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  1. Both Galco and Triple K make a similar sportsman's belt holster that ride low, but aren't cowboy style holsters. Each has a strap to secure the gun, and can be worn strong-side or as cross-drawn. I ordered a Triple K to carry a Ruger Blackhawk in the woods -- that's not a gun your gonna even want to try to conceal.
  2. Anyone else read that Jeff Quinn of Gunblast fame died. I really enjoyed his Youtube videos, as well as Hickock45/
  3. I ordered a Rossi 92 in 45 Colt the week before Covid shut everything down. I chose the 16 1/2 inch barrel carbine in the blued finish. It has proven to be a good purchase. Standard velocity 250 grain FMJ rounds or lower velocity cowboy action ammo can be fired all day long. Plus P ammo can be had that promises 1450 fps from a 7.5 inch barrel and 1191 ft/pounds from a 7.5 inch barrel -- that rivals 44 mag specs. In addition, the 1450 fps translates to 1775 fps out of a 17 inch barrel, which is pretty potent stuff.
  4. New York and New Jersey were slammed first, before doctors and hospitals figured out how to handle cases - and that, coupled with sheer population density, is why there initial numbers were so high. Those infected in the 48 other states benefitted from the knowlege gained at the expense of the first infected in those early days. Numbers now are jumping because of the sheer stupidity of the general population - dumbasses crowding onto the beaches and into bars like nothing has changed. I'm not hiding under my bed, but it's just idiotic to pretend this isn't happening or that it's manly not to wear a mask in the grocery store.
  5. I support gun rights. That being said...it is a tad scary to see the not-so-everyday visitors to gun shops, who are buying guns during this pandemic. I was in my local gun shop in May, and a panicky guy was asking for 9mm mags, as if they were one size fits all. I was in there last week, and a guy was trying to return a handgun and get his money back. "I don't think I need one now", he was saying. You gotta admit some folks shouldn't have a gun.
  6. When my youngest son (in his 20's) was feeling bummed by the Covid-19 restrictions, I told him his grandfather was faced with only two options when he graduated from high school -- the army or the navy. Pop wound up in the navy and on an LST during the Normandy Invasion. God Bless 'Em All! Legitimate protesters might identify with Antifa, but the looters, I'm betting, are just opportunists taking advantage of the chaos. What percentage is what...
  7. I don't know where you found that, but I like it.
  8. If they served, my hats off to them for service to their country. But, that was then, and over there. This is now and over here. They're civilians now and should conduct themselves as such.
  9. https://www.texasranger.org/texas-ranger-museum/museum-collections/firearms/
  10. I agree that the Virginia state government is outta control. I also agree that the paramilitary wannabes are tools who are sabotaging our cause. Take a look at those chest thumping nitwits protesting the other week to open up Minnesota -- standing in the capitol building, chest to chest and screaming in the face of security officers. That wasn't brave. They were counting on news coverage and the restraint of the cops to protect them. You betcha they wouldn't have been that brave in front of 1940s Nazis. Protest but be dignified if you want to be able to pass down the old ways to your children and grandchildren. And yes Fishweewee, politics and the ballot box are what's gonna save your guns, not this kind of crap.
  11. Grown men that walk around routinely with their AR, body armor, tactical dress and gear -- if they're not in the military, then they're just pretenders living in some kind of fantasy world. When my oldest grandson turns 13, the first thing I intend to do is to take him out to a gun range -- hammering him first with some instruction and safety. On the other hand, I am not gonna strut around like some bad-ass loud mouth. Talk all the s...t you want, but, if the government really wanted your guns, they could take them and leave nothing behind but unrecognizable smouldering ruins.
  12. I've been watching World on Fire and highly recommend it. When you're feeling bad this current crisis, this will give you some perspective.