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  1. First off, I'm surprised you don't keep a gun by the door in general. Although I guess you're a new chicken owner, so that will change. Second, you're having a terrible time with the garden this year.
  2. Just saw that we had the largest single day of new Covid cases on Thursday of over 55k, beating out Brazil's single day count of 54k in mid June.
  3. If you're pruning all of your trees like that, the reason you aren't getting any fruit is that you're pruning off most of the flower buds. 8 years in you should be having more fruit than you know what to do with. Also it's hard to do fruit trees without spraying them (especially apples). If you get the right varieties that have good disease resistance you'll have better luck.
  4. My grandmother used to tell me that when she was growing up that they would use thick peelings from the potatoes to plant as they didn't have the money to waste the food....So yeah it doesn't take much to get them to grow.
  5. Correct. If you grow them from seed you have no idea what you're going to get. Might be good, might not because you don't know what the full parentage is for the seeds. Using the seed potatoes, you're guaranteed that they are what ever variety that you planted since they are all genetically identical.
  6. Mighty quite on this thread....Assuming everyone's in the same boat now - Waiting on the first tomatoes to ripen. Can't wait for a tomato sandwich.
  7. Hopefully you're catching some of the usual suspects during the summer- kingfish, spot, etc?
  8. I taking it the skarking is good this week?? At least it's some pullage.
  9. When C&R fishing I try to minimize stress on the fish. Barbs are pinched on the hooks to make unhooking easier. If I can I don't remove the fish from the water while unhooking. And various things like that....Yes there are times that things don't go according to plan, but more often than not they go well. I spend a lot of time fishing for Brook Trout in the mountains here and will catch the same fish multiple times over the course of the year, so I assume that what I'm doing is working....
  10. I typically let my go until the tops dieback. Usually late July/August timeframe.
  11. That didn't take you long. Nice catch coming off of the surf this time of year. It's not much to ceviche. Just a bunch of citric acid in the form of limes or lemons (I prefer all lime) to cook it like John said, diced tomato, red onion, and some cilantro. Then you can doctor it depending on what you feel like, with hot peppers, mango (might be hard to find where you're at), avocado, etc....
  12. No way I'm spending that much time in my garden after working in other people's yards all day long,even if I had the time.... Looks Great!!
  13. That looks like a much better set up for the survival of the garden.
  14. And then he put the fence up for the chickens around the coop AND the garden
  15. When are you going to learn that you just need to kick the chickens out of the garden??