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  1. Follow up question Sorry if I didn't see it covered above Would sale of the book, new from author, be permitted in the Commercial BST Forum ? Most of it's plug or jigs / tins / teasers from builders but a new topic thread for book seems like it would work, if permitted Thanks for the great site!
  2. Total understand, thanks for the reply
  3. Trade for some plugs? Super Strikes or or plastics, wood builders also
  4. Sure you'll find something cool to get into out there anyway Thanks for the comeback GLWS
  5. If you're back stateside, welcome home How big and how many spinning reels will box hold? Thanks
  6. I gotta pass, expensive weekend But good deal and thanks for the consideration
  7. Gotcha, thanks for the come back Might be interested in package deal with the boots but should probably hold off and save $$ for ski gear GLWS
  8. Is pick up in PA? Ever come to greater RI area? And would ya consider any trades? Wood or SS plugs for the most part, maybe sailcloth belt bags, but have a bunch of stuff
  9. I think the wine BTs are from Dan Tinman on here I got a bunch too, they are very nicely tied + good hooks! GLWS
  10. Yup Plugs would be great, but I didn't think they're included for the price I'm off to work but I'll make payment before the day is out Thanks!
  11. I'll take the GRS add a tube shipped please
  12. I'll take it thanks May take me a bit to get on PP but within 24hrs certainly
  13. Saw this posted in the general bst too Taking the neosport and liquid peace please
  14. I'll take the neosport + liquid piece please
  15. Great read imo