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  1. Don't worry about. I've been using BG's for 20 years and both my 20 & 30 do the same thing. The line roller never grooved so I stopped worrying about it.
  2. What diameter line you are using will determine sinker weight
  3. Depends on the reel and type of reel (spinning or convention) some reels are easy to do self maintenance on other are a PITA. Generally speaking I pull the gears and bearings out, clean the old grease out with kerosene and a small paint brush (plumbers acid flux brush) Re-lube the gears and bearings and re-assemble.
  4. Thank-you olvart, I will check it out.
  5. Don't know if it's made any longer but I have Simms that has served me well.
  6. IMO the Slammer seems more heavy duty and might take more abuse. With that said my brother has a Clash 5000 on a 9' rod and he's been happy with the reel.
  7. Nicely put.
  8. In my case it's because I have the SSV. In the case of owning a SSV 5500, like I do, I prefer the brass over the aluminum gears. The clash 5000 comes with aluminum gears. If it's in your budget go for the Slammer
  9. No a darter is not a top water lure. It makes a wide zig-zag motion about 2' under the surface. It's sometimes difficult to feel the plug working with your rod. As stated above, use it in current or sweep and also you tube john skinners video on fishing the darter. Productive plug under the right conditions.
  10. I used the Performance years ago with less than stellar results. I switched back to Fireline.
  11. X3 on the Sluggos, rig them McKenna style
  12. Looking for a rod to wade fish the inter coastal in St. Augustine. I'm looking @ the MIS76MF (7'6" med action) Gonna use a 2500 size reel w/ #10 braid. Anyone using a Mojo Inshore, if so what model ? Opinions welcome!
  13. A Lami GSB120 1L isn't a rod you're going to through 4OZ with
  14. There's a kayak store not far from me on the Caney Fork River. About 6 weeks ago he did a demo on Center Hill Lake. He had a bunch of different models by Hobie, Old Towne & Jackson. I personal didn't demo any but I talked to a mess of people that did. Most liked the peddle system in the Old Towne Predator best but liked the stability of the Hobie Angler.