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  1. Not that I would ever post that kind of stuff here, right?
  2. Great. Let me know when we can start shooting them. Or throwing them out of helicopters.
  3. Aaaand they retired them. The first batch was send back to Colt because debris in the MARSOC duty holsters were gouging the cerakote finish I think MARSOC is using Glock 19's now.
  4. But it will require a change in the way we learn to teach and learn handgun fundamentals.
  5. Great. Can we also boot the rest of the UN outta NYC? Sick and tired of seeing armed foreign cops on US soil. If you consider NYC US soil.
  6. Suppressors illegal in NY. Only cops can purchase them for private use.
  7. Don't know how it would hold up to a .44 magnum, though.
  8. Been waiting to take the plunge on this. Because there is no standardized mounting system with pistol mounted red dot optics (like there is for lights), you basically have to get your slide milled by a machinist, get a dedicated slide from a third party, or get an optic ready platform like the Glock MOS system. The weak point in most of these systems is the screws as well as mounting plates which provide an additional point of failure. The optics have caught up, and it seems the most bulletproof one is the one picture below. The Glock MOS is a nifty platform to try different optics (using adaptor plates) without making permanent alterations. This is a better design than the Trijicon RMR - you don't have to remove the unit to change the battery, and the mounting system is a chunky rail cut. This is actually going to go on another gun (sent the slide in for milling) but in the meantime I'm gonna test it out. For a skillion damn good reasons I've mentioned elsewhere in this forum, red dots on pistols are going to change the way we aim and shoot handguns, just like red dot optics have done so for carbines.
  9. maybe. maybe not.