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  1. I've got a Dragontail Komodo rod. It's 10.5' rod and inexpensive compared to other tenkara rods. It might be worth checking out. I use it fishing for brook trout in the mountains of VA, so fish up to 10" or so is what I'm catching on it and they are a blast on this light rod.
  2. Great report. The wife and I are heading down there in September for our first trip, can't get here soon enough.
  3. I've got money with them in IRAs and so far I'm happy with them. Fees don't seem bad, return on investment has been decent (I'm at 12% for 2019 so far). My only complaint is they mail me to much crap (info on investments that I don't have time to read) that goes straight in the trash.
  4. I've got a couple of Daiwa Emcast 6-10oz surf rods and their ratings seem to be pretty spot on.
  5. Note to self. The next time Jimmy is out of peelers, I'll track you down to get a dozen....
  6. Yeah I ended up with a keeper given this is what we do for an anniversary trip.
  7. Pilotman- your kid is growing quick. We drove by scouting the beach on Friday afternoon. Had a good day Saturday morning. The wife and I caught 3 drum early, a small rock, and a handful of the obligatory skates.
  8. If I went to Dr every time I found a tick on me I'd never get anything done except go to the Dr and be bankrupt....permethrin helps a lot on keeping the numbers of ticks down when I'm in really brushy areas, but still a few make it through.
  9. Yeah I'm curious about this thing as well. When I looked at them a while back they stated that it's good for a 10k lbs towing, really want to know what the range would be if you're pulling the max load.
  10. Treating 25 trees is going to be expensive. What I tell my clients to pick out some of the nicer trees and treat them. Definitely don't go with the "I've got to do something" mentality to it because you will end up throwing good money after bad. Get a certified arborist out there to give you there option on what chance you have of saving them. If you already have EAB in the trees then Treeage is the best product to use and it's not something that a homeowner should be using (plus the equipment to inject the trees is a $1000+ and probably not something you want to buy).
  11. Just saw that myself. Good to hear. My question is how bad is it if Virginia voted 7-0 to close the trophy season?
  12. If they're already infested with EAB to the point that woodpeckers are showing up don't waste your money on trying to treat them. If they have low level popluations of EAB you can use a product called TreeAge but it isn't cheap. It gives 2 years of control. All of the imidicloprid options give a year control, but doesn't work well if EAB is already in the tree.
  13. Working today anyways. We’re talking about doing one again in early summer once work gets manageable. This year we’ll try not to schedule it during the FlukeFling
  14. I'll be sure to check the mail today for my invite....
  15. My wife went through this years ago when she left a job. The company that she left still paid out current stock value over the course of the 5 years of distribution, which went up every year expect one. So we made money off of what the company was holding.