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  1. Ok thanks will try that and will measure the shooting head when I get a chance but Cary can you go over the George Harvey knot you demonstrated in the crease fly leader thread again If you had a 12 in tippet and were putting on a new one would you not lose 12 in of mid section if the tipes are aligned and the same length as shown in the photo using yarn I just can’t wrap my head around that knot?
  2. What about freshwater leader tippet size? I made up a leader for small trout casting a 9 ft 6 wt rod. The leader was 9ft based on formula 70:20:10. I used Berkeley trilene Big Game of 40lb:12ib:6lb and a number 8 streamer. This leader was no good and fostered wind knots and tangles. I rarely laid out a straight leader. I was casting a 6wt shooting head with floating dry cell shooting line. I can’t cast worth a damn but suggestions for improving this rig would be useful. Was my mid section or tippet too light? How do you rig leaders for small streamer and dry fly trout fishing?
  3. Ok thanks Ted I’ll check out F&D.
  4. Ted527 what type or brand of vinyl planks did you use ? How are they? I estimated For 290 sq ft Costco online (golden arawana) is about $1050 and Floor and Decor is $50 less. $1000 for 750 sq ft is a good price if planks are decent.
  5. Great job on the fly fishing expo Paul
  6. No love for Martin Trophy SD 12/13 or Scientific Angler System 2 1213?
  7. Anyone know how to remove plumber’s epoxy from copper pipe. I tried a paper towel soaked in acetone wrapped around the epoxy and over wrapped with aluminum foil which didn’t work nor did Goof off. The epoxy is hard and did not soften after those treatments. Is there a better solvent or treatments?
  8. gellfex The HF corded rotary hammer with a Bosch 5/32 “ bit went into concrete 2 inches no problem and masonry Simpson screw anchors like the ones in photos above also worked well. Don’t see why a rotary hammer won’t work and the worse that could happen is a broken bit which are relatively cheap. Just let the drill and bit do the work and don’t push so hard on the bit with the drill so the bit gets a curve in it.
  9. Sad, they were the best when in the Chelsea Hotel, give or take thirty years ago and then moved near there recently but it was a step downhill. The close out deals I scored in the old store were frightening. Salt water Rapalas for a buck and Diawa graphite fly rods for 10. Ok the Rapalas don’t cast like SP minnows but still what the heck. Fly rods continue casting like champs. Long live local business but sadly those days are long gone.
  10. Here is what I discovered: 1 riggler: impact driver and drill driver did not work very well with Bosch 5/32 concrete bit, could not get deeper than 1” 2. Cabo2005: Bought the cheapest Harbor Freight corded hammer drill and bits. Didn’t try the bits cause the Bosch bit still worked fine and it was a piece of cake. 3. Seamonster98: Bosch bit was more than adequate. Drilled dry with some WD40 lubrication and vacuumed out hole removing dust 4. Broke off one Simpson Titen Turbo screw driving it in so maybe Tapcons are better. thanks everyone
  11. Thanks Bigbear very generous but it’s to far through brutal traffic.
  12. Want to put up shelf in basement over slop sink between washer and dryer for laundry supplies like soap and fabric softener and bleach. Shelf requires drilling into concrete for the anchors but it’s difficult to say the least. Using a 5/32” Bosc concrete bit but there is creep in the hole and I am only in 1” and I need a 2 1/4” deep hole. I think the bit is already shot. Also using a 1/2 inch variable speed twist drill. Anyone an expert on drilling into concrete that is tough as hell? Can you explain how it’s done? Can concrete drill bits be sharpened? What are the best concrete bits?
  13. Morone americana (white perch) could be in need of some fishery management if there is such a thing. Great fish but hard to find and possibly overfished at one point and doesn’t get much bigger like it’s cousin M. saxatilis. Caught this one on a olive white clouser.
  14. Go to Spey pages, they have extensive discussions on running lines
  15. Thanks everyone and Bigbear for your generosity. I live in North Babylon Is Azek PVC?