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  1. Meh
  2. 8$ porter house .. was pretty dam good. With some portobellos and zuch on grill with some Filipino marinade the wife whipped
  3. Yea agree , pack them away and atleast give them away to family .. can’t tell ya how many hundreds I’ve bought my son .. it’s amazing how they disappear. It’s like the house eats them
  4. Please , I don’t feel bad for ya one bit , hard works good for ya and if ya quit your imaginary job then you’re a puzzzzzzy ... this was today’s steps for me , and it was a light easy day
  5. Yup
  6. I’m reality it cheaper and fresher to buy a big hunk of flesh like that and break it down yourself .. that thing looks good .. so many possibilities
  7. Used to have a dude Mel that hung around the high school in wantagh when I was a kid .. if ya told him your birthday once , he would never ever forget it .. could tell ya what the weather was like on that day and what’s was in newspapers .. if he got it wrong or couldn’t remember in his head the “birthday wolf” would get him .. crazy as they come but genius in his own way
  8. So where are we this ? They kill those Italians yet ?
  9. Any y’all ever do it ? Is the stain gonna just turn the paint to mush and smear it into a big mess .. making alil gift for a friend that just had first boy .. cut this out and sanded all by hand .. no power tools needed .. but was debating painting initials and date of birth then staining over it to give that more worn feel .. but maybe better to stain then paint and try and finish it with something thing that has a touch of Amber in it .. another option was branding it .. i have access to a plasma table kinda at work .. could prob sweet talk machinest into cutting what I need
  10. Link to live stream ??
  11. Dam you ged why you torturing me .. soooooooo tempting... man I shouldn’t just buying a house and all ..
  12. Wish there was more online . I searched hard can’t find any those good episodes
  13. I took advantage of everything my lender offered and got down too 3.85 30 yr fixed .. this was two months ago or so when we closed .. I think it’s fair but betters , better
  14. But let’s get serious here, most importantly, what color braid goes best with my pith helmet and wading socks ..
  15. You need to braid 3 piece of 4x .. but dont forget to armoral your line and guides for max distance and superior smooth ness