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  1. New in box,140L Black, never spooled,$82 shipped east coast,thanks SOL
  2. Sorry for your loss,Rest in Peace
  3. Thanks Dan got em,great work,DT
  4. If $100 works ill take it,Thanks
  5. Thanks just took another lot ,in other thread for surf,again great work ,John
  6. Thanks Dan,got em today,great work quick delivery,DT
  7. Same on meadowbrook w owls,big owls
  8. Thanks Riley,need to pass at this time
  9. Thanks Dan,PP sent
  10. Thanks 1121 need to pass at this time,thanks for offer,DT
  11. Thanks Dan,3 of each size 1/2oz 1oz 1 1/2 =9 sea robin, DT
  12. Hey Dan,price on these,are these like spro w center eye for boat jiggingb,thanks
  13. Yes 7/8ths Thanks,color n price $ DT