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  1. I think I should have read this thread before posting
  2. you should love your own people more than you hate your enemies
  3. I met my wife at a club at that time the rathskeller kemore square 1985
  4. I wore a knee imobilzer for a year. it was velcro. in the clubs it held my beer while I worked the crutches. you will be fine doc hop will have you doing dick ups in no time
  5. my favorite part of the day is those few seconds before I fall asleep a night.
  6. its not like crap Has to be solid right?
  7. same deal on the sea anchor. I swap 'em.
  8. about 40ft line coiled in a 5 gallon bucet with a float on the end so I can dump it if needed
  9. a 20 lb weight from a dumbell set, plastic sand filled works for me a few years now.
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