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  1. Blues on Herring! Trying for Weakies
  2. Bite was red hot again this morn, after being off last couple days. Had several shorts with bite marks on their backs! Lost what looked like a keeper, finally some bigger fish moving in. Heard of Weakies but not for me yet! The right birds are present..
  3. No different they both don’t count!
  4. How bout both of them for yours?
  5. I have a tsunami slow pitch spiral wrapped conventional mint! Or lami inshore classic 7’ 1/2once to 21/2 once
  6. Grunden Sund 763 100 percent dry tough, stretches, no pockets tho.. save your $ and get the llbean, thing is sweet
  7. Power out in Brigantine!
  8. Still crushin em back bay red hot every cast kinda morn! Gorgeous out! Just me and the bunnies..
  9. Keep watching TV and get Inline for your vaccine. What decade are you in? Where do you get Tin Foil? Do some reading and Search Dr Sherri Tenpenny for your families sake!
  10. Fauci is a shill for big pharma. Read the PREP ACT! 36 different corona viruses that most ppl have had one or more of! Showing markers of any of them you are considered testing positive! Markers are Antibodies which are signs you healed from it!! fake science! Not to mention fudging numbers! Watch Fauci start sweating when Trump mentions the deep state! Ppl are seeing through the BS! Do yourself a favor and search Dr Sherri Tenpenny. Better yet search agenda 2030! This is a global economic take down the end game is vaccination for all and changes your DNA! Transhumanism! Gates is a professed trans humanist who’s father was a major eugenicist! Search human embryo tissue in vaccines, Mercury! 10 times more prone to the flu the following year after taking the vaccine! Watch the video that shows mercury killing brain cells..Shut down the world economy for a 20 $ cure..
  11. Awesome info, you are a good guy! Love the flatbrook.. is that an app pictured?
  12. WMAs are open, had a 3 Specie day! WP, Short Stripers, and Trout on dry flies! Loving my PTO and nice weather!! Didn’t see another soul..
  13. Go Paddling App. Is your friend..
  14. I counted 13 Eagles the other day working a school of bunker in the Nacote Creek! Most I’ve ever seen together. Fun to watch them fight over fish, they lock talons and fall in circles screaming at each other until too close to the water they let go of each other..
  15. On a positive note, the amount of schoolies in the back bays is unbelievable! The other morning the pressures was dropping and they were on top crashing bait as far as I could see in every direction! Acres of them from rats to about 20”! They would hit the bare jig. The water was frothing with them, not another soul in sight! Spoke with a police officer he said he was jealous and keep up the good work! Sunlight and fresh air is healthy.. PS between 29000 and 59000 ppl have died from regular flu already this year in the US! 4000 ppl from the bio weapon...