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  1. you don't look a day over 120
  2. the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese
  3. pipe staging and a lot of tarps
  4. bullhorns and ladder jacks running planks or I'm out
  5. bosun chairs on bungie cords
  6. never trust a fart
  7. we just had our front porch of cinderblock, wrought iron and fill replaced, reparged the foundation, a slab poured for the new porch and stairs. It would have taken me a month or more, but I went to my job instead. I think I made out on the deal.
  8. Bernie is going to bust a nut
  9. you should stand on a ladder all day. fix ya right up
  10. how I spent my summer vacation a: paint house b: fishing c: lying on the couch all busted up and sore d: drunk in a bar with a goon you meet in some online tavern e: wait what?
  11. I waited over twenty years for the mitral valve repair option to become "routine" rather than replacement with a organic or inorganic valve. plus no blood thinners required. I had just turned 60 and felt it was time. just saying it is going to eff up your golf swing some, but the peace of mind it will bring Carol is considerable. it's a small truck now avoid the train wreak Best wishes
  12. he can plant shrubs in the ruts in the lawn after. maybe some potato, peppers.... pot
  13. go fishing your boys instead
  14. do you need the money more than your time? 'cause eff that noise old timer