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  1. There’s so gosh darn many of them they will displace Mexicans as the largest ethnic group.
  2. Flushing/Bayside etc has been home to Koreans and Taiwanese and HK folks followed by Greeks and Jews. Now these people are gradually being displaced by mainland Chinese who are investing their hard earned yuan in NYC real estate. Where did the ML Chinese get their dough? Remember all. that chesp $hit at Walmart or Bestbuy or Anazon? Yup. The Chinese gov’t put in place currency export limits on its citizens so the Chinese are frantically trying to find ways around this - like sending their kids to college/university here and coincidentally buying condos and cars for them. Driving the price of everything up. We export inflation and it comes back to bite us in the ass.
  3. yup. not necessarily to prevent theft but to prevent muzzle sweeping lol
  4. yeah, i'm not weighing in on the righteousness of the shooting so much as he is a callous d-bag. he is making responsible, law-abiding gun owners look bad.
  5. Yup. Totally different. On a related note, visited a shooting range in Honolulu then and was amused to see the guns hard wired to the shooting ports Jap tourists...
  6. It would be because you didn't smoke a kid.
  7. This is pretty straightforward, maybe folks need a history refresher? "One of the great mind destroyers of college education is the belief that if it's very complex, it's very profound."
  8. Do all liberal women wait 40 years to claim somebody tried to rape them?
  9. 20+ years ago, when you put your ear to the ground on Madison Avenue, the most frequently overheard foreign language was most likely Spanish. Today, the most frequently overheard foreign language is Mandarin Chinese, and it's unmistakable when you hear it. There are Chinese ads just about everywhere on Fifth Avenue where shoppers throng. One of the fastest growing populations of illegal immigrants is ... you guessed it, Chinese. NYC's always been a melting pot of sorts, it's about to get overwhelmed with a few billion screaming Chinese....
  10. They are kind of annoying. Interesting though. They are either super rich or can just barely afford to travel middle class. Either way - there are a $hit ton of them. It's funny to say that many of the high-end retailers in the major European cities breath a sigh of relief when the ugly Americans come into the store ... compared to the unruly Chinese, the Americans are well-mannered.
  11. A more contemporary Charles Daly...
  12. Seals the deal for anyone on the fence about him.
  13. Tariffs. China's Stocks Sink to Lowest Level Seen in $5 Trillion Crash Richard Frost September 17, 2018 China’s sinking stock market reached an unwelcome milestone, with the Shanghai Composite Index closing at the lowest level since 2014, before a stock boom that turned into a $5 trillion bust. The Shanghai gauge dropped 1.1 percent to 2,651.79 at the close, below its January 2016 closing low. Back then, officials had just introduced and then hastily scrapped a disastrous circuit-breaker program as they grappled with one of the market’s worst-ever routs. While it’s been a slower burn this time round, the steady losses show that sentiment toward Chinese equities hasn’t recovered from the 2015-2016 crash. Turnover is dwindling and some companies are finding themselves cut off from equity financing, forcing them to raise more debt. The benchmark index is heading for a fourth quarter of losses, its longest string of declines since 2008. The malaise in Chinese equities contrasts with gains for global stocks. The MSCI All-Country World Index is up 21 percent since Nov. 27, 2014, while the S&P 500 Index has handed investors a 40 percent rally. Trade tensions with the U.S. are exacerbating investor concern. With President Donald Trump telling aides to proceed with additional tariffs on Chinese products, the Chinese government is considering declining an offer of talks, according to a Wall Street Journal report, which cited officials with knowledge of the discussions. A weaker yuan also makes the nation’s shares less appealing. China’s currency has fallen almost 7 percent since the end of March amid speculation the government was trying to counter the impact of U.S. tariffs.