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  1. These mini tonic cans the best thing since sliced bread . Fills a perfect pint of gin and fresh tonic everytime .. just what the doctor ordered after eleventeen beers and a dubby and some gummy’s . I want to fish
  2. Yea ande pink I still run on my conventionals for large mouth and bottom fishing the salt .. but for leader the ande lil blue leader spools have never let me down in 25 plus years .. 30 in back bays , and 50 everything else and sometimes in back bay too .,
  3. Some pigs bro . Well done
  4. Very nice .. do they get weighted anywhere or pure big wood
  5. Just switch to ande mono leader , 30lbs and up , skip the the 10’ and go like 3-4’ so you not casting the knots through guides .. your problems will be solved .. if you targeting stripers and blues ya don’t need to waste money on flouro
  6. I’m sure it was epic . Didn’t know they would take a popper ..
  7. There a better vid out there where ya see him getting 1000s of head shots , then they flip and burn his car .. good shoot
  8. Sick drum . Is that a ss popper on it face ?
  9. Few more from last week beat up green Mack sp15 pinned the big girl , other on larger sp , funny both lures also found this year washed up on marsh .
  10. Yup same , always at least two in the bag
  11. So sorry , thoughts and prayers from my family to yours
  12. And for what it worth , I hate anything non essential on my belt . I run pliers , and d ring fixed in back to clip bag to so it don’t swing and take alil weight off shoulders and if I’m planning on keeping a fish I clip a few feet of bundled up para cord on a second d ring .. for bleeding I stick alil rapala bait knife down inside my bag .. like in there better then on belt . One less thing to worry about
  13. I’m liking these , might have to grab one too
  14. The larger sized sp has become yet another plug I can’t leave home without
  15. Fat fat fat boys I’m housing these at a fat kids rate