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  1. I've seen way too many fish lost in the rocks bucktailing a certain south shore inlet because the angler used tackle way too light for the situation, broken rods, leaders and reels without enough stopping power to lift a 10 lb. fish.
  2. 11’ Lami MH. 6” off the tip. Can lift 10-12 lb fish no problem n able to go as light as 1 oz bucktails
  3. KNOWS STUFF^^^^^
  4. BC BS cost my wife and myself $ 1,400 per month, $ 700 each. Does your part B and Advantage cost that much?
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again---SKI RACKS , that is all
  6. Appreciate your concern Dude, but I will pass on taking advice concerning credibility from you. And by the way HUSSEIN , that is all.
  7. Calling Him by his surname is somehow bigoted? Calling President Bush "Bush" is bigoted? How about Carter , Reagan , Clinton , Jeez How about Washington?! Leave it to the alt left to find racism every place they choose to gaze. Hussein is His name .
  8. Hmmmm, are you fauxming over fake news from CNN, outright lies from the NY Times and the MSM doing everything in their power to aid in the overthrow of a sitting President too? Intellectual honesty to the Democrat Party is like holy water to a vampire.
  9. Could be because Hussein was the most anti American president in the history of our great nation. Nice projection by the alt leftists here today, bravo.
  10. Gross was WAY up , quarterlies paid, plus an R&D trip and buying a new work truck outright combined with new tax law more than covered the 50K gross increase. Without the new law we would have owed 12K! Thanks President Trump.
  11. Not on the East End but I think once you get west of William Floyd, the unions are all over any construction project, residential or commercial. There are a couple of commercial projects here , non union thank God, local contractors providing electrical , plumbing , framing and painting. The owner of said project owns a large building company out of Easthampton.
  12. The NYT having a Best Seller List without using BEST SELLERS to compile that list is a flagrant abuse of the public trust , not surprising that one of the mouthpieces for the alt left and Democrat partisans is a bastion of fake news and outright lies, lap it up rubes.
  13. No picket line at the Southampton Stop n Shop, this is not union country.
  14. if 'enforcement' is the same as it was a few years ago, as long as you have one of the SPECIAL license plates you can seemingly stay as long as you want.