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  1. Interested in buying too if selling..
  2. Got a new Abel Tarpon reel without box. Comes with pouch. Asking $800. Original paint by Abel.
  3. Thanks Ken. Just dropped off your reel at the post office also. Thanks SOL. Closing this.
  4. Sounds good Ken. Let’s take this to PM and we’ll figure out the details. Thanks SOL
  5. Okay both yours Bronson. PM coming. Thanks SOL.
  6. 10’ surf Spinning - Used in good shape 8.5/10 9’ surf Casting - New Asking 140 shipped for each
  7. Looking for a VSB150 gold. Got a New VS100G or New VS300G or others to trade. All reels are new, never spooled. Not a mark on them. Thanks, Do
  8. New without box. $550 PayPal shipped OBO.
  9. I still have other reels for you Ged.
  10. Great. Pm sent. Thanks SOL.
  11. I could do that.
  12. Yeah it came out nice!! You were probably the first to see it lol
  13. New VS400 GOLD. Lucky #13. Reel is FLAWLESS. 4K obo.
  14. All reels are new with pouch. Sorry, no boxes. Super 9-10N Bone fish - $650 Super 7-8N - $350 5-6 QC Bone fish - $450 Super 5N $350 Prices are PayPal shipped Priority. Thanks, Do