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  1. phukking degenerates
  2. Why are democrats opposed to illegal immigration from Mexico? In California they contribute to nine additional electoral votes, eclipsing MT, WY, and ND combined. Because power. You idiots should never lecture us about morals.
  3. Don't let any more in. Boot the ones that are militant.
  4. uh, ok like try maybe soviet union communist china khmer rouge north korea yes, nazi germany (it's still socialism) the estimated combined death toll from "left-wing" ideologies is in the hundred+ million
  5. So throughout the last century, who leads the global body count? hint: it ain't right-wingers.
  6. uh, he was a fan of german national socialism .. a nazi?
  7. Knewbee, that source is jacked. The Charlottesville driver was a left-wing sympathizer. Like a real National Socialist. I don't think anyone proved the Las Vegas shooter to be right-wing.
  8. Yes or no, maybe so?
  9. how's that for statistics
  10. the other 50% are holding you down while the 25% saw your head off
  11. The more garbage we import, the more the odds go up.
  12. why don't you ask them, if you're a betting man.
  13. 1.8 billion muslims 25% want to kill you how's that for statistics?