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  1. What Steel Pulse said: Systems Three Clea coat. Mix it THOROUGHLY & make sure your temperatures are around 70 degrees F.
  2. Those jumbo barred surf perch are a real treat.... especially when using light gear. The best day I can remember was around 35 years ago......... between Palm Beach & the mouth of the Pajarro. I kept the 10 biggest & the total weight was 27 pounds. i got them on a 3/8 oz bullet head jig with 3" Mr Twister root beer paddle tail grub..... Still my all time favorite perch lure. Pics = favorite perch lure, decent limit of BSP, gotta love those JUMBO Red Tails, A mighty fine bonus to perch fishing.. 30" wild steelhead (photo by the legend himself.... "Moocks")
  3. This GORILLA was 17 1/4" taken on a Hopkins Shorty while fishing for stripers in July.
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. Frazerp... the cork is unblemished.. beautiful clean quality, but no plastic on it. I doubt if I will fish it....... Tight lines.. Mike
  5. What would be the primary application for a Sage 8 wt. Spey rod? It's 13' 4" model Z-Axis 8134-4 & what would this be worth? It's never been used & has the canvas bag & original hard case. Thanks, Mike
  6. SKkeeter...... those are great pictures.... I love the chanterelle & antlers. I hunt shed antlers & mushrooms. I think Double D must have taken advantage of that seal....
  7. That green & white pikie with the black dots along the lateral line has an extremely rare color scheme.
  8. Beautiful fish..... looks like it just left the ocean...
  9. Livefreeordie...... Both myself & NorCalKat have done well here in the waves/surf. Especially when there is adequate time between waves before they get rolled over..
  10. I've built all sorts of spooks from big ones for GT's to smaller ones for LMB. There are all sorts of variables that can affect their action: profile, hook size & placement, line tie position, belly weight/tail weight & type of wood. If I had to pick out one spook that would cover most striper fishing situations I would go with the Jig-Smith... I just went looking for mine & ca't find it. Grrrrrrrr
  11. Couple older pics from my archives... A kiss from Rocko thanking me for a goose to retrieve. Snagged this sturgeon incidental to fishing red tail in Nor Cal... Cool art work south of OB.
  12. WOW!!!!! all these Arsenal plugs are gorgeous...... lots of talent & pride in workmanship.......this darter is as beautiful a plug as I've ever seen.............
  13. Okay....... So now lets see if this BRossi character can make it rain like it did last winter............
  14. Hey Bill, it looks like that plug has around 100,000 miles on it..... I'm sure it's good for another 125,000
  15. Sorry Crew....... I won't be making up there today..... Got a priority fit-it issue I have to get TKO .... I hope everybody has a great time & that even Moocks caches a fish.....