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  1. Getting our NODS on at 1 am. Iphone through Gen3 PVS-14.
  2. those things are freakin huge
  3. Pfizer took no money. Moderna took a lot of money from BARDA
  4. of course. same goes for educational institutions that support research.
  5. If you make a discovery And you patent it And you license it I am fine with that. People need incentives to discover new medicines. When the gov't defeats that, you take away the incentives. It's communism.
  6. BioNTech and Pfizer just saved the Tokyo summer olympics. Offering vax to all participants.
  7. cadaver lab last week, covering topic of surgical airway instructor: are you familiar with the structure of the airway and how that's different from the esophagous? us: instructor: geez, too bad we don't have a cross-section of a head for you to look at lab tech: BRB cops and me: wow, look how small the medulla is, that is a precision shot me: is that tray from the cafeteria?
  8. That said - the best "AK" ever made is the Czech VZ-58. Milled receiver. Bolt locks back when mag is empty. I'm kicking myself for selling mine - bought it for $750 and now they are going for more than double that.
  9. What make? The Chinese-made pre-bans (Norinco, Polytech imported prior to September 13, 1994) are probably the most desirable, believe it or not. Those are going for well over $2,000 right now. There are numerous other makes and brands. $1,000 does not sound like a stretch for a gun store gun right now. Romanian WASR's are being offered for $900 ish right now. Century WASR's are about $750. If you are ok waiting for a while, maybe prices will come down as the panic subsides. In NH, there's no sales tax - so keep that in mind - that's what you're paying.
  10. $hit goes downhill when we let women vote
  11. a little over a year ago...
  12. “Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies, and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.” — Aristotle