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  1. Drop the fly rod and grab a spinning rod. I am a fly guy myself but sometimes the conditions just won’t allow it and you have to make the best of the situation and fish the conditions. You will just frustrate yourself more and more fighting heavy winds trying to manage a fly line.
  2. They are very popular out west fishing some of the big trout lakes. Very effective for fly fishing. Seem like they would be beneficial here as well.
  3. Check out skwala as well. New brand on the market. I have their rain jacket. Have only used it twice but it’s built like a tank.
  4. I found this recipe in an old saltwater sportsmen article and thought this looked cool. Painstaking to Tie but I thought it came out pretty good. 7 piece of wire tied first with a combo of saddle hackle and buckle tail then tied in one by one as you move up the shank.
  5. Has anyone participated in any of the classes at the show in years past? I’m interested in an advanced casting class and maybe a fly tying class as well. What is your review/opinion on your experience? Thanks.
  6. Found a few NJ rainbows yesterday with the warm temps.
  7. Ocean county yesterday 1000-1630. Managed about 15 fish between the 2 of us. 2 biggest went 28 the rest all small. 1 fish on the fly rod, the rest on an Ava or white swimmer with teaser. Kept 1 bonus tag fish that was bleeding bad. Stomach was full of peanut bunker.
  8. Reading this thread…… I need one of these bags! Haha
  9. BTD. Getting there…
  10. I just bought the 9wt. Have only caught one keeper sized bass but it was a blast. Fun rod to fish but it will be a boat rod for me for the most part.
  11. I have been using the the Cortland specialty sink type 9 and a few others but that has still been my favorite.
  12. Nice fish! Is that the echo BAG? How do you like it?
  13. I will take it if still available. PM inbound. Great offer.
  14. Interesting you mention this. Caught an upper slot fish today via boat and bunker. I never keep fish of this size and was not thrilled when I saw it pumping blood from its gills. Fish was hooked in a gill and would not survive given the blood lose. It barely fought for its size. 2 full size bunker in its stomach not counting the 3rd it was trying to eat. Kills me to keep a large bass but it will not go to waste among friends family.