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  1. Spend as much time with him as possible. You will be glad you did Capt Bill Williams 10/14/36—-4/10/18
  2. Snap swivel from the mono to the wire leader
  3. Project much Frank? As to the OP, Omar made an insulting statement during her opening remarks , F her!!
  4. This
  5. FedX is the way to go! Not easy to rent , reels in the carry on, lures in checked bag. Snow on Haleakala, shot from Hawi, Big Island
  6. shoulda said your name is SEAL and told him to F OFF!
  7. On the Big Island , not Maui but surf fishing is possible anywhere you can safely get to the water, small stuff on kastmasters and small leadheads with black grubs, bigger stuff on chrome Rangers , shiny swimming plugs and Polaris poppers. Bait is great anywhere anytime.
  8. 18' of 350 lb malin wire, haywire twist on one end, haywire twist to the hook, worked like a charm for the past 45 years .
  9. well she' has a date with Satan when she finally dies, how many innocent lives have been snuffed out due to her defense of contract murder?
  10. time to face the fact that RBG is not functioning as a SCOTUS justice at the present time, this warrants an investigation. @ FAKE NEWS IS FOR SUCKERS
  11. A question: does criticizing Israel in public make one an anti Semite?
  12. That’s some bat s h it crazy stuff right there
  13. The MSM has been negative in their “news” reporting on Trump more than 90% of the time. If your boy Obama had that happen the alt left would still be squealing about persecution.
  14. paragraph 3 blaming climate change causes income disparity . Total BS, the rest is irrelevant
  15. Why the hell would anyone give the f’in government an interest free loan ?!? Better to owe a bit at tax time , not that difficult concept is it!