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  1. Thanks budda162 didn't know that,TRX200AHG 7.2.1 is plenty of speed 30inch per crank,
  2. Thanks for response guys,thinking TRX200AXG, 8.5.1Gear ratio, 36 Inch per crank,and add a power handle,will mostly be for bay on a light rod,maybe get away in deep water on certain days,other wise use my Ambassadors,going to check them out this week,thanks again DT
  3. I have the BG2500 n BG3000 also Penn Slammer 360,all nice little reels, for a great price,you can buy 2,DT
  4. Thinking about picking one up(tranx 200) for fluking in bay,any feedback good or bad,Thanks
  5. If $40 works ill take it,and give it a try,meet up,Thanks DT
  6. What reel did you pair w tsunami,thanks
  7. Thanks,never fished one,going to research it,DT
  8. Nice tog catch,what size reel did you pair it with?Thanks DT
  9. Have a bunch of SS NIP what are you looking for
  10. Ok,what reel was on it?rating Thanks
  11. Who built the 8?are you original owner,type of guides n reel seat,what is center of seat,thanks
  12. I have 2 that I would part with,not able to get picture to load,PM sent to send to your phone
  13. Think I have 2 or 3 haven’t used in a while will look tomorrow DT
  14. Thanks Marty for offer,how old,shape,and $$,,location,thanks DT