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  1. Thigh straps and a real paddle..
  2. I think it’s wet sand..I hadn’t even touched it yet..
  3. Out front high tide,finally a keeper at 19” from the surf, released! Saw Spanish couldn’t connect..
  4. ODM DNA 249.00 done!
  5. Don’t have paypal interested in 2500! Fish central jersey often! Could meet Monday Tuesday?? Or whenever..
  6. The Daddy Macs will make ya jump jump!
  7. Kinda how it feels..
  8. Rod in hand not spike?
  9. I was getting them the other day on local jetty. I basically drop shot em! Small hook in front of small jig with fish bites! When reeling back to jetty stop close to rocks, let jig stay on bottom and just jig teaser!! Btw caught over 20 short fluke all on the teaser! Great fun and eating ! If you really want to target them chum with clam!! Another is hi lo rig with no weight, just barely sinks good when they are up top spitting water and you can see em! They bite kingie hooks in half!!
  10. I think that’s Atlantic mackerel according to 2019 regs posted for Spanish on Scott’s BT website.. I’d like to know definitively..
  11. Hopkins would not get hit by Spanish or Bonito the other day! they want small THIN profile! 1st day I found em I was flounder fishing the only metal I had was Hopkins gold silver w/tail w/o tail! Not a touch all day!! Girls that couldn’t cast were gettin em! It was Killing me! Came back next day with my arsenal of epoxies and teasers which was home in boat bag.. 1st 4 casts, hook up and bitten off! Then I started putting the heat on em right away it was game on.. lot of lost lures.. ps they are gettin em down south around jetty tips also. try blind casting around seams.. my 02
  12. Spanish is 10 fish at 14” Bonito are not managed
  13. Caught on everything today hogy thundermist Mac daddy Deadly dick think anchovy..
  14. What a morning all the Spanish you wanted finally! Bones and blues mixed in left em biting..
  15. Out and about blind casting..hello July..