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  1. Interesting. Do you tie the clouser as a dropper off the squid?
  2. Lots of good advice here with different options and it will all depend on what water your are fishing. Although I have had plenty of fluke swim off the bottom from 20 feet to grab a bucktail you still need to be in the strike zone which is on the bottom. Find the tool that will get you there whether it is a full sink, sink tip etc. I did well from the boat last year in an area drifting near some jetty like structure in about 10-15 feet. Light current. I was fishing a 350 full sink and just dredging the bottom. Really fun on the 7wt in the summer. I didn’t get to fish much for them in the surf but I would like to this year. Planning on using tip or full sink 3ips type like etc.
  3. I’m in. Great offer.
  4. Any chatter on the Edison show so far? Looks like it’s still on but only a matter of time.
  5. Great post and congrats on a great season. I just started in the salt with the fly 2 years ago so this was my second season. I had many similarities to your experiences as well. Buying to many flies especially! Haha. I can say that my second year was really where things changed for me. The first season was a big learning curve even with just equipment alone. Took me a whole season if not a a season and a half to really figure out what I liked and didn’t like after trying out and fishing a lot of different lines, rods etc. what lines and flies to use in what situations, wind, where I could fish and where I couldn’t etc. This past season it really came together. I went out on a guided trip where I learned a ton from a seasoned fly fisherman who gave me a lot of tips as well. I have since lost enjoyment in fishing my spinning gear and would much rather fish the fly then anything else at this point. As many have already stated it truly is a fun and at times frustrating journey but the reward is unbeatable!
  6. They are not upgradable. I haven’t caught any Albies on it yet but I wouldn’t have any doubts on its drag performance with them. They seem to get a bad wrap for some reason about the drag. I’m not sure why because I would never need any more drag then when it’s locked it down to its highest setting/drag tension. I would never set the drag that heavy for any northeast species to begin with so I’m fine with it. Just my 2.
  7. Hit central mon county 12-3pm. Worked multiple jetties and beach with the fly rod. Not a bite. Water looked perfect. Threw the box at them from clousers to bunker patterns. No signs of life. Not a bad day. Got some casting practice in and fishing in 50 degree temps this late is a blessing. Happy new year.
  8. First time I have ever fished this late. I rarely fish the fall at all as it conflicts with hunting season although I had a blast this year and I think that will change for me. Reports were still showing plenty of fish around so I couldn’t help myself especially with the temps in the 50s still.
  9. Gave it one last go on the beach this afternoon. Not a touch. Got some good casting practice in along with testing out some new patterns. Not a bad last day of the season for me.
  10. Nice job! I may give it one last go with the fly tomorrow. What patterns were you catching on?
  11. I have both but the Colton crg and Lamson remix 9 with the extra spools. Honestly you can’t go wrong with either . The Colton is not a large arbor design like the lamson. I put the Colton to the test on Albies this fall and its a fine reel although I think I prefer a larger arbor. The lamson although not as nice as the Colton serves it’s purpose for me as well. You will get tons of opinions on reels and the sky is the limit as I’m sure you know. You can’t beat the lamson price wise especially if you are running 1 rod on the boat you have the other spool options if you want to change lines when the conditions change etc.
  12. Rattle and bead rattle large half and half’s. My favorite striper fly by boat but with a little twist. Spring can’t come soon enough.
  13. I really like the cortland specialty series compact. I like the sink type 9.
  14. Slowly getting there….