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  1. Yea thanks . Pretty much same way I do it … you ever mess with CA glue finish ? I think those duck calls it would work amazing for .. high polish glass like finish and very durable .. not to hard to do with quality CA glue and activator and some wet sanding pads
  2. What’s the largest hook ya get in there ? Will it hold like and 8/0 with 3-4oz of lead on it ?
  3. They look great .. and I agree it’s fun to mix it up and build stuff that doesn’t have to swim … what ya running for finish on them ? I’m still trying to find something I love ..
  4. My lil black ass going pretty brown at 16 months .. he was jet black when we adopted at 5 months .. the shepherd coming through i guess
  5. And has a solid effff yooooz on his face lol
  6. Still kinda partial to dude in back on the left .. he’s a cute one
  7. All the shelter say “terrier “ lab mix .. same they said for mine . Which was kinda believable. Figured he was at least half pit ( terrier ) .. when we doggy dna him came back half pit , quater shepherd and quarter husky .. so ya really never know …
  8. There’s more simple minded sister kissers out there then ya think ..
  9. Just a glutton for punishment huh lol .. cute pooch
  10. Hot in the gitland today let this guy go nuts for alil
  11. Looks like delicious as my late father in law would say lol
  12. I saw midi and full size on fagbook market place .. but they were upstate
  13. I give you an A for effort bro . If it was me I’d just take 3/8” belly weight and tape on to get to literally just barely sink it with through wire and swivel and hooks on it .. then split that weight in half and put on belly just behind belly hook as tight as ya can … I bet it will yield some results for you and get ya a decent starting point .. mine for open beach just barely sink in bucket . And hooks will hit bottom but body will suspend above .. that’s my sweet spot for slow sinkers the weights ya can fine tune with hacksaw and a file .. I pour 3/8” long pencil weights and cut them for this kinda process .. I think one the plug building guys sell weights similar
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