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  1. 2nds on the belt pouch
  2. are all the Shimanos spinning? p/u around upper cape?
  3. all sounds good, interested in the electronics too im in Warwick area no hurry, some pics when you get a chance thanks
  4. Fri night upper bay around sunset for drop - nada soco this am, small bass + few blues until tide bottomed out
  5. ok nice thanks thinking about it
  6. still for sale, pics ?
  7. any pics to post? interested, have to be shipped probably
  8. thanks for the info just curious, im looking at the wts Lexa threads too what reel did you have on this and what application?
  9. what are the specs?
  10. classic ! thank you
  11. ill take it for $200 shipped to 02888
  12. i did, sorry $$ sent
  13. giant or slim surface or diver?
  14. yup ill take them thanks ill send $$ tomorrow appreciate it
  15. thanks for the extra info wetsuits ive bought had a size (Sml,med,lg,etc) and then short, regular, or tall variations - thats what i was asking interested but probably shouldn't at the moment if youre on cape cod, whereabouts?