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  1. Not sure which other parishioners are in a position to make law concerning murdering the unborn, perhaps he would do the same if they came forward.
  2. Actually based on YEARS of inane posts. Do carry on little warrior.
  3. Liberals hate black folks when the don’t vote Democrat even more than they do on a daily basis. Buncha racists
  4. Abortion is murder Frank, she’s lucky not to be excommunicated. But she obviously is a piss poor Catholic
  5. Riiiight! Armed military certainly wouldn’t be there to INTIMIDATE people into silence. The alt left are a bunch of power crazed twats
  6. Why did they want the fecking NATIONAL GUARD at SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS?!
  7. CHEERS!!!!
  8. I TRULY believe Hussein is a piece of sht Marxist who intentionally hurt small business in his quest to transform the nation. As a business owner I pay taxes that would choke you , provide a service , support other businesses through our purchases , no differed than any other business, that’s why there’s a difference! Who the feck has the right to change the definition of a business in regards to purchasing health insurance but not paying taxes?!
  9. How do you explain the fact that damn near everything they have done hurts the country
  10. It boils down to Obama being a piece of sht Marxist, an enemy of Capitslism and entrepreneurship. A better question is to why did He do this to millions of mom n pop businesses?
  11. what the liberal ass wholes fail to admit is that fuel , gas , diesel and home heating oil are NECCESSATIES , not luxuries and by driving up prices they are doing nothing but hurting the nation. Feck the electric vehicle thing for now , we need our current cars , trucks and boats now.
  12. why do you hate black people?
  13. Obamacare changed the very definition of what’s constitutes a business in regards to the ability to purchase health insurance. It caused both financial issues for us and serious medical issues for my wife
  14. Those ass wholes don’t even realize that in most areas electricity is generated with coal or oil! Idiots