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  1. There are some huge GT (100-lb plus) caught on plugs (the IGFA record was caught on a plug.) Granted, small fish are just more abundant than large ones, so that's what's caught more often. Smaller fish are also faster than larger ones, so they tend to get to the plugs more easily than the big fish. This reel looks like it was made for GT plugging (from a boat)!
  2. Turn the breaker completely off and reset it. There's a chance that's the problem (I've seen this more than once).
  3. Bought my truck used. I have over 90K miles on it and it's over 7 years old, so I thing it doesn't qualify. I'll try calling the dealer tomorrow, but I'm thinking I'm on the hook for this.
  4. Anybody had this done? My 2004 Silverado is on the blink and I'm looking to get a good repair job done. I've seen a ton online and on Ebay, but the price variations and rhetoric makes me wonder how I'm supposed to differentiate a good shop from a not-so-good one. Even the Chevy/GM truck forums vary widely on recommendations (understandably). Any suggestions (yea or nea) on any shops?
  5. It's an algaecide, so you basically don't want to get it on your plants. Once it's dry, it doesn't run off and kill your grass - at least not at my house. My yard is immediately downslope from my driveway. I know if you overspray and it gets on your plants, they will turn brown (but not die). It's not as deadly as Roundup or similar herbicides. If you are worried about run-off and possible environmental damage, it's probably best not to use this product. A pressure washer will do the job without any chemicals.
  6. Works great. We use it on our concrete driveway - lasts about 6 months here in Hawaii (lots of rain). No need to take out the pressure washer. Be cafeful no to spray/overspray your plants.
  7. Yep, twas the switch assembly. Now I'm a Benjamin and a few lighter...
  8. False hope...I guess if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  9. Nah, it's the switch. It would work occasionally after I cleaned it. The assembly consists of 4 micro-switches, each one controlling one function of the seat position. If I jiggled the switch in question, it would work, then stop working, then work again, then stop again... I'm 99% sure the switch is the problem. Researched this problem online and looks like this is a common problem with GM trucks/SUVs. I got the same problem with a switch in my steering wheel that controls my radio volume and stations. After living with it for two years, I decided to order a replacement switch at the same time as the seat position switch. At least this one cost only $20. Nice to have all these bells and whistles on your vehicle when it's brand new. Not so nice when they all start breaking after a few years...
  10. Removed, took apart, cleaned and reinstalled the switch assembly several times. Shot it out with air and contact cleaner - ended up using almost a whole can on contact cleaner. Still no go. Ordered a remanufactured switch assembly online - $110! Oreilly's and Checker wanted $170!
  11. Got a problem with the switches on my power seat (driver side only). The switch to move the seat forward and back does not work all the time. This morning the seat was moved back all the way (seat position memory must have reset) and I could only get it to go forward part way before the seat stopped. Kept trying to adjust the seat but no go. I could barely drive the truck (I'm short). Moves up and down fine. The seat back moves fine also. Later in the day, I was able to move the seat forward by pushing the seat adjustment rearward (opposite of what it supposed to do). Other than changing out the switches (I'm guessing this is what I'm gonna have to do), anyone have an idea how I can fix this? Anyone run into this problem? Gonna try spraying some contact cleaner on the switches when I get home. Thanks!
  12. Just use reflective tape over your blank or flexcoat. You can "color code" your rods so that you will know at a glance which one is yours (in a forest of rods, it helps). You can always change the tape if you want a different color scheme. As the tape gets old (10 years or so), the tape will get brittle and be difficult to remove in one piece, but will still retain the reflective qualities.
  13. We grow our lettuce it large, polymer/plastic pots (about 24" in diameter at the top). We do it so the slugs don't get to them. Drill out the bottom for drainage, 4" of gravel/rocks on the bottom and weedblock fabric so the drain holes don't clog, then soil/compost/sand mix on top. The soil here is very clayey, so we have to add sand and compost or your veggies will not grow well. We also put the pots on concrete blocks to further keep the slugs away from the veggies.
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