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  1. congrats to both!
  2. I lived there about 30 years.. favorites are.. Sodinis in North Beach Bilompie #3in the outer mission for pupusas Gaspare's on Geary around 20th ave .. long time family place. I first ate there in 1973 when it was Vinces. Pizza number 21 with anchoivies is still fantastic.
  3. Pizzeria Bianco gets high reviews...
  4. This rod sounds promising, how did it turn out?
  5. maybe this? https://www.xtackle.com/gamakatsu-octopus-inline-Circle.aspx
  6. Awesome for sure. I'd like to send him a thank you note and $20 for the ammo.
  7. Yes!!! the best!
  8. 28/38 snowing at 5 am good morning
  9. I lived aboard for 8 years. First a 30' then a 39. Good times..
  10. There are some great deals on the auction site on Kokatat or Mustang military drysuits. Some are new and go very cheap. Under $300 is common. These are tough suits. I got a Mustang with kevlar wear points for $225. It is far and away better than the Stohlquist suit I had that fell apart after a couple years.
  11. I've had an Astral for years. It's comfortable and held up well.
  12. Congrats to Andrew and a great career choice..
  13. Camping near Sitka, AK a few years ago I talked with a ranger about bear defense. Asked him the minimum acceptable cartridge to kill a bear reliably. His answer was 12 gauge slug or 458 win mag. He was nice enough not to laugh when I asked about 357 mag.
  14. Ham, bean and vegetables. Fish chowder.