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  1. Hey Vespa Queen,
  2. Yes, that top plug is a surfster.......fashioned somewhat like the CCBC version. I have not made very many like that one, especially with the herring color scheme... Mike
  3. WOW.............. that is a spectacular collection. Blue flash is my personal favorite. I've caught several 35 - 40 lbs stripers on an 8 1/2" Blue Flash pikie. Thanks for sharing!! Mike
  4. I did not make many in that color scheme..... good luck with your search..... Mike
  5. jlapenta, thanks for the info. Although I don't fish from a kayak I have fished from both boats & shore/beach/rocks & had no problems with rigging swivels & snaps like BillZ suggests. I really like having a swivel where braid meets mono & use the swivel as something to grab. Mike
  6. Well that is a real bummer.....do you have any idea what caused your swivel to become detached from your clip? What kind of clip was it? Mike
  7. jlapenta, thank you ever so much for the feed back on the troller. It is fishermen like yourself who keep me informed on whether or not my plugs are meeting their needs. I hope that troller continues to serve you well. Mike
  8. Those pencil poppers DON'T appear to be mine. What does the original seller know about their history?
  9. Morning Wood..... the reed on those are made from phosphorus bronze vs mylar ... gives you a lot of raspy sound ..
  10. What do you feel would be the ideal metal lip wood plug for trolling from a kayak? Thanks, Mike
  11. Bunker Bill, I hope you get a chance to have fish knock the paint off all those plugs. The show was fun. The JSS club did an excellent job. Mike
  12. That bottom popper has the old style eyes made from shoe lace grommets & map pins then coated with epoxy......kind of a PIA but gives them a nice "retro" look....
  13. Captahab416, there is a lot of good info in the above posts regarding what to do about loose through wire. Chances are you could continue fishing it "as is" without any problems. ...However...... If you have any doubts about the plugs integrity please feel free to send it to me & I will rewire it for free.........Mike.
  14. If I remember correctly that big green & orange pikie was made for a Miami Dolphins fan that reqested those colors.
  15. That is a heck of a nice perch.... only problem is I don't remember getting an invitation to lunch...... What did you catch it on? Garden worms..........................