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  1. Choked.
  2. My kids are born Townies, but I will never be. No matter how long I live here. Is that what you mean? I don't care. I fish alone. Cause I'm a mass hole. Ya can't get there from here. Go back the way you came ya frigging tourist. I'm a masshoooole.... I love that tune.
  3. Good thoughts bud
  4. Adventurer
  5. How many did he have?
  6. lol inflamations
  7. by marriage
  8. Is this any way to run a hotel?
  9. We used to bust balls. Everybody's balls every day. It was a game to get each other banned for a bit or at least the stink eye from Tim. I was in at least two threads when BJ got sent to Banned Camp. The only time Ditch mod qued me was over Jeff, because I kept on posting pics of non white service men wearing the CM of Honor in the Random Images thread. I started about 50 good threads while in Mod Que and they invisably took over the front page . Each thread triggered a email to Tammy and Ditch to approve / diapprove. I was out in an hour. Jeff shouldn't drink. I can't either. I joined this site when I quit just to hang around. No Social Media for Jeff is a scary thought. Addiction is a bitch.
  10. desperation
  11. The Hard Way Rip