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  1. The De fish stock was only just recovering 10-15 years ago. When the fish started showing up again everyone in the De bay hammered those fish pretty hard. I was there and saw it first hand. You kill the breeders of a smaller stock like the D's and eventually you just run outta fish...... Of all the striper stocks they should have done more to protect the Del fish stock considering how small it was. Allowing 2 @ 28" in the bay in the spring just killed it..... God, anyone remember the Ugly Mug sport fishing video on spring stripers and drums..... Guy was landing 50# stripers and 70#+ drum just chunkin clams. There was some pretty epic fishing in the Del bay in the spring a while back. Shame how things can change for the worse. John
  2. I think Trump WILL get more of his campaign promises accomplished than Obama, but really is that saying much? I think a lot of people would agree that holding yourself to Obama's standard is not what you want your president doing. I don't think Obama destroyed America but I don't think he did anything that will be looked back upon in history as an accomplishment..... What I think many people who supported Trump would like to see is just some kind of movement cutting the budget. I don't expect Trump to come in an just slash everything away in a matter of a couple months. What I would like to see is Trump come out and say these are the people who will be working to cut our budget and this is the first area we are looking at. Heck, he doesn't need to slash everything at once, just start cutting stuff here and there. Obviously this is going to require the help of the Rep controlled House and Senate. I think that is asking for a lot given what the situation between Trump and Congress Rep's really is. What I think is going to really hinder Trump during his presidency is that the majority of his own party doesn't like him and his ideals and I suspect there will need to be a lot of compromise between Trump and the Rep's just to get something done. This will lead to more bad bills getting passed like the current repeal/replace or possibility nothing getting done at all. Basically the Congressional Reps are going to water down everything Trump tries to do. Come back full circle and you can see why I have some hope but not that much that anything will get done with cutting the budget. John
  3. I'll take it for 115.00 PP Thanks, John
  4. I thought I heard that company was bought out by the US military and they stopped making rods.
  5. Everybody has to start from zero. It's gonna take practice and patience on your part to get to the point where your confident in what your doing. Having a buddy or someone with experience who can help you out would be a huge help for sure. While many guys might laugh or stare while trouble ensues there are many guys who will reach out and help you out on the spot. Of course you can't depend on that but everyone who owns and operates a boat knows at some point the wind/current/other boats/mishaps or whatever are gonna cause trouble. Most of us I'd like to believe would be willing to help out a fellow boater in need. Best advice I can give you is don't panic especially while going in and out at the ramp. 90% of trouble happens when someone panics. The other 10% of trouble is stuff that can be avoided with double checks and knowing your surroundings. Spend some time and get comfortable operating your boat. A lot of guys want to just hop in the boat and drive off to do an activity like fishing before they spend the time learning their vessel. John
  6. Myself, brother, and cousin's husband were almost killed by a guy who wasn't wearing his kill switch lanyard...... Back on Memorial Day weekend we took the yaks out fishing on the Manasquan river. We were fishing by the railroad bridge and staying all the way in by the land. There is a pocket right there where the water drops from 2 feet to 15. It's very far away from the main channel and boaters never come in there because it gets shallow fast and the bridge is low and would be a hazard. Plus this whole area is a no wake zone as well. So anyway we are fishing away and there is a line of boats waiting to go through the drawbridge on the railroad bridge. I kept thinking someone was going to get in an accident because the drawbridge opening is very narrow and really only 1 boat can go through at a time. However when you have 20 boats on each side trying to get through you have people doing dumb things like trying to gun through or squeeze by other boats coming through..... So I was waiting for something to happen. Sure enough I'm sitting there when I hear a boat go to full throttle. So I turn and I'm looking to make eye contact with the idiot driving this boat so I can make a face or whatever. I then realize there is nobody driving the boat. I look back and see this older guy on top of the transom holding on with 1 arm. His boat is flying at this point and pounding and he is getting tossed up and down on the transom, kinda looked like he was bull riding. Then I realize he is not going straight but is actually now doing a full turn. I look back and see my brother who is about 30 yards back from me and the boat is heading right at him. I scream at him but he already heard the boat as well. This happened so fast there was just almost no time to move. I watch as the boat comes right by my brother and misses him by less than 5 feet. I now feel major relief but then realize the boat is still turning and it's coming back right towards me and my cousins husband. I then notice there is an older woman in the middle of the boat standing up off to the side of the center console. My brother said that as they passed him she was yelling that she didn't know what to do. I make a couple foot peddles and this boat comes about 10 feet from me and crashes up on the bank and instantly stops. I would say it was 25-30mph to a dead stop. Had this happened an hour before the tide would have been high enough that the boat would have made a full circle and crashed back into the railroad bridge. That would have likely ended with the 2 people on the boat dead and cut in half. But anyway it crashed on the bank. I got over there right away and the women was laying in the front of the boat where she was thrown. I asked if she was alright and she said no and showed me her head was bleeding very badly. The older guy was thrown off the transom and up onto the center console. He was totally out of it but not bleeding. His face looked like he just went 15 rounds with Rocky. He kept saying my chair came loose. So I look down into the boat and see that his chair did not come loose but rather he just had a fold up chair with plastic legs for his helm chair, nothing securing it to the deck. The police and CG got there pretty fast and took them off. It was a tough situation trying to help some people who just almost killed you but thats what needs to be done in a situation like that. So from what i could put together it looked like he tried to gun it through the drawbridge which threw him back. His chair wasn't secured to the deck so it just fell backwards. As he fell he must have grabbed the steering wheel and turned it all the way to the right. So what did we all learn? For starters if he had the kill switch lanyard on all of this would have been avoided. Second don't cheap out on your helm chair. Third, if you have someone going out on your boat with you at least show them the basics of how to throttle down because you just never know. John
  7. I like a spinner because it's a lot easier on my arm to work a bucktail with all the small twitches. Something about the way I hold a small conventional and twitch seems to hurt my elbow a lot more. I will say I rarely go over 4oz. I don't find drastic depth changes that much of a problem. If your boat is drifting fast enough for the bottom to be changing that fast the drift is probably too fast to be working a bucktail. At that point a 3 way rig is probably a better choice. If I am working heavy structure like a wreck or boulder field the key is to pay attention to the depth finder. I don't see how it's any easier with the conventional in this case. I'm not worried about dropping the jig down the backside of a subway car in a controlled manner, I just want it down and in that strike zone as soon as I come over the car. I will say that I never fish super heavy bucktails like 8oz+. Fishing those is probably a different ballgame. I know guys buy them because I see them on the shelf and I snag up a few from the deep every year. John
  8. It is Waaayyyy more deadly at night for bass but of course better for fluke during the day. I have caught a few really nice fluke this way at night though, just not as many overall.
