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  1. I will be leaving from Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard. Thanks for the info
  2. Can anyone fill me in on a location offshore of MA called "The Dump" or "The Dumping Grounds"? How far offshore are they? Thanks
  3. (*Edited - we don't allow promoting businesses, shops or ebay sites here. I understand you are not affiliated with them, but brand new member promoting lures they haven't even used yet as 9.9, posting links to their site and promoting their eBay page - all make this feel a bit spammy. Nothing personal. TimS)
  4. I should revise my comment... the best advise for ME. I already know where to fish, I am just looking for baits/techniques as of now.
  5. Thank you very much! By far the best feedback I have gotten yet!!!
  6. Thanks very much for the feedback!!
  7. Thoughts, reviews or comments on the Shimano Saragosa? I just bought a 25000 for bluefin. I have already seen Alan Hawks review of them. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for the help! Now I just need summer to be here so I can go!!
  9. I have been fishing for flounder for years now, semi-successfully. This year I would like to target big, doormat sized flounder. I have a boat. Not looking for specific locations, but what type of area should I fish? Any certain bait better than others? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  10. Anyone have insight on how to find and catch mahi around MA? Any recommendations you have will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. I mean in general. Almost never catch anything over 200+. Nearly exclusively in 100 pounders. Yeah, I recognize they have a bunch of issues. I currently don't have a 1 grand or more to drop on a couple Avets and line. My TDLs haven't failed me yet, but when they do I will invest in the Avets. I recently bought a VS 250 and a Saragosa so my pockets feel pretty empty. But I do need some new offshore lures. RonZ, Hogy, butterfly and knife jigs, bigger poppers, Yo-Zuri Sashimi Sliders with upgraded VMC single hooks on them are the lures I am using right now, do I need anything else? Also, any recommendations on finding the tuna and mahi?
  12. Striped bass, tuna and mahi!

  13. Ok. Thanks. I can't wait to get out there! I am already dreaming about busting fish and the sound of drag screaming!
  14. I have two well maintained TDL 25s that work very well for the average size fish we are catching, around 20-100lbs. I cannot see myself ever using a 50 wide out there, especially because I love fishing light tackle! The Saragosa is awesome. I have a VS 250 as well.... Do you think that could hold up to 100lb fish? It has around 500-600 yards of 50lb braid. As the for the location thing, OK. I didn't know... I figured people would at least talk about general areas and canyons.
  15. I love that video. Great rig, unforTUNAtely (couldn't resist a fish pun) that setup is over 1500 bucks... Such a beautiful combo! Thanks for the advice, I will make sure to jig this summer! Were your trips successful by any chance?