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    recreational fisherman and hobbyist.
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    fly tying and gold prospecting
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    Retired making my own fishing flies and lures

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  1. Don't feel bad snag 777 the market took me for 13K in two weeks and I watched a 1000 point spread in an hour and a half . That is why they call them brokers! I am going to learn the market and control my investments myself. I can tell when I been ripped off and sticky fingers inside traders are at work! God bless Capitalism
  2. Sometimes you have to show your target fish what to do
  3. Sometimes the connectors to the battery goes bad or a bad fuse.
  4. Yes we heard he was mugged hit with a rolling pin layed out flat and pricked with a fork! May he rest in butter
  5. Not if you try to put it on a hanger while he is wearing it
  6. My old one was a flip phone that flipped right off of my belt and did a jack knife right into the toilet!
  7. In the near future Starbucks may just be going Customerless
  8. With the direction we are taking these days we will aim for the moon and land on mars
  9. He been known to slap around a Perch or two
  10. Yes it was like being a boxer in the Golden Gloves we had ("two recesses") and a lunch 3 rounds
  11. There are freak waves that always show upduring an incoming tide! I remember climbing down the in inside of the rock wall that surounds Princeton Harbor actual down south where you can climb onto it because of a freak wave rolling towards us! It swamped my tackle box because it was open I was rerigging and had some heavy sinkers inside("didn't loose it")
  12. If I can work from the house and never show up for the periotic meetings I might consider it! Not that I am lazy it just that I been working since I was 10 Years old
  13. Amen, I lived in Nor Cal for 42 years and will only go there to visit("too expensive")! My sister lived about 5 miles from the Richmond Oil Refinery and the price of gas was Two $$$-dollars a gallon more than it was in Arizona. As the saying goes "Its a nice place to visit but wouldn't want to live there" holds true in this respect! Plus it's a two day drive anywhere in the state from Havasu!
  14. I guess I can living along the Colorado River("Lake Havasu") which borders California. We share the same water supply and fishing outside of tourist season!
  15. When I use to work for THD and made up an excuse to stay home by the end of the day("usually a weekend") I felt guilty because of the TV commercials advertisment that came on during the day! My TV is a monitor that had a built in camera that I felt was watching me during The Home Depot commercials! I use to watch This Old House
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