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  1. Yes I thought of that but the money and effort involved in tearing out walls and Sheetrock to expose everything, sawing joists, installing joist hangers buying a new low profile beam, building two temporary Load Bearing walls, worrying about shoring Load Bearing walls in basement below, consulting architects or engineers, lack of proper tools and the steep learning curve involved with this type of work leads me to believe it’s not worth it. Therefore, I think I will patch the exploratory section with new rock and go fishing some more. Thanks everyone for thoughtful responses
  2. jersey hunter what is a “pc of stained 1X6...”? Thanks. Instead of wall board or building a 3 sided box which would make the structure look even bigger can some hardwood plywood simply be nailed into the framing lumber?
  3. Any suggestions for covering, outside of wall board. these beams which span a wide doorway below ceiling between kitchen and living room. I am no carpenter, engineer or architect but if you ask me such design demonstrate a complete lack of asthetic sensibility. I assume this is Load Bearing for the floor above and is strictly utilitarian.
  4. Could be magnesium, calcium or iron salts which are found in hard water but synthetic detergents as opposed to soaps supposedly do not precipitate salts of these ions. I am not a soap or detergent chemist and upon further research my theory may be mistaken but I will continue to research the appearance of gritty or sandy like precipitate in washer rinse water.
  5. Replace thermocouple or go to
  6. I don’t want to know but If you have Moses figured out More power to you. Haven’t had much luck there but it may fish better in calmer conditions.
  7. HardyG what did you use as a vapor barrier? Have same question as OP and also read on the web, but can’t remember reference, that basement ventilation is as good as a dehumidifier which is what a “wave” unit is. Such ventilators are constructed of a six inch ventilation duct about a foot off the floor with air flowing out a window powered by a industrial strength exhaust fan. It has been suggested to me to get a humidity meter and monitor your basement humidity year round especially during the winter to see if it’s significantly lower. Lower temperatures during winter hold significantly less moisture than summer temperatures even in a basement. Damn dehumidifier is noisy but foam blocks secured around drawer with bungee cord helps a bit.
  8. Have same issue. May be salts formed from detergents. Detergents and soaps are saponified esters of fatty acid which have a positive ion like sodium or potassium on the ester. These ions May become detached during wash cycle and precipitate out as insoluble salts which form from negative ions in the dirty cloths.
  9. Is tfo ticr2 10 wt still unsold?
  10. Yup got a surf candy but not in an orange Grunden topper slaying fish.
  11. No, I rarely catch fish at Robert Moses and there were no hits that evening for both fly rods and spinning rods that I could tell. Mother Nature frequently holds a clinic at Robert Moses “out front” beaches to test the skill of both fly fisherman and spin fisherman. If the wind is in your favor then the surf will humble your stature as a confident fisherman and embarrass your ability to throw plugs and flies to where the fish may be. In other words Robert Moses is a proving ground to test the skill, mettle, arrogance and certainty of DH surf flycasters, SH fly casters and surf casters. If waves and wind aren’t enough to thwart your so called skills and luxury tackle then we have the Army Corp of Engineers to thank for flattening out any beach structure with this mantra from our fair weather friends of the coastline ‘beach replenishment ‘
  12. Have to pass on this one thanks
  13. Get back to you asap
  14. Lost a fly rod and reel off roof rod rack Thursday evening going east and north from Robert Moses field 2. Could be any where between Field 2 and Commack Rd North Babylon. The route was field 2-causeway-route 27(sunrise)-exit 40-dpa north-dpa-Commack Rd. PM me if found has sentimental value.
  15. How about 200?