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  1. The 7 1/2" Sluggo is slipped inside a hole at the rear of the plug. The stainless nail runs crosswise through the plug body & the Sluggo acting as a pin to keep the Sluggo from falling out. If the Sluggo gets damaged the pin can be removed & the Sluggo replaced. In my next batch I'll use a #4 stainless screw...
  2. I heard you fed that spook to a Bluefish...................
  3. That is interesting that the fish were so picky..... Those Winch & NorCalKat plugs typically produce really well....Maybe it was one of those rare days when color was real important. I can remember one incident over 35 years ago when I was fishing close to the Golden Gate Bridge with Winch..... He had a yellow pikie & was hooking 5 or 6 fish to my one...I did not have a yellow pikie with me that day..... But from then forward I did & it's often paid off... Mike.
  4. Thank you for the kind words...... I been at it a long time (50 years) but I'm still learning & improving... It keeps my old mind active when I build something new & different... It keeps me motivated when I see folks putting my plugs to the ultimate test.... Mike
  5. Hello Bassmaster or anyone else who has one of these plugs with the Sluggo tail.... I just heard from a guy who had the stainless pin that hold the Sluggo in place had fallen out.. As a temporary fix I would try a dab of super glue or very small dab of epoxy to hold the pin in place. In the future I am going to secure them with a 1" #4 stainless screw... Mike
  6. Hello Bassmaster..... Great to see your putting that plug to the test.... Nothing better than this kind of feedback.. HOWEVER.....here is a word of caution for you or anyone else who has one of these plugs with the Sluggo tail.....I did hear from a person who caught several fish on one of them that the stainless nail that acts as a pin to hold the Sluggo had fallen out. So keep that in mind.... Maybe a dab of super glue or very small dab of epoxy on the nail will prevent further issues. Just don't put on too much & end up epoxying in the nail permanently...In the future I am going to use a 1" long #4 stainless screw that I feel confident will stay secured....
  7. YIKES.......................... U got striper thumb....................... Thanks for the report.....
  8. Hello DZ, are you knocking any paint off those contraptions?
  9. Now how is that for feed back on whether or not a plug works... That color scheme with the red in the eye area is something I stole from BassMaster...
  10. The last known striped bass to inhabit the west coast surf will probably be taken on a Winch soft tail...
  11. I bet our fearless moderator Moocks could fix it...... Provided he's not too busy eating a Vegan hamburger & chocolate shake....
  12. Thanks Moocks...... I'm headed for Pescadero...
  13. Nice picture ....That fish looks decent sized.... From the lighting I'm guessing it was in the evening??/
  14. Yea, dragging all that California junk around can be quite bothersome.... That little plug that you think swims good is a cross between a peanut & small pikie. I call it "The Prius".... Bwaha ha ha
  15. Okay all you knowledgeable wizards.................If you speak at the slot limit meeting who are we speaking to? What are their credentials etc..... How do they relay/communicate everything we present to their superiors/Fish & Wildlife commission? Do they take notes? Is everything we say recorded? How is all this valuable input documented? On Monday I will try contact F & W's PIO & see what they have to say.....Mike