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  1. You could make that , I got faith ..
  2. Got a pic of the non flag side ? Would love to see .. his paint works inspiring ...
  3. Too needles look like habs to me maybe not the top one though . the middle not sure, saltys maybe ?? , someone will know more ... what makes plugs worth money ? Demand .. id say you got 50-60$ in the three..
  4. Don’t bother with the shrink over tape .. just a good tape job is fine
  5. Right on man... somebody gonna really get lucky here .. going in the mail today .. enjoy
  6. Very cool
  7. Very classy , me likes Nice looking stuff
  8. No worries guys prob do another one in a week or two when I get a chance to sit down and twist up a big batch
  9. The lil boy has spoken. ... #17 bigfisher for the win ... congrats cap ..
  10. Great job on the carving ..
  11. Yup being able to easily move for different reels is a big plus .. my 132-1m sometimes gets vsb 150 and sometimes a z25, like the z couple inches back opposed to the staal
  12. Yes sir agree 100%
  13. No no , sorry for the confusion.. was asking if it actually would hold that .. missed the all important question mark
  14. Would have to agree that it’s more then superficial.. it’s a bit more then a gouge in the clear coat or epoxy , looks splintered and will def cause a weakening there .. will it still hold ? Only one way to find out ..
  15. More of the usual here lately , trying to get a jump on them cause once the season starts I know there gonna be a lot of hands digging in my trunk cleaning me out