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    Retired Firefighter (captain)

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  1. A limit of San Lorenzo River steelhead before school 1963
  2. Eddie is a good guy & builds a very nice plug.
  3. Very nice indeed!!!!!! The ultimate challenge for a duck call on the weary black duck.
  4. That hand punch with the yellow handles & various size punch holes is the exact same punch I have used for for a very long time. It is still going strong
  5. BrianBM, what do you consider a fair price would be for a very quality made wooden pikie to your specifications with all quality components? Length, diameter, running depth, color, epoxy finish etc. Also.. As VS Steve noted there are other plugs that swim very similar to pikies that are easier to build & cost less. An example being a big cigar plug..... They swim much like a pikie & cast a bit further. Mike
  6. Steve, to answer your question.... YES...... Most of what I prefer to build are big plugs of all styles. As for making my own lips I used to do it all by hand.... Cutting the stainless with snips. What I do now is have a shop lazer cut 2 sizes of lips & I buy them flat & bend them myself in a jig I made. This allows me to bend them however I want & also get the hole on the face of the lip as high or low as I want. Mike p.s. I always enjoy looking at the pictures of things you have built. You are a true craftsman...
  7. I've bought components from NJ Tackle for many, many years & never had any issues.
  8. The eyes on that blue flash pikie sure look like those I made using shoelace grommets & map pins.
  9. Hey Jim, Thanks for posting this old photo. You are quite right about it bringing back fond memories .. I believe it was 1992. It's hard to believe that was 31 years ago. You are also quite right about the bigger rod being a must. If you could not hit over 100 yds with a big pencil popper you were not going to reach the fish.
  10. I called those huge pikies "The Bus".... They accounted for a lot of big stripers...
  11. Rocko & his mom Scout. They both lived wonderful long lives & got to do what they were bred for... Hunt & retrieve waterfowl. So many wonderful memories. Rest in peace you two..
  12. Check Systems 3 line of products.
  13. I've used both & see little difference. The flat paints will look glossy once covered with a good coat of epoxy. As for epoxy I like Systems 3 Clear Coat & Silver Tip. Be sure to mix any epoxy thoroughly & also have the temps adequately warm.
  14. I'm surprised these reels have not received more interest. If I did not already have a big Saltiga & a back up for it I'd be very interested in both those reels. Good luck with your sale.... Mike
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