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  1. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll be investigating those areas. Best... VTD48
  2. The past 2 years we've enjoyed the month of April in Ft. Myers and I've fly fished the SWF beaches, including Sanibel. Not this time around – within the reach of the Red Tide... It's sad, but we're cutting our losses and trying to find an alternative for this April - most likely the East Coast of FL or possibly the panhandle, though I'm thinking the panhandle won't be quite as warm in April as we'd like. Wherever we rent, we'd like to [ideally] include these items: decent shore fishing, bicycling, beach time, and pickleball. Some areas we've started looking at are: Flagler Beach, Indian River, Apalachicola, Pensacola. So far we've discounted the Keys. Lack of people would be a bonus, thus we should avoid the serious spring break locations. I know that's a tall order, but I'm hoping to tap your experiences for general recommendations that may satisfy 1 or 2 of these goals - especially the shore fly fishing. I'm not particularly fussy about species, though I'm not interested in sharks. Looking for areas of the state to focus on in my search. All observations are appreciated – including ones that test my expectations. Fire away! ...and THANKS! Best... VTD48
  3. Holy crap. Beautiful! Congrats! VTD48
  4. Wow! What a day! Great report. Dick, you da man! Here's my version of the same sunset from another beach... VTD48
  5. Another great read, Dick! Thanks for these. And your commentary provides some optimism for some of us playing the same game - in MY case with considerably less skill and success. Thursday, I was encouraged to see a few snook swim past on a Ft Myers area beach I hadn't fished this year. (A couple of refusals of the schminnow.). Apparently this beach had earlier seen plenty of dead fish due to the red tide - so I'm told. Looking forward to your next report... VTD48
  6. Check out the Redington Classic Trout rod in the BST Forum. I love it. Best... VTD48
  7. BFD - YOU da man! Love these reports. I'll string up my rods tomorrow and begin the scouting phase. Congrats on some nice early season encounters. VTD48
  8. Wow - very generous offer! I'll be in Ft. Myers for all of April. PM sent. Best... VTD48
  9. Please CANCEL this sale. Item no longer available. Thanx. VTD48
  10. FS: Korkers Cast Trax overshoe cleats - used. Worn 2 seasons with size 11 LLBean wading boots. Still in great shape. Extra studs included. About $100 new. I'll take $60 shipped to lower 48. Posting here a few days before trying the big auction site. Thanks for looking. VTD48
  11. We're renting a place near the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River for the month of April. Hope to fly fish from shore there, near Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel & Captiva. What's it looking like these days? Last April the locals thought the Caloosahatchee was pretty clear. Wondering [and worried] about current conditions... Thanks! VTD48
  12. BFD:Terrific (for us) to have you back filing informative posts from the 'West Coast.'We're in Ft. Myers for one more week (first time) and now that I've fished some of these spots, your reports are even more pertinent -- AND your success more impressive! Hope to see you soon in action on the beach. Looking forward to future posts.Thanks much...VTD48
  13. Small world, er....state. This Vermonter will be fishing Ft. Myers area most of April. 1st time ever. Boy, do I have a lot to learn! :::::Franticlly reading all of BFDick's posts::::: Lookin' forward. Best... VTD [Montpelier-ish]
  14. I'll keep this simple. I'm a retired teacher. I'm a relative newbie fly fishing the salt, but understand the requirements of success there [patience, open mind, accurate casting, strip strike, etc. etc.] My son [mid 30's] and I are looking for a FLY FISHING guide for a day mid-April in search of bonefish, tarpon, or whatever. I'd like your specific recommendations of an experienced guide (& skiff) for the middle keys. We're staying in Islamorada. We'll need to book real soon. I've seen all the web sites, but it's very hard to judge the differences between guides from this distance. I understand this can be a delicate topic, so feel free to PM me positive or negative experiences. They'll remain confidential. To follow-up, I'll report on who we used and offer a trip report with pics upon return. Looking forward to your insights. Thanks much. VTD48
  15. ####### AirFlo 11 wt line is SOLD! ###### 2/10/17 VTD