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  1. I have a Shimano Saros 3000 willing to let go for $50.
  2. I have a NIB Penn Clash 6000 for sale. Asking $185 shipped.
  3. Offer $800 shipped to NYC. I'll pay PP fees.
  4. Offer retracted due to no response.
  5. Offer $750
  6. Any interest in a VM150, Penn Clash 6000 new, Ocea Jigger 1500PG with cash on top of course.
  7. A question to those familiar with the Shimano Trevala S jigging rod (spinning version). My 2nd and 3rd guide from the tip was destroyed. I'm looking to order new ones from MudHole but I'm trying to identify the size. Does anyone know the size of the guides? All I know is that they're Fuji Alconite guides. Thanks in advance.
  8. Bump. Available at $300 shipped.
  9. Lost 2 plugs when casting and the auto bail flip engaged. Better with it off. Just manually flip the bail.
  10. Sorry $290 picked up is the best I can do. I think a steal for that price.
  11. I don't know where the mix up happened but looks like you guys misunderstood who was making the offer. My current open offer is $290 picked up and $300 shipped. Reel is still available. Looking for a new home.
  12. Sorry not interested in plugs and $290 is the lowest I'm willing to go.
  13. What you got?
  14. Sorry no bailess kit.
  15. I have a mint VM150 if interested. $330 shipped OBO.