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  1. Yes ............ deep down... (no pun intended) I know it's a 2 rod application. .... I settled on the 735 and I really like the action. I figure he can use it to troll Bass in the river as they are rare over 34" in the back. Also will cover wreck fishing out front, bunker chunking and live bait fishing at bridges. Draggin them friggin Mojo's is an application of its own, but man do they work. That's why I am ordering a 736 also for me ! 8-) ...........Thanks for the input
  2. Might just do that. I'm near Atlantic City
  3. OK ….. here’s the deal. Capt. Dan wants to build his grown son (30) a rod for Christmas. So I'm shopping for a quality blank. I’ve been fishing saltwater for 50 years and have built 6 rods in the past. . . No pro but just enough knowledge to be dangerous. I realize that my goal would be best served as a TWO rod application but entertain me a bit here. My objective is a rod (blank) that will be sensitive enough to wreck fish 4-8 oz for Sea Bass, Tautog etc. but have the balls to drag Mojo’s around for 20 – 40 lb. bass on the troll. I know …… I know. Any thoughts on blank options or otherwise are appreciated. Thanks .............. Capt. Dan