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  1. The Costco $20 rain jacket is ok and the fit is comfortable although the hood is a bit oversized. The 2XL has plenty of room underneath for warm clothing but your sleeves would get wet in heavy surf and rain since the cuffs don’t cinch down very tight with the Velcro tabs and no neoprene. In addition, the bottom margin of the jacket has no cords for keeping the elements out so a surf belt would be necessary especially over waders. Finally, it has no pockets for fly boxes and stuff only two hand pockets about waist high. Seems like a ok budget option or a good backup for Emergencies. Save your money and upgrade. Anyone have any experience with Frogg Toggs Hellbender wading jacket in the salt or freshwater?
  2. I just bought a $20 Costco rain jacket which is described as 4-way stretch, waterproof, breathable, seam sealed and upf 30+. Have not used it yet but I will report back asap
  3. HillTop sounds good. Lets us know how your experiment goes with the diy running line and Level T heads. Are you familiar with Dan Blanton’s use of Diy T heads on SH Rods?
  4. HillTop Max Garth about 10 years ago wrote extensively about braid and stuffing braid and finaly touted Monic GSP running as the best solution. Now I don’t know if it was similar to their running line offered now but he also decried the use of braid as a running line in the surf due to sand getting caught in the weave causing abrasion of the guides. Rarely do we see evaluations or discussions of Monic running lines so it’s diificult to know how it performs or it’s durability without trying it yourself.
  5. HillTop is the Powerpro regular braid or Hollow Ace?
  6. Uncle Stu I hope you passed chemistry,. Problem with these courses is they rarely prepare us for tackling real world situation like using crazy glue in fly tying.
  7. I find many of the cheap dollar store super or crazy glues are too runny and set weakly so they may have a lower concentration of cyanoacrylates. Shelf life may be due to the containers the glues are stored in and their impermeability to water vapor before and after opening. Opened Gorilla super glue gel stays fresh after one year in plastic desciccator while opened dollar store super glue froze up. Don’t know what state unopened dollar store super glues are. Opened dollar store super glue was capped.
  8. Storing crazy glues in the freezer makes sense since the relative humidity in the air in the freezer at -18 degrees Celsius is much lower than at room temperature, about 24 degrees Celsius. Chemical reaction rates are roughly halved for each 10 degree decrease in temperature. So if the freezer is -18 degree Celsius and room temperature is 28 degree Celsius we are looking at a reaction rate decreased 16 times.
  9. Cyanoacrylate glues harden by a chemical reaction with moisture in the air and thus a fine mist of water from a spray bottle can act like zip kicker and cause instantaneous hardening. The containers that they are stored in either are not impervious to air and the moisture it contains or are not airtight when opened. Therefore, these glues, opened or unopened, are best stored in desciccators which can be homemade like a large glass jar with a silica gel that absorbs moisture on the bottom. Large plastic jars are more convenient but moisture readily diffuses through many plastics making such desciccators not as effective. You can buy a product called mini liter which is a silica gel for cat litter boxes at Wally World but understand that water vapor can pass through the plastic bags it is stored in also making the gel less effective. There are rechargeable gels which can be recharged by heating in an oven but I don’t know if mini litter is, so I wouldn’t want to put it in a cooking oven to recharge it unless I knew it was absolutely safe. I am summarizing information I got from the internet. The dirty secret here is the lack of information crazy glue (cyanoacrylates) manufacturers give the consumers about their products because it obviously benefits their bottom line if more glue is sold either due to use and or premature setting during storage.
  10. At first LF looks great but it requires a few coats to build up and a drying wheel so it won’t sag. When it dries it also tends to contract around the material producing a bumpy finish but on flat surfaces like crease flies and poppers it works better. Then there is the problem that RedGreen described as it tends to turn milky as the fly is used. So it’s a poor mans uv resin.
  11. Took a photo of file instead and posted that but photo had reference to commercial site so crudely cropped photo. Btf do you know how to get the pdf if it’s imbedded in reel repair website using iPhone 6s?
  12. Moderator Can you post urls to commercial site with link to diagram?
  13. Used the HF jig and it was ok but maybe I was off in my choice of screws since some poked out slightly. This tool may not be as accurate as Kreg and the drill bit is supposedly cheaper but the body of the jig is all metal and heavier duty than the plastic Kreg. A good woodworking could use this without problems.
  14. Seadog, nice crab flies! can you post some sbs and material list on the hackle tip legs version.