likely be dead in the winter. Mud cove comes alive in the summer, but the gulf is usually dirty there. Try wading the bay, but it is hard to get access from the island, Best bet would be to launch in panacea or Lanark and fish either the grass flats or Dog Island reef.
  15. Why do you want the peanuts? Just curious because I hate the stuff and throw away bags full every month. I wish there was a use for it.