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  1. casting or spinning?
  2. congrats to Tony!! PM coming. thanks Ben!
  3. thanks Scoob! I'll take the bubble gum out and I'll give Penn a call and take it from there. I was kind of hoping to get Tony from penn's attention by this time but i'll call their hotline instead thanks again everyone!
  4. Here’s a video of the play. I sanded down a nylon washer to be pretty thin and diameter and to be small enough to only contact the gear bearing outer race. I put it between the left side plate and gear bearing, it got rid of all the play. If a Penn employee sees this: Should i I still send the reel in before I fish it with my ‘repair’? Thanks all! D094F8D4-755A-46E0-BBDA-2B8E99F904F7.MOV
  5. Thanks! I looked at a blowout diagram while I took both side plates off, I don’t see anything missing, but it looks like a shim/washer between the gear bearing and the side plate would alleviate the play. Now to find the right size....
  6. the arm seems ok, it threads into the gear assembly tightly. So now that I think about it, I guess the play I'm feeling is the whole gear assembly moving???
  7. thanks, I'll call Penn and see what they say. it was supposedly serviced and not fished again before I bought it.
  8. any recommendation for a fix? think it needs shims somewhere perhaps?
  9. I scored a gen 1 torque 5 from the big auction site a few days ago. I received it yesterday; it looks mint! However there seems to be a lot of play in the handle; not the handle knob, but the crank handle where it threads into the body. It feels pretty sloppy. I feel like this isn't normal. I tried to search for similar issues/solution/quick fixes on here but didn't find anything, forgive me if I overlooked a thread. Can someone chime in if this is normal or if perhaps this was something that was messed up by the previous owner? shipping damage? etc thanks!!! matt
  10. how well do these cut the wind?
  11. thanks for all the input! I was leaning towards pants cause of ease of bathroom use, but I guess bibs zip down far enough for that. now I just need to make up my mind what I want!
  12. I'm not a fan of layering, I feel restricted, so I typically just wear a long sleeve shirt under mine and that's all I need to keep warm, the jacket definitely keeps you warm.
  13. I'm looking for some windproof, maybe waterproof, pants for fishing. I'm undecided between pants or bibs, but I'm looking for something that I don't have to layer to keep warm when the boats moving in colder weather. Any suggestions out there?
  14. I cleaned out my moms garage yesterday and dug out my great grandfathers old fly rod that she didn't know was hanging in her rafters. Great grandfather passed in '68, so the rod is 50+ years old, but in mint condition, I cant even tell if a reel was ever mounted to it. It's a Sportsman Deluxe Glass Rod. Do we have any resident experts that could tell me approximate age/value/weight etc? thanks! pic below
  15. Welcome to NC. My wife lived in Wake Forest for a couple years; nice place. There's plenty of nice freshwater fishing around there. Check out Jordan lake for crappie and bass; it's not saltwater but it'll provide a fishing fix til you can get to the coast!