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  1. 50:1 in Philippines just saying
  2. For the purists.. 5 days of this kinda getting meh . Time to go back to late nights
  3. You in Long Island ? And that a recent pic ? If so I’d say it looks great
  4. All I know for once I got lucky and am thankful we bought 3 years ago before this mess .. paid just under 400k and now estimate up to 540k and crappier houses on the block selling more then that so.. but like red said what do you do ? Sell a home for more then pay through the nose for another ? And then when the market settles now you at a loss ? And efffff moving too
  5. Loll
  6. It’s all free advertising for these ladies only fans crap or pay to play face time ..their daddy’s must be proud .. and don’t ppl know there’s free boobies on the inter webs ? Young folk
  7. I had Bobo lambert . Made his own kayaks and surf boards and was excellent wood worker and fisherman and lifeguard at tobay for like 30 years . He would show me photos of many a 40pounder he took from his wood and fiberglass yak he made launched from the beach swimming eels
  8. Yup definitely it . And yes amazingly red . Was watching the oriels bounce around above me and then I’m like wtf is that .. pretty bird
  9. I hear a lot of ppl say doggies are great . Honestly haven’t had .
  10. No but skate is actually pretty dam decent . Friend of mine is some swanky chef . Went to his place for dinner one night and was expecting so fancy pants crap . Go in and im like what’s ya cooking smells great .. skate wings . 2$ a pound at Asian market .. was definitely surprised how good it was .
  11. Does the viney stain ? Round up left milky white crap on my pavers that I had to power wash off . And got natural slate pavers in back . But the weeds getting crazy .. yes I get on my knees and pull them few times a year but it’s getting crazy
  12. That’s efff Ton of fertilizer there
  13. @rocco today at Blydenburgh .. red as fuuuuklk with black sides maybe size of a large sparrow . Female looked like a sparrow pretty much .. wtf was It ? Never seen anything like here
  14. Nope .. they got us and company next door . 4 hours of loading up stuff
  15. Joggers got us at work . Cleaned three of our trucks . Well over10k just in tools