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  1. Any fluke activity yet?
  2. PFD

    The Ronny made by astral is a popular Kayak fishing pfd that I recommend
  3. While cutting into a mackerel for cod strip baits,I came across this. It looks like it’s stomach is packed full of bits of chartreuse and hot pink soft plastics. I don’t cut into the stomachs of most fish that I catch out of laziness, but I’m worried that this could be very wide spread and work its way throughout the food chain. Anyone else seen stuff like this?
  4. I built this trailer from harbor freight this summer to transport 2 hobie outback’s side by side. Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of it, and it’s in storage for the winter now.
  5. Too much weight behind the axle compared to in front of the axle can cause the trailer to lose control and swing side to side.
  6. I haven’t seen a single surface feed in that area the few times I’ve been out in the past month.
  7. Look into RTIC coolers, the same exact product for less than half the price.
  8. It’s funny how out of all of the hobie brand accessories, a Bailer isn’t one of them. It’s a cheap way to have piece of mind out there. (I’m sure hobie’s would cost 3 times what everyone else charges)
  9. The gap does look a little bigger than I recall on mine, but those bearings aren’t like regular ball bearings. They’re cylindrical Rods that won’t corrode. Just try to avoid laying the drive down on the sand.
  10. +1 on the trevala s. I use the mh conventional for fluke and haven’t found a better rod for bucktailing with gulp. The tip doesn’t move too much with 2-4 oz jigs so you can really tell how much the jigs moving while still being sensitive.
  11. I see that RI fluke regulations are 6 fish at 19” starting May 1st and bsb doesn’t open until June 24! What’s with such extreme regs for this year? I feel like 6 19”+ fish per person is super excessive. Thats 4 guys on a boat being allowed to keep 24 good sized fish. Seems wasteful, although I’m not surprised considering how all of our fisheries are managed straight into the chitter.
  12. They’ll get the most pitiful slap on the wrist and nothing will change.
  13. I’m sure all the families of slain innocent victims of mass shootings would say the same thing to you, and people who resist logical gun control. All guns used in crimes were once purchased legally, by law abiding citizens.
  14. Hopefully this means there’s a new star drag or lever drag for inshore stuff coming out!
  15. How does it throw the upper end of its range? Can it throw a 3oz pencil well?