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  1. great, looking to jig with it, 3-5oz mostly. im improving my round reel skills, Abu 7000s most of my current setups topping out round 3oz, good for plugs, little light to jig. slower action more forgiving as i get better with the conventional sounds like it might be just what im looking for. ill take it pending inspection Thurs or after next week sound good for meet up? thanks
  2. gotcha, thanks for info
  3. if itll throw 5oz handily and its in good shape, all guides + reel seat are solid ill likely take it but i cant meet until Wed or after next week im on cape too if you have another easy sale before then definitely dont wait on me but pending inspection and feel i think i will take it
  4. is wt marked on it gliders and sliders different?
  5. what's the weight range / rating on 1261mh? interested
  6. if the hook eye is still exposed after rigging it straight ill use a clip if the plastic body sucks up over the hook eye on a sluggo or something when i have it rigged straight then ill tie direct, with a loop knot on lighter plastics with the weighted worm hooks, like Owner Beasts, the screw that holds the nose of the plastic bait takes up room in the hooks eye and find the clip hangs up so ill tie direct also albie snax, zoom flukes etc for funny fish, always tied direct
  7. offer $40 shipped, immediate PP, i cover fees thanks for considering
  8. im on Cape but dont fish the flats too much bunch of threads on Brewster Flats safety worth a read, those are big tides and come in fast on the CC Bay side check out the Massachusetts forum
  9. i thought we were trying to get people to go elsewhere i was trying to help redirect the attention everybody just go to the canal!!!
  10. i heard the same thing not worth it was down there scouting few weeks back and cop making rounds - had a nice chat but cautioned that parking enforcement would be increasing especially out of state plates plenty of other better places to fish
  11. yea thats perfect ill take em
  12. yes, sorry they looked like squid lures, i guess more like zoom flukes is how you described em can you do $100 shipped for the whole lot including the hogys if i cover the PP fees since fishbucket passed or if youd split the lot in half id be more game not being familiar with how they fish and figure out hooks to match etc i dont wanna drop too much $ on an experiment
  13. yea im interested in the other stuff but dont need that many squids - 10pks? id grab half the squids and everything else besides the hogys - sorry to be a pain, its just more than i need, and more than i wanna spend
  14. i gotta back out, sorry cant believe this is still here, seems like a great deal to me at your asking price good luck with the sale
  15. sorry, been in/out range consider any trades? and if you have time maybe a couple closer in pics of the Bust Ems and paddle tails length? im interested, i know you wanna keep as a lot, but i have a lot of the hogys already