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  1. Just voted for you. Good luck.
  2. That makes sense, even for an idiot like me.
  3. Just watched it on demand. Thought, at least the first episode, was great! I just can't fathom that they drove to Belize in a crappy truck they modified to run on vegetable oil.
  4. Another reason why you guys are the best! Can't wait for them to be in and give me an excuse to go out there!
  5. It probably flew off to tell his seagull buddies that he was seagull Jonah and spent time in the belly of the beast. Or maybe he was a scout for the seagull military and the tuna spat him out as a warning to tell the seagulls to call off the invasion of our beaches this summer. Or maybe he died of a heart attack soon after from the stress. Or maybe nothing.
  6. Don't use seagull as bait to catch those tuna. They don't appear to like the taste of them
  7. He uses the secret formula that ********** revealed recently.
  8. That's what the Illuminati want the sheeple to think!
  9. I think it's more than that. Tim was playing a game of dice in Tunisia after escaping and killing the people who were holding him hostage. One of the guys bet the website stripersonline. It was supposed to be Strippers though, but the Tunisian man didn't know English well enough and misspelled it as Stripers. He soon left Tunisia and snuck into Europe. From there, he hustled up enough money to get a plane ticket to America. When he got back to the US, he then realized that it was misspelled and a bunch of surf fishermen joined the site, and the rest is history. Fun Fact: Tim's story of what happened in Tunisia loosely inspired the Episode of Archer when Woodhouse is explaining how he met Malory.
  10. Back in the day, my grandfather used to throw a dropline for fluke, until my grandmother lost it when a fish bit and she let go. So for his birthday, I got him a dropline for him to go fluke fishing and for some freshwater species like sunfish and bass. I was wondering what hooks everyone uses for fluke? What size/brand/type?
  11. Glad to know I'm not the only sucker who fell for it!
  12. Just looked at the publishing date, it was last night. Yup I fell for it. God I hate April fools day.
  13. Apparently, I heard you could go see it at Tanner Park. Done know if you're allowed to visit it though, and I can't check because I'm in Westhampton at my grandparents house (around where apparently one of the guys at Whitewater Outfitters caught a redfish a week or two ago). Looks like this could potentially be a crazy year for fishing!
  14. Also, if you need a rod to cast a large amount of weight (like 15 oz), another option to consider is a company called Blue Marlin based in South Africa that make many blanks that could cast that amount and up to 14 feet long (or maybe more. Not 100% sure.
  15. I just saw on Facebook with a link to Copaigue News about a 23' Great White captured in the great south Bay. According to the article, it is being held at Tanner Park until they figure out how and where to relocate it. * (I know links are not allowed, so please delete the link if this violates the rules. Also, if this is a late April fools day joke, keep it up so I could be made fun of for falling for it. Don't worry, I deserve it if it is fake)