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  1. Jeez Frank , it’s been a while since you’ve posted here but a pedo post brings you slithering back.
  2. Those that fish for a keeper will have to weed through more fish when the upper end of the limit drops , a 3” slot is ludicrous
  3. The for hire vessels will go through a lot more out of slot fish to get a keeper for their clients resulting in a rise in release mortality, same with folks who enjoy eating bass. IMHO a much shorter season and closed spawning and staging areas would be a better move.
  4. Release mortality will go through the roof with the “emergency” slot.
  5. A Congressman representing his constituents is how our system works, perhaps those not in favor should contact the Congressman and express their opinion. LaLota is very responsive
  6. Fecking savages! There’s no other explanation
  7. Cable came late , mid 80’s in my parent’s neighborhood. First time I saw cable was when I started working on a 54 Bertram and we ran it down to Pompano for the winter. Plugged in shore power and some other bits and BAM 20 channels !
  8. We had 1 channel as a kid growing up on the East End , channel 8 from Connecticut , sometimes with a good nor’easter we’d get 3 from Rhode Island.
  9. Sour diesel auto is starting to stank! Afghani Kush is growing like a focking weed!!
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