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  1. KUMBAYA you bunch of morans!
  2. Gami: Your "work contract" controls what you may say on your own time?! That's just wrong.
  3. GOOD FOR THEM!!! An hour + drive to the nearest one , so not going.
  4. We had mail in voting for our school budget vote this year due to the liberals being afraid of voting in person, we never got a freaking ballot! No answer to calls made to the district , combine that with sporadic mail delivery , they miss acouple of days per week, and we have a recipe for disaster . Wear a mask and get out and vote in person.
  5. Been saying all along that the Democrats will stop at nothing in their futile attempt to stop President Trump’s re election!! Discuss
  6. The Democrat Party is corrupt and amoral , paying for votes is SOP. It’s not a stretch that they will be scamming the system again with mail in ballots.
  7. For a stinger hook I mean a 2/0 snelled on 6” of 50 Crimped into the bucktail eye. All other rigs are rigged with 2 hooks
  8. Soooo letting the populace make their own decisions as to whether to patronize a business or meet with friends or go to work , without governmental interference Is not a good thing? Gotta love the way the alt left is all in on Big Brother taking over a lot of our rights.
  9. No way to prove that the registered voter actually fills out a mail in ballot. Fact. Ballots will become a commodity, traded or sold to the highest bidder , no way to stop it . Fact. The urban poor living on the Democrat Plantation will be targeted in this scam. Fact. The Democrat machine is corrupt and will stop at nothing to get President Trump out of office . Fact.
  10. They have certainly gotten away with murder on multiple occasions Frank , but the left has been blinded by their hatred of anything good for America
  11. Don’t feed the TROLL , especially the one with the piece of bait for his/her avatar
  12. Not enough backbone with the rod you’re using ! IMHO of course. You need to move the bucktail and the fluke when you set the hook!
  13. It’s the only way that senile , perverted kiddie toucher could win. It’s a freaking scam!!