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  1. Go off-roading in a Toyota Camry and you’ll be disappointed too.
  2. Happy thanksgiving
  3. When I used to run charters on Lake Erie with my dad, I had a 10lb steelhead do that to 2 spoons being trolled on downriggers. Both rods went off nearly simultaneously, thought we scored a double until it became a pattern that as each client pulled the fish in, the other thought he lost the fish, then we thought the lines were tangled, but lo and behold the fish had both spoons cleaning hooked inside its mouth. First and only time I’ve seen that in person.
  4. Trolling anything that has even a chance of spinning without a good quality ball bearing swivel with braid is going to cause issue compared to mono. Even with the swivel you will get twist in braid when trolling. Mono has some minor resistance to twist due to its more single strand, more rigid nature. Braid has pretty much zero resistance to twist. While under load, braid will have much less resistance to twist, than even the smoothest ball bearing swivel. An easy demonstration of this is, suspend a one ounce sinker from a length of braid with a ball bearing snap swivel, then spin the sinker and watch the braid twist instead of the swivel.
  5. Using a spinning reel, by its very nature, will introduce some line twist. The line roller especially with braid will tend to push any twist towards the end when retrieving. When I notice excessive twist accumulating near the lure, I will typically let the lure hang with a long drop from the rod tip and let it untwist itself naturally for a minute or so. All lures, to varying degrees, can also spin during the cast introducing line twist. I mostly fish swimbaits on leadhead jigs, some casts, the bait can fly out nice and smooth, other ones, the tail can catch air and start the jig into a helicopter spin thru the air. Even lures like sp minnows can fly straight but spiral in the air on occasion like a well thrown football.
  6. What were you tossing, and who and how was the line spooled, line twist can only occur in so many ways. The color fading is pretty normal for all braided lines, the coatings and color treatment for braid is really only temporary. All braid by nature is white and is dyed and coated to achieve color etc, but none of it can truly form a permanent bond to the actual braid material.
  7. I use zman baits exclusively fishing on the west coast for calico bass and halibut. I primarily use 5” diezel minnows on a Freedom Stealth Jig Head and replace the stock hook with a Mustad grip pin wide gap hook. If using superglue and a standard jig head. I have found the best results from only putting a small drop of glue on the head of the bait and glueing that to the actual lead head of the jig. Too much superglue can actually cause deterioration of the elaztech. Best glue I have found to be the locktite ultra gel control.
  8. Just to add murkiness, not sure if it’s same in other states, but in CA you can only gift fish to someone who has a fishing license, otherwise then they are illegally in possession.
  9. As stated, best option is to take it to a shop. Depending on where it broke and the taper of the rod, the original size tip is not likely to fit on the blank. Most shops keep numerous sizes of tips and can find the best size based on trial and error before gluing it on.
  10. Kietech baits are like most soft plastics and should not react to them other than possible color bleeding. Elaztech on the other hand will react with all normal plastisol soft plastics. “Never” mix elaztech lures with other plastic lures as you will end up with a pile of goo.
  11. They look better alive in the water, but still kinda ugly as sin. They can ink similar to a squid or octopus. I’ve accidentally stepped on a few wading not enough to harm them, but enough to make them squirt out some purple ink.
  12. Yes they have a set of leathery fins that run along their back that they use to breathe. When they wash up either dead or alive, they fold them up over their back.
  13. Boy does no one read, I already identified it. I have seen numerous ones washed up on the beach from still alive to fully dead, as well as crawling around the tide pools when I am reef fishing during neg tides. Pretty common up here in the Malibu area especially after a high swell event coincides with a neg tide as they get beat up off the shallow reefs.
  14. Not sure about the foot, the leathery top has me stumped.
  15. Butch, that’s a CA Sea Hare (Aplysia californica). It is indeed a species of sea slug.