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  1. Hoh Rainforest
  2. Cobra Expedition has been my main kayak for 8 or so years.
  3. 26 years after smoking for 25. Got a nasty case of flu-gambu stuff. Hadn't had a smoke for three days. Dr at the the time was young and hot. When she heard about the 3 days she said I was past the physical addiction and if I didn't quit I was a wimp....
  4. 36 years this month.. feels good
  5. Bridges at Toko Ri
  6. I read recently that the SF DA'S office is starting a fund to pay for smashed car windows.
  7. A good friend had a cc cut out of her Prius in front of her house in Oakland a couple weeks ago. Car starts but won't run now. Caught them in the act and has pics. No use..
  8. I ask people with no mask if they wear their seat belt when they drive to the store.
  9. Good luck Jim
  10. Gigantes in the oven last night.
  11. Sold to sonny two
  12. In Arizona so shipping by mail.
  13. No word from sonny two. Still available today.
  14. Offer accepted from sonny two