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  1. Yup very common .. shovel nose or rough tail ray .. they get much much bigger .. Carry a pair of gloves with ya ... grab by tail , flip over , unhook , flip back over and drag into water for release ,, easy .... without gloves it’s a hand bleeding night mare .. watch the base they have steak knife sized serated barb sometimes two .. that is covered in bacteria ridden mucus .. cause very painful wound if it get ya ..
  2. Nope sorry .. in gitland .. just call as many places as possible .. never hurts
  3. I got just shy of 400$ for my 99 Jetta with bad tranny ...had title though .. call a bunch of places and ask how much .. one of them might want the car for more then scrap price
  4. Yup both situations.. I like a bait that slowly swings across beach sometimes it makes the difference.. and yea pyramids and rocks don’t mix
  5. Terry’s bow fishing is code for something entirely different.. you will be ruined for life ... just ask weeeeeeeeed
  6. Congrats bluescuiser
  7. Yengling is my go to beer for non good beer drinkers at parties ... cheap as hell in bjs or Costco and people like them .. and whatever is left I will drink .. better then pisswieser
  8. Dam purty ... remember the one in the bay .. dude was trying to get like 10k or something like that ..
  9. Lolllllllllll
  10. Yea , would really love to . Maybe I clear a small area for now .. it’s all about the time factor .. packing cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and setting things up has been eating up every free minute while working 50 hours plus side work .. never felt so stretched thin ever
  11. I will say in my youth I took quiet a few good shots to the dome but never been knocked out .. usually it just made me rage harder and maybe beat the poor guy lil more then I should of .. thick in the head I guess
  12. Starts with what’s shoes , next is what lube .. just ask Bernie
  13. But he needs the right shoes dam it
  14. Nah ... it’s an excuse to go out in the yard and drink beers while wife makes me a samich
  15. And fluke are about as ghey as this shoe nonsense