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  1. A tag system could be a good compromise. It allows you to keep a handful of fish over the course of the season if you choose. The tags are not transferrable and you better not get caught with an untagged bass, as the penalty should be severe. Keeping more than 5 bass a season is unecessary anyways. If you desire so much meat, go keep some black seabass or one of the countless other edible fish in our waters to take the pressure off the stripers
  2. It’s really sad to see pretty much all our fisheries in decline. There’s more people fishing than there ever before, and we haven’t compensated enough to protect the fish. I could see tog getting in trouble in the future. There’s way more people tog fishing nowadays, hence the tog jig craze, and they grow so slowly. A 10lb fish is probly older than me and I’m 26. Those fish deserve to live.
  3. Last week I bought a 2018 outback and while I was putting it away for the winter, unused, I noticed it has some small areas with tiny holes on the surface of the plastic where the plastic wasn’t completely filled in and flush/smooth. Is this a common issue for anyone else?. Is it worthy of bringing to the attention of hobie or the place I bought it? I Also have a 2016 outback that didn’t have this problem.
  4. That’s a bummer. Maybe now that it’s past the first week of Nov. they are deeper than shore based fishing can access?
  5. That’s always been what’s happening. Commercial and charter guys crying that it’ll hurt their livelihoods, when they’re the ones who have been unsustainably fishing for decades. It’s as if we all still have to ride horse drawn buggies instead of cars because the buggy industry didn’t want to lose their industry.
  6. Rayban just came out with a new line of sunglasses with titanium frames that cost $450! And they’re not even polarized!!! As to OP’s original question, I have been using Maui Jim’s that I love and highly recommend. They have some of the best lenses in the industry.
  7. Stay away from brands owned by Luxottica, such as ray ban and Oakley. Luxottica is a giant sunglass conglomerate that’s been buying up most sunglass brands over the years. Their quality has gone downhill and they’re made overseas in the same factories that make $10 cvs sunglasses. Ever notice how rayban and Oakley’s are advertised everywhere? That’s their giant marketing budget. Sunglass hut is owned by Luxottica as well, which explains why they push those brands so heavily.
  8. Looking to buy an Atlantic mackerel GRS plug. PayPal ready
  9. I guess I’m out of the loop. What politics is Patagonia involved in besides wanting a cleaner, less polluted environment?
  10. I’ve been wearing sealskinz waterproof socks under basic water shoes. After about a dozen trips they’re still waterproof. I can wade up to my calves launching the kayak and not have my feet get wet.
  11. The bass were really active yesterday during the NE rainy blow. Caught 7 or 8 36” bass on Macks one after another in a small cove tight to the rocks.
  12. My kayak fluke season in southern MA and eastern RI started out well in June with 4+ pounders every trip and then absolutely sucked from July on. The fish just weren’t in that area anymore. I hate to be a Pessimist and say the fluke stocks are going down, but what species of NE fish aren’t in a downward spiral? (Besides seabass)
  13. Pretty silly polling options... make them go extinct? Hunt them but don’t cull them? What?
  14. I fished both days this weekend expecting to see the birds and schoolie action you mention, but it was pretty dead for mid September. It should start up any day now
  15. Yes I think there should be in a reduction in the amount of seals. There are too many and all those seals eat fish and disturb areas where stripers used to be. Fish are highly valued as we all know. Whales have a lot of vale. What value do all the extra seals have? Sitting on a beach ****ting and eating fish?