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  1. Please compare and contrast the actions of the two groups of protesters . Assignment #1
  2. Seems as if there's a hood rat insurrection going on right now, could be the beginning of the BOOGALOO , Liberal Democrat Mayors have let the animals run wild , gonna be hard to dial them back soon.
  3. It's obvious that all the savages rioting is a coordinated effort to destabilize our nation even further , all n an effort to get President Trump out of office. The alt leftists have destroyed the economy and a lot of businesses forcing productive members of society into poverty. Add in a hood rat insurrection for good optics and press
  4. As a matter of practicality, looters should be shot .
  5. Quit yr bitchin , no need to waste bandwidth whining about nothing. CAVETAT EMPTOR
  6. Why the hell would anyone fuq around in an inlet in a kayak?! Just plain asking for all sorts of trouble IMHO.
  7. I finish every bucktail and teaser that I tie with nail polish , 25 years later and I still do , even catch a fish or two. Lures are tools to be used and abused.
  8. fresh , whole rigged squid
  9. still COLD WATER!!!! 58 is kinda nippy. Fish are there but sluggish on the bite . Squid are here too , there's the clue .
  10. The whole Wuhan Virus debacle shows that the Liberal Democrats are puzzies, anti American , anti capitalism puzzies.
  11. As soon as the power tripping Democrat Governors realize that this is still the USA and open every damn thing up IMMEDIATELY, the unemployment numbers will be astronomical. That's where the blame lies, they have outlawed WORKING you idiot!
  12. TITE LINES TACKLE , THAT IS ALL YOUU NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ken is d man1