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  1. Sorry Moocks, It looks like Decap is keeping all that hot secret info unrevealed...... p.s. I've never caught a striper around Still Water Cove..... but did get one around 14 inches off that secret beach you got stuck on...
  2. A "couple 7 - 8 lbs"...................... what the hell did you do pack 4 lbs of sand in their gut?
  3. Heavy perhaps in relation to their length.... Not quite like a 10" 5 oz pikie...
  4. The beaches North of Bodega can produce very good fishing for Red Tail perch along with a very rare occasional striper. Rocky areas can produce quite a variety of rockfish including Cabazon & Ling Cod, Gopher cod, Greenlings, Black rockfish & Olive rockfish along with an assortment of others.... Poke poling on big minus tides you might even get some Blenny's (a type of fish that looks like an eel) & also some rock fish. BEFORE YOU GO ................. be CERTAIN that conditions are in your favor.... Calm seas/small surf, minimal wind , decent water clarity, good tides. Many of the surfing websites that predict surfing conditions can be very helpful in determining whether or not to head north.... I hope this helps... Mike
  5. That poor deer has some ugly issues...... might even be blind in the right eye.... I wonder if those tumor looking things are terminal....It looks like it's been eating okay..... not skinny from looks of picture...Looks like a buck sprouting new horns...My guess is a mountain lion or perhaps collision with vehicle will take it out before long...
  6. Very Nice Skkeeter...... Ling Cod from shore is a real treat..... I recently made a Red tail perch safari up in your neck of the woods & north of there all the way up to Ferndale..... Did okay on the perch but had to really fish hard & put my time in for the bigger fish.. I also found some spots I could cast from shore into rocky areas that would most likely produce some nice black rockfish & other assorted reef fish.....I'm sure the key is a calm ocean, correct tides & decent water clarity..... Mike
  7. Hey Double D..... it looks like you stumbled over a couple of blind ones.... Good for you...... Moocks..... my apologies for not inviting you....it was a last minute deal & I just blasted out of here solo.....Our spot N of Fort Bragg was a bust & everywhere else I fished north of there required a bitch of a hike....
  8. Bass11.... You might know the guy who refurbished it for me..... He did a great job
  9. Uncle Stu, 30 red tails is a good day but I fished non stop from 8 AM - 7 PM. & walked 3 - 4 miles in the process of trying to locate them. My very favorite little spinning outfit for perch is rated 1/8 oz - 3/8 oz. & I was way under gunned for the conditions as I could barely reach the main body of fish. Had I been able to cast another 15 yds. I'm sure my numbers would have increased dramatically. I would get about 2 cranks on my reel handle & I was hooked up. If I did not hook up withing 10 cranks I was out of the fish. The fish were in a rip on the left side of a sand bar where it dropped off into a deep hole. Had they been in a trough close to shore it would have been crazy good....... But none of the really big Red Tails I was looking for. I seriously considered going back to the same place the following day with another rod capable of throwing 1 oz. & easily reached the honey hole.... But I was more interested in big fish than I was in numbers so I tried another location much further north that looked real promising... I fished from 9 AM - 3 PM at this "real promising" location walking at least 3 miles thinking they would turn on at some point in the tide.... I managed 1/2 dozen decent fish (13' - 14") & a couple slightly bigger but they just never really turned on.... So I went back to the place where I got the 30 the day before except I walked another 1/2 mile further north & finally got into what I was looking for......Not fantastic numbers but quality stuff at 14" - 15" & this time I had my larger rod...... I probably would have got skunked without it... ..... It seems like when you find red tail that are feeding real actively they will hit most anything. I've seen locals out fish me using chicken skin on a high-low rig...that being said my favorite lure is a root beer/red metal flake 3" Mister Twister paddle tail grub. 40 years ago I ordered 700 of them & doubt if I have 75 left. The rubber back then seemed to be far more durable. I'm not sure if I can get the identical product anymore. I've also done good on quite an assortment of other grubs ranging in size from 1 1/2" - 2 1/2". That little ZMan sand crab/crawfish looking lure can also be very effective. I think that this time of year anywhere north of Salmon creek well up into Oregon can produce good fishing provided you catch the conditions ideal.... Small surf, ideal tides, minimal wind & plenty of luck. Good maps & local knowledge can also save you precious time.. I don't know about you but I am not getting any younger..... Any time the conditions are right I seriously consider making the trip up there before I croak... The few times I checked that ten mile area the structure did not appeal to me..... But that can change from day to day & I am sure that place can have its good days..... Hope this helps... Mike
  10. A few weeks ago in Monterey Bay there was some very good perch fishing.... Most of which I missed out on.... The fish at that time seemed to be very tide oriented.... Last 2 hours of the incoming or forget it....This past Weds, - Friday eve I fished north of Fort Bragg & got into some decent red tail fishing.... Not huge numbers..... around 30 on my best day..... But not many of the gorilla jumbo's..... On Friday eve I finally scored on fair numbers of real nice 14" - 15" fish... It was no cake walk but with plenty of effort there was fun to be had...For you serious perch hunters I would suggest you read anything you can find in an old website called Zen Fly Fishing. Although the author no longer keeps it current there is a tremendous amount of info still to be gleaned from it. I claim to be no expert but have seriously pursued surf perch since 1954 from Plaskett Creek (well south of Pt Sur) all the way up to central Oregon.for Red Tails..... Mike
  11. Hey Bunker Bill....... be careful not to damage that plug on any fish.... LOL..............
  12. Orlando has more energy than Viagra Falls.... or is it Niagara Falls?
  13. You got out bid....LOL
  14. It might be worth visiting the Systems Three Epoxy webiste....I have been using their Systems Three clear coat for many, many years & so far it is my favorite...
  15. YO!!!! Dave C. Getting old will make you tough..... either that or dead.... Your old enough to be tough..... What the hell happened?