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  1. "El rendimiento pasado no es garantia de resultados futuros"
  2. crude production hit an all time high of 12,860 bbl per day in November 2019. did you conveniently overlook that?
  3. funny how Trump was blamed for every mass shooting during his term this clown biden is white and adding fuel to the fire
  4. at least one is....(not my pics). blood moon looks like san diego or the block or mv ..
  5. why wasn't he in Waukesha?
  6. marriage as an institution in the united states is now a scam
  7. it's only a "mass shooting" if the shooter is white.
  8. as an aside, the security guard (retired LEO) shot the dude center mass but the shooter was wearing armor. one shot to the head could have changed the outcome. practice your head shots if you carry.
  9. This keeps up ... this is going to flow into every aspect of people's lives the stuff that gets transported by truck is gonna get more expensive (already is) taking a trip? gonna be more expensive. heat your home? gonna be more expensive. electricity - more expensive. a run on wood stoves - more $$$$. the last time fuel prices surged like this (2007-8) - we went into a recession. politically speaking - let's talk about the low hanging fruit here first. i don't think there are going to be a lot of independents left to vote for democrats come election time.
  10. i don't know how many fruitcakes are out there maybe too many but wouldn't it be nice if the fbi did something about the few that they know about? i mean, really.
  11. this one hits you right in the feelz...
  12. how many times have we heard in previous mass shooting that the shooter "was known to the FBI" ??? but these happened anyways. what am i to take away from these repeated incidents? this guy was known to the fbi fer fuqq's sake.