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  1. I did that years ago! I used a old chamie ("misspelled but used to dry off vehicles")! Before doing that I use to buy Uncle Josh's Pork Rind in the bottle("Yellow") was the color of choice used for trolling for stripers with a spreader Jig w/porkrind and a pet spoon w/ dressed hook also "yellow" hackle palmered and along the shank with the hackle tips
  2. I have been holding on to some soft plastic about("1/2 gallon (("two quarts")))! I had this stuff for about 30 years now. I didn't use it up because the worms I was making where too soft. Recently I found a website where they sell hardener for this type of plastic and bought an injection mold and skirt insert to make my some saltwater skirts for my powder coated jigs. I am mixing bucktail and plastic on different jigs("bucktail would cost too much") for 2000 plus jigs. I don't sell any of them but I do snag a lot so that is why I make so many! Also I give them out during Christmas time to my Buds who fish in Northern Cal. I been making fishing lures now better than 50+ years but making softbaits is new to me! I have also bought some used Purex measuring cups and a microwave oven from a thrift shop("only to be used to make soft plastic baits")! Any one else into this and if you are do you have some advice that you can give? I have been trying to learn all that I can from the UTube videos online Thanks in advance
  3. I have a few of these old school lures! I bought them from a guy whos dad passed on and was not a fisherman! Bought 3 for $10 and are made in the 1930's with good paint still on them! I have plans to display them in my work shop
  4. Does anyone here ever watch the TV show Wicked Tuna? I been watching it for a few seasons now. Does anyone have any idea of how much them Vessels cost? Just curious about the cost and the cast doesn't speak of that just the price from the fish mongers on the quality, weight and price of the bluefin tuna!
  5. I have lymphedema from always wearing shorts outside! It is the way we dress down here and the iron in my blood system made its way to the outside of my legs and is permanent("red legs below my knees"). I am now retired from work and no longer have to be outside when I don't want! I will say this always wear sun block if not you may be sorry like me that you didn't
  6. Yes but the dust settles everywhere as you may know. An example of that just look at your vehicle("car, truck...etc.) the dash board in a few days even with the windows up and you will find dust! Now with the roll top desk you will still find dust but not as much. The dust is constant and yes after trimming a fly or in my case flies("I normally tie a half a dozen at a time")
  7. Yes if you can get a roll top for a couple of hundred $$$'s go for it. The reason I say this is because dust. A roll top will help a little to keep the dust off of your thread and other tying materials! I was storing mine in the garage and since I am now using the spare room. If I am tying epoxy flies then I still coat them in the garage because of the smell
  8. In the west Squid flies have been known to catch Leopard Shark! I tried it at South Shore Beach in Alameda, Ca. with no success. But I was wading using a 12 wt. The fly I was using was a articulated anchovy about 8" long. I did see some about 30 feet from me but I think that the fly was too long. I could of chummed but didn't. I did tie some squid flies but didn't use them the one time I tried fly fishing for sharks
  9. Yes to strip down a Fenwick would take some doing because of the epoxy and getting it just right(acetone) you have to be extra careful because you can damage the blank. You might want to contact someone in the Rod Builders forum that is local. My buddy David builds rods but his waiting list put the completed rod out past 1 year and he is in San Leandro. Even at that to strip down the rod I don't know if he would be willing to do that Good luck
  10. OK it is this simple for me to say. Spend the time working the tides and even Luck becomes experience In other word to find out what is going on is to spend the time fishing
  11. I am glad I read this because I was getting ready to buy another boat just to rock fish! I been eyeing a 22' Whaler "Outrage" down here. I was going to haul it up north and leave it at my sister's house for storage I remember out of Princeton just before I moved they where still getting 40 lb; Lingcod with 10 lb. snappers in their mouths. Also up north Bodego Bay in winter Cordell Banks was pulling in 100 lb. sacks per trip with a mixture of Rock Fish. Wow in less than 25 years it all gets screwed up What a shame but good for me being I seen this post! Saved me $$$$
  12. Oh Yes my step mother("bless her soul") would call my name out loud to come and empty the garbage
  13. On New Years I use to be invited to my next door neighbors bar("Man Cave and across the street") Gene's house to roll some dice and drink shots I use to crawl home hands and knees. Do you think I would learn my lesson? Well after 3 years straight of doing it I finally did
  14. This is hilarious
  15. You get better stripers in O'Neil forebay and San Luis Reservoir just saying