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  1. As an FYI, for those that are interested. The trout pictured has a few different common names. It is a color morph of the rainbow trout species. Known in the east primarily as a palomino trout. Out here in california they have a similar strain they call a lightning trout. It’s basically a genetic abnormality of the rainbow trout that can be be specifically bred.
  2. They are made with the same class of plastic as z-man baits just not as soft. Very durable but not sure how resistant to bluefish teeth they are. I have a friend who is pro staff for aboa and has been doing well with them here on the SoCal coast.
  3. Off topic, but I love how yozuri claims new technology fibers on their marketing when izanas is just the new name for dyneema, which has been around forever.
  4. The cabelas salt strikers were made by Okuma.
  5. I haven’t flyfished or tied flies in many years, but I would like to point out that most flytying thread is nylon, most floss is nylon as well as chenille. Not biodegradable. Fly guys get off no better than lure fisherman if this were to get passed. What’s next outlaw bait and use of fur and feathers as inhumane to animals.
  6. Still sounds shimmed improperly to me. The number and placement of the shims on the main gear varies from each individual reel. They are used to properly align the main gear to mesh correctly with everything else in the reel. As far as shims go, the diagram is only going to give you an idea of where they go, not how many and what thickness were used. Unless you pay careful attention during the teardown, it’s very easy to place them wrong or lose one or more of them.
  7. I’m itching to fish for sure.
  8. Definitely damaged. Looks crushed in shipping, either to you or in transit to the vendor. Contact the vendor.
  9. I’m sure penn is aware of the issue as there has been numerous discussions on it. What the % is of bad to good, I don’t know but even Scooby has mentioned someone going thru 3-4 reels before getting a good one. On the flip side, there have been numerous comments from others who have not had any issues.
  10. Actually, there is more to it than what you are saying. There have been numerous instances where people have gone thru multiple reels before getting an acceptable one. In my case, It took 3 reels before I found one that was acceptable. The first one was very heart and I attempted adding shims, I could decrease the geariness but started binding the gear set before completely going away, the second one I didn’t bother trying to shim and the third one was good to go. I personally think it is a QC issue with the frame or gear. Upon opening mine, I noticed that there were no shims used on the right side of the main gear. If the bearing socket on that side is out of spec, than the main gear is not free to fully engage the pinion without adding too many shims and causing binding. If I was a little richer, I would have tried grinding the socket a hair deeper then shimming on both sides to see if I could get the alignment right.
  11. Yep, that guide is just slightly bent, not unusual in rod built in China, shipped to the US, and they reshaped to you. As for the glue, it’s just the rod epoxy from the wraps that dripped or smudged then set on the guide, in my experience, it’s prettty common on mass produced factory rods. It should not pose any problems and will most likely eventually fall off as usage and the elements affect it.
  12. Once again, they did a complete service and replaced the washers as part of the service. Perfectly reasonable price except the shipping was steep. Gawd forbid the auto industry charges $85 dollars or more to plug a reader in to read an error code and look it up on a web page. As for a call, the OP’s note said if the repair was more than $50, to not service. The repair was less than $50 including a full service. Im still not sure where all the outrage is coming from. If you took that reel in to a local shop and asked for a full service and drag washer replacement, the cost would have been about the same minus the shipping charges. + travel time and gas usage etc to get it there and pick it up. There is a certain cost to getting things done and it doesn’t end in just the dollar amount of the bill.
  13. With all due respect, the repair cost was less than $50. Shipping and tax due not fall under repair cost. Would you be complaining if you took it local and the charged you $50. Add in 2 trips to drop off and pickup. Cost of gas and your time driving to and fro would cost at least 1/2 of what you paid in shipping. You need to remember the tech probably spent an hour cleaning and relubing in addition to the parts replacement. At least you know penn service is quality work. I have watched some shops service reels for around the same price and all they did was wipe the old grease off with a paper towel and add new grease.
  14. Lol, if they refuse to take the return and you paid by credit card, leave it on the counter and reverse the charges. To me everything sounds like they were trying to make a buck with a product they knew was defective. If the real feels rough as in geary or bad bearings, no amount of usage is going to smooth it out over time.
  15. FYI, taken directly from the CA DFW licensing website regarding the 2nd rod stamp. A warden friend of mine confirmed that the ocean is definitely not an inland water. Lol. “Allows a person to fish with two rods or lines in inland waters, except for waters in which only artificial lures or barbless hooks may be used.”