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  1. I used Steve Farrar's SF blend. It is the slinky fiber blended with some flash. In this pattern, I only used it to replace what would've been hackles in a traditional half and half. I tie in the synthetic stuff first, right after the eyes, near the hookbend before tying in bucktail.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I definitely have to invest in one of those small combs as it'll help me untangle the synthetic tailing fibers. In regards to fouling, I've considered adding a hard mono loop tied in before the bend, but have been curious as to how that may affect the fly's action...
  3. Just sharing some hybrid half n halfs I tied up. I like the translucency of the synthetic material as opposed to the hackle that is most commonly used. Feel that these can imitate sandeels and spearing (atlantic silversides).
  4. Once hooked, the forked tailed yellow eyed devil, is an unpredictable fighter. Many times they leap out the water! Stripers are awesome and fight hard as well but very less likely to be wildly acrobatic.
  5. If you're ever in NYC, stop by Urban Angler. They've got about 5-6 sliding walls full of flies. The shop not only caters to the local fisheries / community, but also to the traveling angler. All your piscatorial bases will be covered. You can also order online.
  6. Lastly.... #17 black over light purple...sorry for spacing out the purchases...Much appreciated
  7. Dave, if its still available #5 parrot lil guy as well please.
  8. Dave, #4 chartreuse over white little guy please.
  9. Thanks, I actually just lucked out and found one on Ebay, a factory second but it will do! Thread closed.
  10. Anyone have a Lamson Velocity 3.5x Hard Alox spool / reel that they are willing to sell? Ideally need another spool for floating line for next year.
  11. Closing this and moving it to the fly fishing buy / sell / trade forum, figure that's more appropriate place to post. CLOSED
  12. First time posting a WTB. Anyone happen to have a Lamson Velocity 3.5x Hard Alox spool / reel that they are willing to sell? I'm looking for an extra spool to rig up with floating line next year.
  13. Patch and a good amount of UV aquaseal, I'd only send them in if there were leaks you couldn't find.
  14. I'm 29 and live in NYC, don't think I'll ever be able to retire...I'll be like Darth Vader, mask and all working in my 80's.... I'm not in any rush by the way! Enjoy it!!!
  15. A dead cormorant, a whale, and a toad hopping around in the dunes.