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  1. WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT has happened to the "investigation"???!!! Hundreds killed, many more wounded and absolutely jack s h I t has happened .
  2. My lovely wife's opinion is " run the mother **** ers over and hash it out later. God I love this woman!
  3. I own a fine gardening company and carry an assortment of tools in my truck , the machete under the front seat would be my first choice if some piece of s hit started that kind of crap, over and out.
  4. he was a dick, but I still had a soft spot for him because he helped spawn my wife.
  5. feeding the green crabs in the pen with them, there are some nice bass on them too.
  6. it's a grey plastic box about 3 1/2 feet by 2 feet by 18" deep, with small holes on sides and bottom, some sort of floatation is molded into the sides. The top is 2 pieces that fit together with a latch on each, easily zip tied together for security when lifting out of the water. Works for spot too!
  7. also make sure that the bucket isn't stuffed full, they need some room to move a bit, IMHO the bucket sitting in the mud did them in. A floating bait tote with latching lid is about $50 and will last decades.
  8. Is denigrating a particular political party and their fanboys now verboten?
  9. I intentionally silence all my drags, no one else needs to hear it I'm hooked up, it was crucial in the dark this morning, pulled a couple of good fish out of a light crowd with no clicker or light and no muggers.
  10. I have some family members on my wife's side who have lived in both France and Switzerland for their entire lives , getting together with them is pretty lively when the discussion turns to government and how much control it should exert in everyday life. They are all in for big govt. and really don't give a s hit about the freedoms we hold dear here. Soooo someone growing in Europe will be , in all likelyhood, be a total left leaning , pro government sheep.
  11. Do you truly believe the s hit you post here Aquacide?
  12. call the Coast Guard on the Jetski azz munchers , key phrase is INTERACTING WITH SWIMMERS!! Group Shinnecock loves to shut them down.
  13. massage yer ego in public much? JEEEZ