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  1. Nice to own some Block Island/ Campo history. The recent Campo podcasts is icing on the cake.
  2. Got some things to talk about there beside the rising tide.
  3. the squid darter is a Woody's darter- long island plug
  4. Dave is a You Tube star in the making.. Don't forget your black needles with the red eyes.
  5. How about $200 for the Rattler?
  6. I have a Manzi-- Bassmaster lure collection. 250+ maybe. Was of interest to me as I fished with Dave 20 years ago- Dave did not sell at shows, just made lots of plugs and some he parted with reluctantly. So it is cool that I have the largest Bassmaster lure collection on the planet. However in a few years no one but me and Vineyard Blues will have probably even ever heard of him.. Most of his plugs do not have artistic paint jobs, some look a little crude, no two are identical- but some are genius great, the finishes are bulletproof and especially his needles and dannys really do catch.. I was fishing last September at Southwest Point on Block and his olive needle was working good when nothing else was. But what I will do with this collection is the question. Never sold one- ever. Got more new ones from him last year. I love em. But everything has to go sometime. Don't think my kids will use them. So i need to figure it out at some point.
  7. There are some 9 year old geniuses who are grand chess masters and some play violin at Carnegy Hall- Tommy when he was 9 out fished me 5-1 one morning. I think he is a surfcasting savant- he is legit. I dont think he is going to get any chicks at this rate though.
  8. We will not speak but stand inside the rain And listen to the thunder shout I am, I am, I am, I am -- IN
  9. I think most soft plastic manufacturers - shads, sluggo type ect are going with added scents to cover the rubber smells. They must think that scents work- unless they think it works on catching surfcasters.
  10. What size are they?
  11. Bassmaster Needles catch Striped Basses.
  12. I wil take them for the price if I can send you a check. JUst hold them till the check clears. Will take me a while to get to the post office and get a money order.
  13. What color?
  14. Lets assume that I want to live in the Northeast and go to CT Surfcasters club meetings and am not ready to move down south where there are no striped bass. Mass has around the same income tax taxes as CT- Rhode Island-taxes are much higher. New York - Much higher. New Jersey- much higher, Even VT income tax rates are higher. New Hampshire lower as only income tax on interest and dividends- since Bass may be moving north- New Hampshire is the option. But agree that if CT were run better - all of the crappy little sales tax increases would go away - maybe the income tax rate would be 3% like Pennsylvania -eliminate taxes on social security checks--then of all the surrounding states, CT would be best tax state. But the problem is- what John P said- other than New Haven which is now is a building boom not seen in CT in decades- there is no other places in CT where young people would think it is cool to live. Until that happens- CT is in trouble.
  15. Its the car taxes. If not for the car taxes- CT would not make the top 10. Most states have no car taxes. The effective income tax rate is not in the top 10. The estate taxes are now non-existent for most everyone- $10,200,000 estate tax free to kids - going up to $14,200,000 - next January. Mass is $2,000,000 per couple. So drive an old Landcruiser and property taxes are $90, get you gas in NJ and you are not in a highest taxed state.