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  1. Holy smokes..... those are some gorgeous plugs. It's obvious a lot of time, pride & craftsmanship go into each plug. It's interesting to see all the variations he's created. Mike
  2. Some fine looking plugs.....Best part is that they work even better than they look...
  3. How would you describe the action on this rod? Fast or more parabolic? How does it compare to other rods of the same length when it comes to casting distance? thanks, Mike
  4. Holy Smokes !!!!!! I think Plug Crazy has more of my darters than I do...…………….
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words about my plugs. Chunk.... the Asbury Park show was always a great time & I got to meet a lot of wonderful fellow fishermen/plug builders. I think it was my second trip back there that Sportguy33 had a table to my left & Gary Hull had a table next to me on my right. They were both great plug builders that I wish were still with us... Mike
  6. WOW!!!!! those are some quality perch.... I love perch fishing & family likes to eat them. I'm sure your right about the fishing improving as winter gets closer..... Good luck in all your fishing safaris..... Mike
  7. Hey Double D...….. nice sized BSP U got there..... Are you getting good numbers also? I'm feeling like it's time for some perch. Do U get many big Red Tails? Mike
  8. Rick, thank you very much for the info.
  9. What is the distance from butt to center of reel seat? What weight lures is the 3lb test curb rated for 7 what weight do you feel cast best on tis rod? thanks..... Mike
  10. Jim, that is a fantastic video.... I must say you're reflexes to spot, ID - length, sight the gun & fire are mighty impressive. Many thanks, Mike
  11. Jim, when you are hunting halibut in a sandy area with a few scattered bits of structure do you find that the halibut are usually close to the structure vs open sand? Thanks..... p.s. I enjoy reading your posts. Mike
  12. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skkeeter…...That looks like a heck of a lot of fun.... I once got into some HUGE black rock fish from shore near Half Moon Bay.... funny part is that they were hitting a surface plug.... I've done a lot of perch fishing along the NorCal coast but never tried for rock cod from shore up there.... must add it to my list..... thanks for posting..... Mike
  13. Bunker Bill & Kpresh…. It was a pleasure to meet you guys & fish with you....your visiting me at my little shop was a lot of fun & I very much enjoyed watching Kpresh turn a plug blank.. I'm very happy to see that pencil popper getting put o god use at the Canal. Best of luck to both of you in all your fishing adventures..... Mike