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  1. I’m sensing some boo boo feeling here
  2. Yes pierogies are delish.. you made me google it’s piroshki and apparently Russian ... my memory was fuzzy from those days .. they more of a dough bread outside rather then the flaky crust thing ish posted .. still were amazing and were like a lead chit brick .. one would keep ya full all day
  3. You need the Jamaican remedy.. take a guiness put in blender with one raw egg one shot over proof rum and some oats and lil bit of condenced milk .. blend that chit up and stick in freezer for a lip to get nice and cold ... you will be slayin the poon poon ...
  4. The polish make something similar called peroski (sp?) when I lived in Seattle there was lil shop with lil grandma in the window making these things .. man they were good .. stuffed with all different types of meat and veggies .. like a next level hot pocket
  5. No I don’t take days off .. just using my data on phone ... still blocked by my those tool bags
  6. They were blowing out tools and and stuff when the one by me closed last year ..10$ dicky jeans .. I grabbed everyone in my size I’m set for life on work pants
  7. Yup I keep telling myself the water way to warm still .. it’s still tickling 70 which is crazy .. the baits here and with any luck water will cool and bait will be gone before we even see bass ..
  8. Well that will certainly do it .. always have a few spare tips and rod cement in the car .. lesson learned.. that’s life .. been the worst October I can remember in 20+ years in my haunts .. bait is so epic thick .. the water was literally black with small sand eels last night for a solid half mile .. nothing but stupid as shad going ape chit on them .. didn’t see one efffin good bust , nothing .. getting tough to stay motivated.. been fishing non stop all over the south shore for not much
  9. This sums it up and his hair amazing
  10. They got fried bait strips that after drinking all night are epic but gross .. the burgers ain’t nothing special.. they some chopped cooked onions on there and the meat is suspect .. burn one down to the head get a ten sack and fatten up
  11. Heard deadman plays Freddie’s backstage fluff guy
  12. It’s no hot weeny .. you guys really have them down in jersey ? I didn’t know that .. thought it was just a gitland thing .. the fried clams a fat kids wet dream..
  13. Yea i have few cousins like that .. in laws and them don’t get along .. I could never handle that nonsense .. My mother in law will tell my wife to shut her mouth and listen to her husband lol .. puts a smile on my face every time
  14. Overrated
  15. I’m pretty sure they casted Sacha cohen for Freddy Mercury then decided against it after filming a bunch