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  1. They’ll get the most pitiful slap on the wrist and nothing will change.
  2. I’m sure all the families of slain innocent victims of mass shootings would say the same thing to you, and people who resist logical gun control. All guns used in crimes were once purchased legally, by law abiding citizens.
  3. Hopefully this means there’s a new star drag or lever drag for inshore stuff coming out!
  4. How does it throw the upper end of its range? Can it throw a 3oz pencil well?
  5. I will take this for $100
  6. This is just another reason fisheries management should be erring on the side of caution. Using Maximum sustainable yield to manage a species is dumb and keeps the fishery in a poor state. The goal should be maximum abundance for every species. Letting the species get depleted one after another throws off the whole ecosystem.
  7. It’s kinda cool for a tropical environment, I wouldn’t wanna rip around around in New England being so exposed to the water and wind. 15k for a one person fishing vessel is also kinda steep
  8. I don’t know if there’s any merit to this, but I feel like letting the liquid turn brown stiffens up the baits a bit. Like ageing a fine wine lol
  9. You talking about the current administration or the people who are supposed to be protecting the species they manage?
  10. While fluke and seabass fishing, if I’m underway and spot a piece of structure on the ff I can put it in reverse and come to a stop instead of going another 10 yards before I can drop my bucktail.
  11. Hahaha darn
  12. I will take the mackerel
  13. Noooo I have a gift card for there that I won from a fishing tourney that I haven’t used yet. Anyone know when it’s closing for good?
  14. Catch a fluke, tog, and black seabass north of Boston harbor.
  15. When this was first proposed, it sounded like a wolf in sheeps clothing to me. Anyone who knows what this is exactly in layman’s terms? Is this going to keep more fish in the ocean? Or just the opposite?