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  1. I'm in Warwick - work in Newport Can you give rough dimensions - LxWxH And are the crossbar clamps adjustable fire and aft or fixed spot on box? Interested in checking it out, maybe taking it off your hands for asking price
  2. I'll pass on the leader wallet, very nice, and dig the Ebbpoint but already got one GU pouch looks well used but that's fine, any tears or holes? Belt loops intact? Trade for a couple Superstrikes or what are you thinking / asking ? Thanks for posting
  3. Still looking Belt eel pouch
  4. That was my experience last week and the current process. I'd say some beauracracy is to be expected and worth it for the access and joy being on the beach in SoCo brings. Better system than many locales and at least it's 1 permit vs the many needed for L.I. or Cape. I had problems getting off work during their business hours too - and had to cancel a couple inspection / sticker appts cause of storm preps Henri / Ida - but the office was accommodating and phone calls / messaging system was replied to.
  5. Lockeddrag glad you're ok Sucks to learn the hard way but worthwhile reminder for all of us It's hard to predict every ****** scenario, and taking some calculated risks is part of life. But there needs to be an exit strategy, a plan B - hopefully it takes 5 things going wrong to kill you - not just the 1st thing. Simple but effective preps / gear go a long way - - Buddy system - Spikes - Whistle - Inflatable or a kayak pfd - becomes barely noticeable and is a $50-90 lifesaver - Rope I think the most sinister thing is when tide shifts and starts flooding or those big sets roll in 15-30min apart, or whatever, and what seemed manageable, relatively safe even if you watched it for awhile, now gets hammered in successive walls of water
  6. Yes I don't have details on what the Newport man was doing - fishing or photos prior to But the good Sam that helped recover him was hired / professional Capt. - who also embarked Middletown Fire Dept rescue swimmers that were training in the area and worked to resuscitate during transport to shoreside ambulance Even with Fire Dept training nearby and quick response - wasn't enough News story on Ch10 WJAR
  7. Sounds good I'll be around Thanks
  8. Still looking Eel pouch
  9. Thank you I'm looking for bigger But beautiful plug I've got a couple eurojett pikies 7-8" that swim like a dream Glws
  10. What's the size? Length and approx weight - thanks
  11. Thanks for posting I've got a used BT pouch but I use it If you reconsider or would take plugs in trade let me know
  12. Looking to buy or trade plugs for GU belt pouch Specifically the eel / plastics pouch without bucktail loops inside Prefer black for color Used condition is great / preferred - to save on retail Probably need shipping to RI - 02888 Unless local PP ready, or can send USPS MO Or trade wood plugs or Superstrikes Thanks!
  13. I use the Delormes too And spiral bound or folding nautical chartlets from West Marine Get pricey - but on sale or with coupon - end getting a lot of mileage out of them over the years Gellflexs idea is great and I've done the same w/ USGS topo maps for hiking Ink + paper aren't cheap either if you're covering multiple areas Pick your poison I like my phone apps, and sat photos - but to get a quick, detailed read on multiple or large areas, still like map/charts
  14. Yup thats what they are Managed to add a few metal lips since then too Besides a couple good fish, haven't had skin plugs consistently produce for me comparable to riggies or jigs or live eels yet But eventually I think / hope they will pay off Labor of love