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  1. Great insight, I will apply that perspective you have gained through experience! In my scouting, and studying the flow, I kind of thought that's where they'd be! Your ability to articulate it is exciting to me! I could listen for hours. Thanks for the informative posts.
  2. Ha, no my local River is full of them now and I was going to apply it to the Big D for timing! Thanks again I learn much from you!!
  3. Jay, when do Gizzard Shad show in relation to the others? Thanks for the great reply to yosco, very helpful.
  4. St Criox wild river steelhead 8’6” fun rod..
  5. Cold windy morning no stripes but river Pickerel are gettin Fatter, fun on the Crappie stick..
  6. Thanks Eric, no problem, i know what you mean, will do..
  7. Thanks everyone who replied. I think I’m ready, PFD check, felt check wading staff yup, new 9’ st croix pan fish, 24 new flutter spoons. Can’t wait to catch em up!! Just being up there is enough of a pleasure. Fish will be a bonus..
  8. Thank you for taking the time to answer my Question much appreciated! Good luck this season and stay safe..
  9. Catch and release Shad, Im trying to understand these flow rate numbers posted! Ive been scouting and the water looks dangerously fast for wading! So while im checking numbers at home I don't know what would be worth the 2 1/2 drive from the coast? I know Shad guys are up on these things. When kayaking I like fast water too makes nice back eddies not good for Shad from what I read but Im really just a salt guy looking for some bucket list fish. Ive caught plenty in salt on teasers pluggin, as by catch on big rods, fishing for keeper size stripers! I fish alone not by choice up there! Don't wanna waist time or take undo risks is all. Im getting conflicting numbers when searching?
  10. What flow rate should I be looking for Wade fishing Shad? Anyone?
  11. Lakes and ponds, sit in is not a bad option in my experience. Sit ins are a nice option in cold weather, you need a skirt to keep water out of cockpit and undoing the skirt to get to stuff inside is a pain. That being said, your snug as bug, and if you can rig most but not all things out on deck or on your person, a pair of pogies and you can extend your season! In warm weather no skirt and some sponges work fine. Sooner or later you will feel the call of the salt come spring, or just bigger water in general, and wish you had a self draining deck and the ability to take waves and wakes over the bow, not to mention standing! BTW FEEL FREE like you suggested, make nice yaks..
  12. Yes it does, but I’m River or salt fishing by then..
  13. The upper GEH River from the Girl Scout camp to the lake is beautiful for kayak fishing!
  14. It’s a great Yellow Perch spot! Place is full of them. Crappie fishing is also very good. Excellent Pickerel fishing with monster Herring eaters, thanks to the fish ladder. Bass fishing is good till it gets choked with weeds in summer! If you like YP it can’t be beat in SJ! I think I saw a False run of Alwive last week there. The Mergansers were going crazy chasing a BIG school of something moving very fast up stream.. Ps stick to mornings it becomes full of rowing teams in the afternoon come spring..