  9. When the larger schools of feeding bass are coming through they will eat anything. I remember fishing in Nags Head just after Xmas about 8 years ago for stripers in the surf. The beach was lined with guys(50 to the left and 50 to the right) and we watched all day as the boats were pounding nice stripers about 100 yards beyond the breakers. The fish were feeding on bunker and herring out there. Once the tide came up a huge school of stripers came into the trough between the beach and sandbar. I watched down the beach as rods began bending. One after another coming up the beach like a parade. Soon the fish were in front of me and I hooked up and then the guys to my left began to hook up all the way up the beach. Once everyone beached their fish I decided to do a walk down the beach and see what everyone got. What surprised me the most was what people caught them on. Some guys were using bunker/herring, some had fresh raw shrimp, some had cooked shrimp, some had eels on a 2 hook rig pinned to the bottom, some had small baitfish like croakers, ect. And all of it caught fish even though they were feeding on bunker/herring. I guess my point is that sometimes it just doesn't matter when the fish are on the feed. I can tell you first hand though that up here in NJ if you put on more than 1 flea on a big hook you will have a much harder time catching anything other than rays and sharks, unless there's a school of hungry fish at your feet. John
  10. You don't want to put more than 1 on your hook unless you are targeting rays and sand sharks. If you want to catch fluke and stripers you what you are trying to do is imitate a sandflea that has been swept back from the shoreline and into open water. So you want to use a smaller hook, I like a 2/0 or 3/0. Trust me that seems small but there are not many big stripers cruising around. Most of the stripers you will get are going to be 12" to 32" and a good 2/0 or 3/0 like a Gami or owner is not going to fail on you. You hook the flea from the bottom side towards the middle of its body and then out the other side so the hook point is exposed. It also helps if you can go through the little butt flap that hides the eggs. Use a longer leader, I like 3-4' myself of 30 to 40# leader. At the top of the leader use a weight. Now here is the most important part. The size of the weight depends on how much current there is. If the current is slow use a weight small enough to keep it by the bottom but allow it to slowly sweep with the current. If the current is ripping you will need a bigger weight. The idea is for this rig to keep sweeping along with the current so that eventually it will get swept over a bar or depression where a fish is holding in a feeding pattern. The idea here is to cast up current and let the line swing into these strike zones. Fishing the close in wash is more difficult doing this but other areas besides open beach work great to. Think about the current rips that come off the jetty rocks, those are great places to fish a flea this way too. Sand flea fishing is deadly when done right. Your not going to catch many trophy fish doing it but you will catch a lot of fish you never had any idea were there. One last thing, the fleas with the orange eggs and the soft molting ones are the best to use. John
  11. It was a crazy afternoon with those storms that came through and hearing of this young kid dying in the inlet and the 2 lightening strikes is very sad. I was on the water all day and we were caught up off Sandy Hook when those storms came rolling through. I heard on the radio that Squan inlet was really bad with heavy rain and tons of lightening. I imagine SRI wasn't much better. I can't help but think the boat traffic trying to come into the inlets was terrible. We had 100 boats around us that disappeared within 10 mins. Imagine all the boats that were out that made a bee line back through the inlets. It wouldn't surprise me if this guy was hit by a boat trying to squeeze in, but who knows at this point. A lot of things can go wrong on the water and at times they do go wrong. While everyone has a right to use the inlets I think people need to realize that inlets, especially narrow ones are very dangerous places to be. I talked to a yakker(being a yakker myself) on our way out that was fishing right in the middle of Squan inlet Sat morning with an armada of boats all heading out. We slowed down and I nicely told him that being where he was at was a death sentence. I thought I would get the finger or an insult but the guy agreed with me and paddled away towards the back. I felt like if I didn't say something and he was killed I would have felt guilty about it. You can do everything right and follow all the rules but it's everyone else around you that you have to worry about. Prayers for this young kids family and friends. John
  12. If I lived down south I would probably have a serious fossil hunting problem. These Great Whites came from NC from a few different trips. John
  13. Hey Tim it looks like we might have hunted around some of the same areas in years past. I too sadly haven't gone much if at all the past few years. My brother and I used to go all the time. Here are some of the better teeth we found in NJ. John
  14. Nice job Steve!
  15. I've never freshwater fished in NJ but I do some other activities around some freshwater streams. Searun browns are more silvery compared to what we are used to calling a brown trout and they are normally much bigger. I have seen F&G posted signs in some streams that mention searun browns and if you catch one to report it to them. This goes back maybe 5-8 years ago now. These signs were around very small streams, maybe on 10-15 feet wide. John