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  1. Who the fuq knows? If d “ victim”!hasnt said anything prior to his nomination then it’s a moot point !
  2. In Italy right now and The number of Chinese tourists is incredible! Guess the didn’t get the memo’
  3. Absolutely against it. We have US flagged vessels fishing the western Pacific, we are a sovereign nation and do not answer to the UN, as was stated above F**K THE UN
  4. Peanuts in the wash- 3/4 or 1 oz homemade bucktail. White over flash abu. Chrome painted head, white twisty. Deadly
  5. Thanks Charlie , out of the country at that time. I have been in contact with a NMFS person involved in the data collection for the MRIP and was led to believe they would have someo in my area LAST year , needless to say that didn’t happen , ditto this season.
  6. Never been surveyed and I live on eastern Long Island , kept my boat in a marina , fish a lot of weekends and transit both Shinnecock canal and inlet. Between myself , my two brothers and my father what passed away in April we have over 100 YEARS of fishing Shinnecock and none of us has been contacted. The science sucks
  7. He’s a total scumbag , crooked , corrupt and a straight up piece of s**t, no wonder the brain dead democrat freaks and union goons in my state of NY want to keep his greaseball ass in office
  8. The sizes are as follows micro rats rats king rats keepers teen fish good fish real good fish BIG MOMMA I DONT MEASURE FISH.
  9. We are in Italy now and the local folks we have spoken with about this have no desire to be the dumping ground for these “refugees “. Crime is up, begging is up and general quality of life has been negatively impacted. Not one defender of this lunacy. Spoke with some Brits who are pro Brexit their take is that the UK is a sovereign nation and will not be ruled by the EU and their open borders policy.
  10. Only a racist azzwipe would call that cartoon racist
  11. Couple of things: haven’t been able to get a straight answer as to construction cost, maintenance costs and shoreside infrastructure costs. Also have no idea if the transmission cables will release electrical impulses effecting fish migration and will the cable be buried under the seabed or not. The Block Island project has been an issue with gear loss for commercial fishermen who have fished the area for decades. Then there’s the cost of the power that’s generated, no answers on pricing , will the project cost be surcharged ? That’s all I have time for now, on vacation.
  12. F all the PC. BS!! Serena is a large black woman , built like a f’n linebacker, that’s a fact , showing her in a cartoon without glossing over the FACTS is not racist, only a freakin race naiting tool would see it that way
  13. Too far from our present locale