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  1. This one is simple like the title?
  2. My mother passed on I when I was 10 years old and I had to move in with my Aunt for a couple of years until my dad was remarried.

  3. Haven't been here again in a while because dealing with the passing of my wife of 24 years. I am now and for about three weeks getting back into lure crafting and fishing. I have a new lady friend that I met in Havasu but like me is a widower from Santa Cruz. Her husband passed on three years ago and being we have these things in common we spend time together and enjoy each others company. Well I been making flyrod spinnerbaits to fish for small and largemouth bass. I didn't invent them I picked it up from UTUBE featuring Ron Knight as the tier.
  4. I know an ex-coworker friend of mine who owns a home over there! I do know that they go boating there and I once ask him does he fish and said no. It is also over 7000 ft. in elevation and looks like a nice place. I am retired now and haven't seen him in months but was planning to pay a visit and buy a UV flashlight that they sell there. I will ask him and get back to you and let you know what he tells me. Brent is a nice guy and willing to help out.
  5. It seems like just yesterday
  6. My new girlfriend Janet is a health nut and has me taking these kelp pills which suppose to improve my energy("wifey passed on in late February 2019") is the reason I am asking. Thanks
  7. Love this style of baitfish!
  8. I have been looking for a new one! I seen this one and might get it.
  9. Well I would have to say yes only because down here in Havasu since Sunday this small town of about 60,000 people over 200 people came up with it! As you are in town and see almost everyone wearing the mask you have to ask yourself how can this be possible? One thing to fear though is whether they will place a tracking chip inside of the vaccine that connects to satellites to keep track of you!
  10. Does anybody have any know how on rules pertaining to the taking of kelp?
  11. OK now days can't wait to get out there and do some striper fishing("Catch and Release") of coarse!
  12. Thanks R.R. Bridge Fisher, I sure appreciate that!
  13. Thanks Red Jeep! Even though we get into the largest snags of our lives we still have to plug away!
  14. Thanks jimmy z your right it is very hard! I recently hook up with another widow who lost her husband a year ago! We seem to be good for each other even though we are both still grieving!
  15. Yes it time to check the flow out and the tide is coming in!