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  1. Should have looked down on the thread “Drysuit vs Wetsuit thoughts” but any fresh insights would be appreciated
  2. Is your survival time in a dry suit longer than a wetsuit? What are the downsides to wetsuit use in cold conditions?
  3. Hard to find in decent shape or at shows but a Diawa Millionaires 5HS could be another option or the venerable ABU 6500 might meet your needs. With the right size lure or sinkers these are easy to use but with throwing lighter lures like the “Old School” floating Rebels and Rapalas a highly educated thumb is necessary.
  4. Send it back and get the package with light, battery and charger. Finding the specialized batteries and appropriate charger is difficult and increases the cost. I made the mistake of assuming the light could be powered by run of the mill AAs or AAAs and Hilltops original post did reference the full package with light, battery and charger although he didn’t discuss the importance of getting the package because the batteries the light uses are unique.
  5. All good options and replies. You could keep it for heavy duty conditions like rough surf or wind in your face or bottom fishing from kayak but when I first started salt water fly rodding I thought a 10 wt would be the ticket for its advantage in the wind and big fish. However, the big fish disappeared but the wind kept blowing so I pretty much wimped out and continued to use it. It did prove itself when battling the rare find of 15 lb blues but In the current schoolie climate an 8 wt or below would be a better tool and if you tied into a 30 pounder god bless you.
  6. Worked for me!
  7. Mike it is not easy to discuss personsl mental health issues on a public forum since the subject remains stigmatized like alcohol and drug addiction and not considered a true disease but hats off to you for your courage and a speedy recovery and insights on shooting head lengths. From a 30 foot head junkie
  8. Slip You could try a “vintage” Fenwick FF909 although in that size it’s heavy snd 9 ft but you are looking for a blank. Some vintage Harnell and Phillipson rods in 7 or 8 may not be too heavy and Orvis supposedly sells some good glass rods as well but again you are looking for blanks so try FFR something may pop up.
  9. Slip Yes “ fiberglassflyrodders” Register and post your questions. You will get many thoughtful responses
  10. Go to the fiberglass website and ask questions there. I find they have the most knowledgeable members with regard to all types of fly rods but obviously concentrate on glass. Most of the rods they focus on are not the huge glass war clubs in 8 weight and above but the lighter line models and discuss eloquently and honestly the utility of their use in all types of fly fishing venues. Perusing that website is a course in the evolution of postwar plastic laminate fly rods.
  11. These mesh baskets have been around a while and their primary faults are collapsibility and absence of line spikes so hats off to HL for his modifications which may be useful for other brands. Just a side note again, (posted 9/23/19 #2) “Awesome work Ditchrat. 3D printers are routine design options for some. I think the relatively shallow dish pan style baskets have a disadvantage in heavy surf and winds and perhaps a new paradigm should be tested like the one described in this post “DIY Stripping Basket” thread 40 which is conical and deep. Incredible what gems are buried and ignored in all these posts. Thank also JButts for that post as well.” This relatively deep conical design might be useful and adaptable for a variety of fly fishing environments but as yet is a prototype. The deep conical design may make spikes unnecessary and the cone could be constructed of a durable but flexible mesh for comfort or kept rigid for those wanting a hard basket. In any cash this design has not been thoroughly tested or manufactured as far as I know.
  12. Finished the job last week but it was a nightmare because: first the dielectric unions leaked then the sweated elbow joint above the union on the hot water side of the heater was bad and leaked like crazy shooting a fine stream of water up toward the ceiling which partiality soaked the Sheetrock above the heater dripping down on the basement floor and boiler. At first It deceptively looked like a leak coming from the floor above before I discovered the fine stream shooting upward. I tried to resweat the joints but that second attempt failed also and finally in desperation tried Wrap Fix on the leaky joint but it didn’t work either. Now it was 3:30 am and I had a tenant getting up at 4:30 am to shower and go to work so I shut off the water main the pilot and slept for an hour and turned the water back on at 4:30 so he could shower, hoping the water was still hot. Then I left it on leaking so son could take shower at 7 packing bad joint with towels which soak through quickly and caused minor flood on floor. He had some warm water but not much. Then at 7:15 I turned off water main, mopped the floor and made coffee. At nine I went to Lowe’s, bought a shark bitel 1/2 inch elbow and installed that to replace bad sweated elbow and it worked like you wouldn’t believe. Turned the water heater back on, showered and did the dishes at 1:00 pm. Yeah Shark Bite!!! an incredible work of technology although somewhat expensive but worth it in terms of time and aggravation saved.
  13. It is a blast catching smaller fish on light tackle although most of my success was on spinning gear. Overlooked in fishing light lines in salt water is the reel. Small modern large arbor trout size disk drag reels might be good as well as some click pawl reels. Playing fish off click pawl reels is a lost art but many degrade rapidly when used in the salt without meticulous care. Many years ago I used a Mitchel Garcia 300 spinning reel in fresh water for 10 years without a hint of trouble but as soon as I started using it in the salt it fell apart rapidly within six months. Same holds true for the Diawa Mighty Mite which is a solid light tackle reel for fresh water but the bail post degraded rapidly when used chasing snappers and needle fish.
  14. I am either a terrible two handed caster or my tackle sucked but I was dwarfed by spin fishermen casting tin and teasers in the surf on the south shore of Long Island in late November early December, fishing into surf and 10-20 knot head winds (humble estimate of wind speed), who were catching schoolies by casting out beyond breaking waves into relatively calmer waters. My pathetic 60 ft casts, at best, found no action but maybe the surf was too rough for the bait or they weren’t in close or maybe I should have used a full sinking head instead of a floater with a sink tip. Who knows?
  15. Thanks Stripsetter, good job