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  1. Agreed Mike, but there we're using butterfly jigs and the jigging along with burning is the key ----most days! KIL- the price of that knock off is right, fish don't care, thanks for all your input here.
  2. correct , not uncommon during the winter in Kona , we release most but keep one for the grill on occasion.
  3. riiiiight. Works for the citiots but not for the vast majority of folks. Liberalism knows no bounds when it comes to stupidity.
  4. don't these idiots realize that vehicles are a necessity , not a luxury?
  5. gamefish status in nothing more tan a resource grab by the rec sector, the sector that harvests the vast majority of stripers. As Charlie stated, the commercial sector took a hit but still fish under a hard quota, while any human on the planet can take a bass per day for the entire season. Additionally the actual rec harvest is a semi-educated guess. If additional cuts need to be made , a very real possibility, the ones doing the most damage should be first on the chopping block
  6. Not dropped on deck
  7. Is dropping a tog on deck just to hear the THUD a Jersey thing? Kinda bruises the meat don'tcha think? If I swing smallish keeper I grab it and unkook, "good" fish get the net and placed on the deck.
  8. gallon zip loc bags with description of the rig, these go into storage area on the boat, Tog, 50, 60, slider, snafu, floro. Fluke 40, 50 , single , double, live bait, biscuit single, double , triple.
  9. Thanks quan808 got those uku on home made bucktails , Capt Clay Ching on Molokai had never seen them before but they definitely worked. I like the gold!!!
  10. don't dick around taking pictures for starters
  11. I have a 300, 250 and 100 ALL GOLD , newest one at least 10 years old and all are varying shades of gold/ sorta gold. Doesn't matter a bit to me.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^ THIS
  13. My experience with jigging tuna is only in Hawaii, but it might translate well to our own area. As stated above you have to know how deep they are and get your jig below them , then burn and jig , crank, jig ,crank,jig , crank , jig it through that depth , by burn I mean FAST. This is physically demanding. Once past the depth, open the bail and drop again if the drift allows, lotsa bites on the fall using butterfly jigs so if anything feels different , swing! Ahi and small (under 50 lb) bigeyes are the target species. 6' custom jigging rods on Calstar blanks , Stellas. 80 lb braid, 50 or 60 lb floro.
  14. SLOOOOW trip on the Bluefin IV out of Montauk yesterday, got a limit 8, 6, and the rest just legal , far cry from the 18 keeps 2 weeks ago. Just an off day? Perhaps.
  15. Well Gammi , there a lot of Democrat politicians screeching about abolishing ICE , so there is that.