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  1. BigRock is sold id split darter for $38 shipped PP if you cover fees or add another plug and ill combine shipping
  2. PM coming
  3. ill do $30 shipped if you cover fees no worries if not
  4. $35 shipped for Big Rock alone combine with RM Smith giant, blue head for $50 shipped
  5. sure, sending PM
  6. pink Tattoo + A40 sold pending payment
  7. sure, PM coming
  8. $30 shipped PP to split add the RM for $20 so total of $50 shipped for GooGoo + RM
  9. $35 shipped PP to split or add the RM bluehead for $20 to make it $55 shipped for both
  10. great, thanks G PM coming
  11. All are new with some storage marks prices are shipped PP take $5 off each addtnl plug or lot purchased new run 3oz darters - pink/squid + fire river minnow $80 shipped A40 yellow/silver + Sr Danny fire river $70 shipped Conrad, slopehead, rainbow $40 shipped Jr Danny + Atom Jr, pollock $65 shipped Mini-Wadds - ice + weakfish $70 shipped
  12. both new, some storage marks $65 shipped PP scaled herring AH chicken scratch Mac
  13. all are new, some minor storage marks $115 shipped PP if asking for splits please make a $$ offer squid Tattoo slopehead body - think it was wired by 3rd party black over flo green, A40 scaled, Big Fisher perhaps? GooGoo slope head / troller, yellow scale Big Rock, white blue head, RM Smith giant
  14. great deal, theyre all new, no hook holes?
  15. ill take the skin plugs