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  1. Good2Go, you got them. 4 of the 5 reels have new or hardly used braid on them, good luck and enjoy the boat!
  2. Let’s move these along. Price dropped to $150 shipped.
  3. Selling as a lot for $190 shipped PayPal. these 3 are new and unused: Penn Pursuit iv 5000 no line Penn Pursuit iv 4000 with braid Penn Pursuit iv 2500 with braid these two are used but excellent condition, with braid: Penn Fierce 4000 Cabelas Salt Striker 3000
  4. 30 feet of G4 chain, 1/4” size, perfect for Lewmar V700 windlasses or just for extra anchor chain. No corrosion, $100 via PayPal includes shipping.
  5. Pointbobo, their yours for $180 shippped! Will pm details now.
  6. Appreciate your interest Demon Chaser, I’m not looking to split just yet. I’m lowering the price now to $180 shipped PayPal for all six, if that helps move these out
  7. Not going to use these, looking to sell as one lot. The orange 6500 and red 4500 are in like new condition. The other reels are in very good condition, all have been cleaned, lubed and most have been upgraded to carbon fiber drags with Cal’s grease. Line is new in most all cases.
  8. Price reduction, now $140 shipped.
  9. Selling five reels as one lot , $215 shipped Paypal: Three Penn Pursuit IV reels, all new 10/10 condition, and never used - sizes are 2500 with new braid, 4000 with new braid, 5000 no line Two Abu 7 reels, bought here a year ago, torn down, cleaned, re-greased, and rebuilt with SmoothDrag carbontex washers and Cal's grease, 10 mechanically, 7 cosmetically, new mono line
  10. Used but in great condition, no discoloration, great blade and handle. $35 shipped PayPal.
  11. Sold to Cast Away. PM sent. (Forgot to mention book is autographed by John Skinner)
  12. $17 shipped, PayPal. Excellent condition, has a little yellow highlighting on a few pages.
  13. Aftco HD roller tip #20 and HD roller guide #51. Like new. $40 shipped for both, PayPal.
  14. Deal! Address sent via private message.
  15. I’ll take them for $50 shipped, no line, thanks. If taking the line off is a hassle I’ll do the $59 shipped with line. Either way is ok, let me know.
  16. Respectfully offer $50 shipped. Don’t need the line. Any chance these have carbontex drags?
  17. Respectfully offer $40 shipped for both of the reels you have up for sale - this Penn 350 and the Penn Peerless 9
  18. Want to sell as one whole lot, for $150 shipped, payment via Paypal. I estimate to buy this stuff new would be about $280. Most of this stuff is like new or minimal use. First pic has descriptions and what I see as a price to buy new - but since this is not new I'm cutting the price almost in half.
  19. If you go on the regular Rtic site it has a higher price. You need to Google “Rtic summer flash sale” and go to that site and you will see this. There are about 14 hours left on this sale. Many sizes snd colors. and here is an example of the sales:
  20. Rtic has a really good flash sale going on right now. Hard, soft and backpack coolers all on sale as well as tumblers and accessories. The 145 Qt hard cooler lists for $480 and is on sale for $90. Other sizes too.
  21. I have this Penn 4/0 Special Senator available for $55 shipped. Steel gears, 3.25 gear ratio, carbontex drag washers lubed with Cal’s Drag Grease, totally stripped down, cleaned, re-greased etc. More details in post below. New Big Game 60 lb mono on the reel.
  22. Both nozzles are sold! Thanks guys and SOL.
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