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  1. Plenty of mole crabs at Robert Moses and Jones Beach surf beaches but I never caught a fish on one. Might be I was casting them too far out.
  2. Son works on Captree Princess and said ocean was alive with squid tonight offshore, brought some home.
  3. Check this out: Around Holloween, Christmas and Easter is best time and different colors show. JoAnns has tubing as well but more expensive
  4. Scallywag Thanks for your insight. Upon further investigation your help was dead on. Joel
  5. I don’t know if it’s the line going to the evaporator coils or returning to the condenser coils and compressor and I don’t know which line has a smaller od but I suspect in may be line coming from compressor. In any case why is it hot enough to melt tape but the tape is still gooey at room temperature. Many mysteries to solve. I need to take a frig repair or HVAC course.
  6. The photos tells the story. I found this messy gob of melted tape on top of the fins in the freezer compartment of my refrigerator while cleaning out the defrost drain line. It looks like it came from the refrigerant line above it. I removed most of the sticky gob but did not know whether a fresh bit of tape belonged on the line. Is this a symptom of a bigger problem or can I ignore it, help?
  7. International Scout
  8. Cheap pen lights with two AA batteries and incandescent bulbs you held in you mouth to change lures or unhook fish. Barlow single blade jack knife for cutting line. Rigged eels that were salted, kept in a plastic bags and smelly but stored in frig between outings. Drag rope for dragging keepers off beach which found double duty as a surf belt. Finding lost lures and using them despite absence of paint which sometimes became your most productive.
  9. If you live near a Models get their cheap cargo polyester fleece pants and sweat shirts They are warm for cool weather and even spring to early summer when the water is cold. For socks in any conditions except in 20s or below I have had good luck with Costco white athletic socks which are are a cotton/polyester blend and have a gray toe set off from the white body by a red-black narrow band. For an under layer in frigid weather or single layer in warm weather I use American Airlines first class pajamas which are a 90%/10% polyester/cotton blend. All these garments wick moisture so they keep you dry but some moisture condenses or gets trapped in my waders which are the cheapest Cabelas model. Years ago when I used Red Ball nylon waders which did not breath either but were comfortable and lasted years I wore levi’s and cotton flannel shirts and was always damp but thought that was the wader tradeoff until I started using soft polyester fleece and low % cotton high % polyester blend garments. It is hard to find the exact same models and types of clothing any more because outdoor fashion changes so radically from year to year but sometimes cheap stuff in discount stores are good as long as the type of fiber is correct like high polyester blends or soft polyester fleece. You just have to experiment like pitting a echo ion XL rod against a T&T Exocet and decide for yourself.
  10. Sea robins are excellent eating and the cleaned carcasses make an excellent soup stock for bouillibaise. When was the last time you saw sea robins or blow fish in sea food markets on Long Island? Is there any such thing as local fish in LI restaurants or markets?
  11. What is old school? 704 taped to a cork taped butt section of a Fenwick 11 ft fiberglass blank Short gaff on coiled telephone cord attached to 3” wide army surplus web belt.
  12. Double Post That the problem with kayaks, you can get in over your head real quick without realizing.
  13. One could also take a kayak from Smith Point which may not be difficult on certain tides and plan accordingly to fish the breach or beach the kayak near the breach and walk around. Are there kayak launch sites in Smith Point Park or over the bridge on Fire Island? Anyone ever do this?
  14. Some musing on the new olde Inlet. About seven years ago before Sandy my son and I paddled out to John Boyle Island, which is a bit northeast of the inlet, from a Carmen’s River launch in the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge, in cheap Ocean Beach 10ft kayaks purchased at Dick’s. It was a grueling trip but we didn’t know the tidal currents and planned poorly so we may have been paddling against the tide. In any case, I wouldn’t recommend this as a route to the inlet because there is still a ways to go from John Boyle Island unless you are a pro kayaker with the sleekest hulls that glide effortlessly through chop or have the best pedal drive. Curiously on the way to the inlet south west of Jon Boyle Island you might pass Pelican Island which is named for pelicans that frequent it during the summer. This area is the northernmost limit of pelicans on the east coast of the US and we saw a couple pelicans around John Boyle Island on our excursion. John Boyle Island Island is incredible with its raw savage beauty lacking any human imprints. I’ve never fished or been to the New Olde Onlet but I think the fat tire bike from Smith Point is the best way to go or you could always walk and it should be a great place to fish since the works of man have not ruined it yet. You can the appreciate the power of Sinnecock inlet while casting from the jettys but that doesn’t compare to experiencing works of nature like Nausett Inlet on Cape Cod or the New Olde Inlet which don’t or didn’t bare the stamp of human meddling or the Army Corp of Engineers. For all I know Nausett Inlet is completely changed but in 1971 it was wild as it seems the New Olde Inlet is today.
  15. Minivin5 “night” not “nighy” .Sorry about typo but these iPhone keyboards are so small. Joel