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  1. no worries im gonna hold off on splitting them up good luck with the search
  2. on the off chance these are still available, ill take the lot for asking if not, do you have any more 228 fast sinks ? thanks
  3. Eldridge Navionics Deepzoom website
  4. thanks for considering great rods very tempting at the price but i gotta hold off for now
  5. looking for any trades? rods, conventionals, plugs?
  6. gotta hold off for now, spending too much $ at 1.5oz with the big profile and 8/0 hooks they seem like cow catchers glws
  7. thanks for the info gotta hold off for now, seems like a deal though glws
  8. thank you
  9. ill take them
  10. do you know if this will fit a vs250 also? any corrosion inside? and what other hardware does it need to mount? the nut / female end from the reel handle itself? sorry for all the questions, haven't swapped one out before
  11. totally understand let me see how much $$ i drop this wknd and if you still got em next week, i may be interested in grabbing a couple dozen
  12. great would you do $25 for a dozen shipped, ill cover PP fees ? to 02542 8 white with some red in em, 4 yellows
  13. what kind of hooks? does the thread have any cement / epoxy on it? thanks
  14. great, thank you cant pull the trigger right now but nice reel glws
  15. what are the specs? maybe side of the box pic thanks