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  1. Does anybody have any know how on rules pertaining to the taking of kelp?
  2. OK now days can't wait to get out there and do some striper fishing("Catch and Release") of coarse!
  3. Thanks R.R. Bridge Fisher, I sure appreciate that!
  4. Thanks Red Jeep! Even though we get into the largest snags of our lives we still have to plug away!
  5. Thanks jimmy z your right it is very hard! I recently hook up with another widow who lost her husband a year ago! We seem to be good for each other even though we are both still grieving!
  6. Yes it time to check the flow out and the tide is coming in!
  7. OK these days but been torn apart most of this year, Thanks
  8. Hi Tim, I am glad to be back!
  9. I have been looking at a Property in Santa Cruz! Right off of highway 1! II might sell my house here in the Desert Southwest and buy in Santa Cruz closer to my family in Pinole and Sacramento 200 miles is closer than 600! Plus I do miss my surf fishing("lake are OK but I don't like catching fish the size of what the baits I been casting before")!
  10. Dang and I was going to reply! You took the word right out of my pants, now didn't you!
  11. Yes the Fishing in San Francisco Bay was awesome in the 60's!
  12. Thanks Firinne, I appreciate that!
  13. Yes, but its been a while! I been tying fly rod spinner baits for LMB! Wifey passed on in late February this year and I have been dealing with that.
  14. Haven't been here for a while and decided to drop in and say Hi!