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  1. good point, you're right, but i asked for a $$ offer too. travelling and wont be able to ship so gonna close this down ill probably relist next week and change the lots up thanks for the interest guys
  2. like to keep as a lot
  3. no thanks, dont wanna sell single plug and not for $10, even though at lot price that's probably about what it works out to
  4. bump
  5. sounds good all around thanks
  6. dont wanna interfere with the ongoing deal, definitely give polak 1st dibs, but i have these for trade if any interest - i have some used + new redfins but cant do pics till tom. pm
  7. great deal, good fish catchers, cant believe these are still here
  8. still $45 shipped PP for 2 x RMs + Winch $78 shipped PP for 3 x BMs $115 shipped PP for all 6
  9. will do, but priced about as low as im gonna go heres better pics of condition
  10. no can do but thanks for offer
  11. ill put up some better pics today to show conditions but willing to split into 2 lots: RM giant + blurple and Winch (top 3 plugs) - $45 shipped PP 3 BMs - Jr, 6" Danny, Cowboy Jr $78 shipped PP
  12. not sure exactly what alls in Lot 4 besides the TAs and Cow strips can you do $25 shipped, i cover PP fees?
  13. payments rcvd, thank you will ship NLT Tues gonna keep the pollock for now closed
  14. great $71 total PM coming