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  1. i love my tiderunner but honestly dont think its right for supporting the weight of gear youre talking about havent tried nearly all the belts out there, but i can vouch for the gear up belts and if you want cheaper the galls or blackhawk law enforcement duty belts on sale work great - difference comes down to buckle options and ease of adjustability
  2. RM is new Winch used $33 shipped PP
  3. dannys new CB Jr lightly used $50 shipped PP
  4. yozuri looks like maybe thrown, color change, silver to dark blue top Mokes is new, believe an SOL builder, nice build $25 shipped PP
  5. all are new $78 shipped PP
  6. ill get some tomorrow mac is used bluefish is a deep, repainted by GRS do the trollers run different depths, or they all set up the same? thanks
  7. all are used except the bluefish + chartreuse
  8. only looking for deep runners not sure how the torpedos run? will be fished prompt payment will respond to offers promptly thanks
  9. how deep does this troller run?
  10. bump
  11. got cut off there thanks for the constructive feedback and will try to make good on your advice still wanna be just a little angry too though
  12. appreciate the conversation here, you all make good points was just venting some frustration, tongue in cheek i get the quote function but feel it clutters up the thread too esp. with longer posts, but point taken
  13. belt only bag
  14. not gonna work for me thanks for the reply
  15. offer withdrawn