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  1. Great fishing tk. You surely got a grand slam or boxed a hat trick. I’ve only caught two on Long Island on small shrimp flies in late February a few years ago in an estuary feeding Great South Bay littered with junk shopping carts, coax cable, soda bottles, cans, other assorted trash and the tantalizing aroma of deep fried fast food wafting through the invasive phragmites. Tried about 20 more times to no avail but have seen bait and lure fisherman get some.
  2. i Installed panels last November and electric Bill went way down. In March the bill was $15 with a surplus in the energy bank. Panels are on low interest loan at 156/mo plus one year no interest, no payment loan 1/3 cost of panels, so the savings is not that great but I had a tenant last year and the bill was sky high so my energy saving with a tenant would be more. I found biggest thing to consider is your taxes and tax rebates or credits so if you don’t understand these things talk to your tax accountant. The best way to get a good rebate and refund on federal and state taxes for the solar installation, which can pay up to a third of the cost, is planning. Have enough federal taxes taken out so you don’t have a tax bill that year and understand that the New York State benefit is a tax credit not a refund and it’s non refundable. I made the foolish mistake of thinking that I would get a refund of my state taxes, which I normally do plus a rebate for the solar panels. I thought This along with the federal rebate would cover 1/3 cost of the panels but i was a few thousand short. The state tax credit was tapped out this year but carried over into next. In any case, if you have 30k to put down, cash on the barrel head snd a good sunny roof you get free electricity.
  3. WTB any vintage Martin disc drag fly reels in any condition, functioning or not, for parts
  4. What should the space be between top of refrigerator and cabinets above it?
  5. Found it, see · #3 Posted April 11, 2019 (edited) · Report post Look in the thread around January 29th 2019 and Check this old article out which I posted there Its an attachment and a pdf file and it might have some good information. Sorry first page is upside down but click on it and reader has a view menu on top left where you can rotate or a computer jock can chime in on how to permanently rotate and save image keys0001.pdf
  6. Use search feature, there may be an article posted here or it could be on the Dan Blanton site.
  7. I walked to the new inlet at Smith point at low tide in early December and noticed surf fisherman walking way out and casting with waves crashing at least 100 yards from shore. What do you surf fisherman wear there? Wetsuits, dry tops, waders? I’m old school and missed the whole wetsuit subculture centered around Montauk but am curious about wet suiting in the surf. Never saw wet suit surf fisherman at Robert Moses beach front or Fire Island Inlet.
  8. Take a screen shot on smart phone and post your photo on fiberglass flyrodders. Despite denigration of glass rods by many fly fishers that website contains some of the webs most authoritative information on all sorts of rods and "vintage reels", click pawl reels and even current light tackle spinning reels not to mention fiberglass rods.
  9. Don’t get me started on beach access on Long Island but the only decent access for fisherman on foot in Suffolk County is Robert Moses, maybe Smith Point and Shinnecock inlet but there is always a catch, for example alter Memorial Day field five at Moses, even with a night permit, is closed. I think it’s an effront to the intelligence of fishermen to sell only 500 permits at Caumsett in a structured mad scramble with a ridiculous narrow window to make it look fair. What if all 500 permit holders decided to go fishing every night from May to December? Would that work? Why not just have a lottery if they, and I don’t even know who they are, want to limit access? The north shore access basically sucks except around Sunkin Meadow and Nissiquogue State Park and there are some good North Fork spots but the landed gentry have the north shore sewed up as well as the north shore of great South Bay. This is very Feng Shui like where north always defeats south. There is virtually no developed estuarine access in Great South Bay.* I was urged to vote for sewers to clean up the Carls River but there is no real stake in it for me with regard to estuary access on the Carls’ except the bandshell south of Montauk Highway. Again the landed gentry have the only real access. How about fishing access off the Robert Moses Causeway? Nope, way beyond the short sighted fishery and wildlife managers our taxes support. I am not calling for parking facilities for 500 cars at these sites but some creative landscaping and footpaths could help to generate enthusiasm and appreciation of nature for people fishing or simply out for a walk. I guess people’s priorities are obvious where a multi millions dollar industry has arisen mowing and dumping chemicals on lawns which pollute estuaries.
  10. Eagle Claw 6'6" featherlight and a Pflueger 1492 reel or there is a cheap 4 wt on Sierra
  11. The previous post titled “Getting Up Eight Layers of Flooring” got me thinking about the arsbestos danger in my home as I want to do some renovation upstairs and remove textured walls and ceiling downstairs. Take a look at this mess and give me feed back on how to remove it or simple cover it with something. The floors have at least two kinds of linoleum tiles and two horrible styles of sheet viny. I think I will get a HD test kit and test the flooring and the wallboard compound. Anyone have experience with their test kits? The wall board compound removes easily when wetted but makes a horrible mess but may be bettet than sanding and skim coating.
  12. Try Mikes large handles.
  13. Got an EBay account? Search for used Scott A3 online or used Cabelas TLR 11 or 11.5 8 wt switch which may be difficult to find or check this Read jettyling’s posts there
  14. Spin fisherman, not in waders, using light rods with 1 oz bucktails caught about 60 short stripers last week, while I was fly casting and deep wading, using a 1/0 olive green-yellow whistler, at the end of a 12 weight floating shooting head with a 3 ft lead core sink tip on a 10 wt rod, for zilch. Their casts were about 10 or 20 yard further than mine. Perhaps they were dialed into a fish holding location while I was casting over barren water. Can any one suggest a fly and line system that imitates a bucktail? clouser with big eyes on a sinking lIne for examp[e,.
  15. What about the Talon Midgar 15 footer that Max Garth touted (Rest in Peace)? I've never seen a post except by him, praising or using this rod or blank for two handed overhead casting.. RedGreen is selling an NFC LMX FASY1510-4 on the fly fishing BST forum but he planned on cutting it down to 14'2"., Anyone ever did a CCS analysis of the Talon Midgar 15 '?