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  1. I generally just use the mosquito hook and still hammer hook it. I found hammer hooking reduced but did not eliminate deep hooking. The fact that more of the worm was hanging off the hook generally means the hook does not end up as deep in the mouth as when you thread it on the standard j hook. I never really cared for the circle hooks with surf perch as the circle is even harder to remove when deep hooked. Also if you aren’t using a set now, forceps work better at removing deep hooks than needle nose pliers as being much thinner it’s easier to get into their mouth and still see what your doing.
  2. Actually, the single in-lines look good for the lures I put them on. The higher hook point looks like it would help eliminate the dreaded hook catching on the back of thin lures like SP minnows and luckycraft flash minnows that I use in the socal surf.
  3. If you are using the 2 in size commonly used for surf perch, you want to “hammer hook” them.
  4. From the west coast.... You’re welcome.
  5. Slammer 4 specs on Penn USA site as of yesterday.
  6. I fish a Penn Battalion 12ft with Penn Fathom 30 loaded with 400yds of 65lb braid, FG knot to 20 ft of 80-100 lb mono shock leader to shark rig. I fish this in SoCal for sharks and BatRays. Typically casting 6oz + 1/2 Mack. My largest shark on this setup was a 9ft Sevengill shark around 300lbs.
  7. Curious how this turned out.
  8. Have you taken the post off the reel, then try seeing if you can reassemble the two pieces. It’s likely not quite aligning correctly with the post still screwed into reel body.
  9. Looks like a pacific sand lance.
  10. Daiwa salt pro does have a weight transfer system. I’ve caught legal halibut on them as well as flash minnows. SP minnow also dives a bit deeper than the flash minnow.
  11. I found a reference in an online magazine article that makes it sound as if they were pretty much the same pattern but was popularized by lefty and hence became known by his name for it. I will pm the link.
  12. To my eye, finishing as he did will prevent the original fg portion from cinching properly to truly lock in, placing all the holding power on the doubled Alberto style portion.
  13. Raccoon scat that was eating green Cotten candy and bird seed
  14. I use penn fathom 30’s loaded with around 350 - 400 yds of 65 lb braid. Sevengills don’t fight as much as blacktips etc on the east coast do. But I have landed California bat rays approaching 150 lbs making 100yd + runs without any issue on these combos as well with around 20 lbs of drag. There is always the chance you will hook something that exceeds what your equip can handle. I was totally unprepared for that big sevengill. I was fishing solo in pitch black night. Trying to safely land a 9ft shark while juggling a surf rod was an exercise. Think I sat in the chair for about 30 minutes afterwards recuperating and trying to decide if I wanted to cast another bait in the water.
  15. I can’t speak on the new battalion II, but I use the original battalion and penn prevail 4-10 to shark fish. Standard Payload is 6 oz lead with 1/2 mac. Total payload is usually between 10-12 oz. Never had an issue or felt that i was overloading the rod. Largest shark on this combo was a 9 foot sevengill shark approaching 300lbs.