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  1. I'm calling BS on the 70+ Good luck this weekend. Depending on what we get into this weekend, we might head out to try to catch some dinner.
  2. So back to the OP. Jase, good luck beating the hipsters to the decent holes in the rivers. Went last weekend and was ready to beat this one guy with a brick, total a-hole. Eventually gave up and went elsewhere, the whole thing reminded me why I hated fishing stocked rivers when I was a kid. Take the kid fishing for brookies in the mountains, much more enjoyable.
  3. I get 17 in my Tundra. Towing I get 13-14....
  4. We use one a fair bit during the summer for canning veggies that aren’t acidic. Also we can stick with it as well. They work great and are a lot faster than water bath canners Make sure you use jars that work in pressure canners or they will blow apart. Learned this the hard way.
  5. Take it everyone is getting cabin fever. There's been more activity on here in the last two weeks than all of the last 4 months combined.... Couldn't take it yesterday, so I went out caught some trout. Would like some actual pullage, but it will have to do for now.
  6. Another vote for Trailheads. Been really happy with them, had them for a number of years now without issue.
  7. Jase, I don't think it was Deadliest Catch. It's that we're getting old, Cokes use to cost a nickel back then as well.
  8. Yeah and you'll save on chiropractor visits as well.
  9. Yeah that's a lot of wood. That box would last us a day plus running 2 stoves. You're definitely going through more cords than you think.
  10. @JaseB I'm curious, how many cords of wood do you go through in a year? Agree with HardyG in that comparing non-EPA and EPA stoves is apples and oranges. We run two small very stoves in our house (a Vermont Casting Aspen and a Century Heat insert) as they have to fit in the small fireplaces of an old house, and we love both of them. We burn about 3 cords of wood a year using both stoves, though were not ones to stoke the fire all night. They keep the house comfortable and the heat from cutting on, though on bitter days like the last couple in an uninsulated 200 y/o house the heat does still cut on occasionally during the day when running the stoves.
  11. Yeah, if I'm not working 90's is fine. When working, it's a different story.... Unfortunately I'm too busy anymore to take the winters off...I will delay start times on days like today though.
  12. Gloves are the issue, anything too insulated I lose dexterity. Over the years I've settled on a pair of glove liners and Mechanix type gloves, that usually works fairly well.
  13. It's currently -4 here at our place. Going to be a fun day climbing trees. I have to remember today to not stick anything metal (carabiners, etc) in my mouth.... Also totally agree with Scallywag, I would much rather have this weather than 95+ and high humidity.
  14. Not really, Stihl offers a California emissions model with the M-tronic and a normal carb version. Most places just stock the Mtronic version at this point because everything is moving that direction. Husqvarna doesn't offer that option on quite a few of their saws like the 550xp (which is a kick ass saw btw).
  15. Yeah, couldn't agree more. Whoever is in charge of the lever is also in charge of managing the wood while on the splitter.