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  1. Pretty decent gose from collective arts and ipa from knee deep is meh
  2. They slay behind these .. or at least I’ve been told ... not that there’s anything wrong with that
  3. Yea I hear ya .. but more distribution, more beers sold , more money .. but sadly then quality almost always goes down
  4. Great info there , something I’m gonna have to give a go .. you use same thinner for createx paints too ?? the wife bought me the iwata neo , so far liking it a lot.. glad that lil compressor serving you well , I like how small and quiet it is .. having fun learning though , gonna take alil time to the detail stuff dialed in but two tone paint jobs no problem ... here’s my abomination... just messing around with alil of everything to get the feel and practice ... my kids spider man stencils came out cool though lol
  5. Wish we got tree house down here in gitland . Guessing they don’t distribute cause I never seen once and know all the guys at the Bevs that save the good stuff under the counter ...
  6. Just about anything will work .. rod thread , sewing thread etc... I been using 2lbs mono for about everything lately .. goes completely clear under epoxy ..
  7. Have found so many over the years .. few back bay spots I fish you can’t almost count on finding at least one .. everything from bombers , to sps, super strike, to many to remember them all .. a frank delaki (sp?) Darter was one of nicest finds .. I’ve caught so many fish on that thing.. been hunting for more with no luck and now getting the fear and don’t want to throw it as much .. another memoriable one , I was fishing a pond and couple walks past me and asks if I want this .. they hand me one of my crankvaits I lost years earlier .. the thing was so pitted from floating around it looked liked a gold ball .. last spring too im bluefish insanity .. this tool bag comes down and gets way to greasy and slides in next me and my two friends .. he proceeds to cast over us as we hooked up like 5-6 times in a row .. tried to communicate to him to when we were clear of him and he could cast but it just wasn’t getting through .. after untangling his line from our lines and thrashing gorillas just making a Mess of everything for the like 5th time .. he fires out a cast and pop .. send his Gibbs pencil to the moon ..then gets all boo boo feeling hurt and storms off the beach .. I fire a long cast side ways down the beach and snagged that thing straight away .. put it on and turned it to tooth picks
  8. I’m picturing that’s a normal Tuesday evening for her .. her mitt would catch it no problem I’m thinking
  9. Yea some them pretty nice .. just looked them up .. they def on the top end of what I want to pay for a work knife .. question is are they that much better for that extra money
  10. Kosher no doubt
  11. Nice ... how you like that lil compressor ? I just got one for 50$ .. only had it a month or so but used a few times already .. is not to shabby imo . Guess we see how long it last
  12. Folder just for ease of carry .. it never leave my pocket
  13. Are they sturdy though ? I’m tough on them and have broken many .. switched to folding utility knife while I find another .. mainly used for skinning big wire like 1/0-600mcm ..
  14. Different kinda action shot . Went from blue bird sky’s to this in hour and ran me off killer fishing
  15. That’s is a nice knife but 2 bills ain’t cheap .. anyone recomend a high high quality hawk bill ? Seems like everything out there garbage