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  1. We need a surfcasters HOF. That’s where these plugs belong Sudsy. I have a pretty good Gary collection. I’d sell every last saltwater plug and gear before I let these go. There just weren’t enough made and they are not very liquid in market because people don’t tend to sell them. So they come up rarely and most guys don’t know what they are looking at or figure it would be difficult to start a collection of Gary’s stuff from scratch today. So many great plug builders of the last 20 years are not with us today, but I’m glad we still get to talk about their legacy and see their work. i know that doesn’t help much with your question but thanks for sharing the story behind these Gary’s.
  2. Pretty cool stuff. I’m over in PA where I lived my whole life. Never saw one of these until about 5 years ago. Now I have 5-10 around my house feeding under my outside lights in the dark every year.
  3. That works, I’ll take them.
  4. Can you do 55 shipped on #1 Jr (yellow) from other thread and #7 Spin (green)? thanks, John
  5. I’ve never seen or heard of anyone catching hoo’s off NJ. Best bet is stock up from BaitMasters.
  6. That works, shoot me your PayPal info. Thanks, John
  7. I’ll offer 105.00 shipped for the orange lot. Thanks, John
  8. Looking for a Habs Jersey Devil needle. Thanks, John
  9. Finished the night with a skunking. Lots of people out into the darkness, didn’t see anyone catch a fish. As the sun started going down more bunker started washing ashore alive. Every single live fish washing up had those worms on them.
  10. No fish yet, switch over from worms to plugging for the night.
  11. I’m out soaking worms in the Raritan currently. I see the beach littered with dead bunker car cases which I have seen mentioned. just saw a livey wash and walked over to check him out. It’s got some kind of parasitic worms hanging out of wounds. cant say I have seen this before.
  12. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. Guys like Steve who contributed here the last 20 years are what always made SOL a great community and a second home for so many. He will be missed by many.
  13. Bump.
  14. Took my girls out on New Year’s Day. The water was very fishable in OC and the clarity was pretty decent, certainly bass water. Lots of white water. Birds were picking away on the other side of the bars and you could smell baitfish with the 10knt East wind. Took home the skunk to start the year but the girls got to use their new surf setups. If we get a warmup we’ll be back out there again.
  15. Hi Everyone, looking for a Hab’s Sr Jersey Devil needle. One of those plugs I always wanted but took a long break from collecting for some time now. Thanks, John