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  1. Wow great stuff .. that bunker on top is killer . Love the pink under white scale and yellow cheek
  2. Yea not over night , but daytime you should be fine .. see a lot of families launching there when I worked down the street and fished there sometimes
  3. Don’t know the legistics of what it takes to launch there , and it’s a tad hood , but I know there a boat ramp in inwood park
  4. The pier was the final nail in the coffin of a great spot .. before construction of the new chit bridge , we parked on the old half bridge , and many other ninja spots .. when they shut that down for bridge construction in about 2001 I wanna say was the best thing ever .. nobody for miles expect myself and a literal handful of other guys that biked down every night .. man fishing was silly in those days 50 -100 fish each wasn’t uncommon.. now you lucky to get 5 .. and watch your step for man duces ..
  5. Man no way .. I been putting off stopping in for stuff and now I’m fuked ... gonna miss that old grumpy man and his great shop ... what a shame
  6. Sadly hardly worth the time there anymore .. been fishing it almost 30 yrs and let’s just say it ain’t what it used to be by a long shot
  7. Can’t say enough about my kershaw stainless zing .. best 30$ knife I ever owned, don’t be scared by they’re made in china stuff , it’s still very quality.. hasnt left my belt in like 6 months gets abused , dropped from on top ladder .. still tight and fast springy as day one ..
  8. Efffin no sharers
  9. Yup same .. been trying to offset by eating healthy lunch and skipping dinner lol
  10. Yea killer crackles , nicely done
  11. It’s ok bud . You’ll get them next time
  12. Got them down from 419,999 to 412 .. we got lucky , dude likes us and ended up getting offered more then we agreed too, insteaded of being a dirtbag and taking the higher offer couple days before contract he kept his word to us
  13. Well done cap .. im in
  14. Had to be said
  15. Thanks gentlemen, it’s through citizen back . And when I open an account there and use that to pay mortgage they take off another 1/8 so will be 4 even .. Yea both wife and mine credit is good . Putting 10% down . Wish we could swing more but that’s what we can afford now