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  1. are both mojo available - i see you only have one listed but did not see the other one sold (was hoping that it was a typo)
  2. i'm in
  3. I was just wondering how long people usually keep tail flags on SP minnows - here are 2 that I tied up - thanks for any advice
  4. just south of the public boat launch in barnaget light
  5. John C. Bartlett, Jr. County Park at Berkeley Island - south side on the road before you are actually in the park
  6. not sure if it the same stuff but I found it under "Self-Adhesive Bird Repellent Scare Tape" on amazon
  7. these are pretty nice
  8. would you take 150?
  9. Looking for something decent to throw up to 8oz and bait - had a old tica rod tip clipped in the parking lot while it was up on my truck and looking to replace - can pick up in Ocean or Monmouth county NJ - Thanks
  10. check out cheat sheets for you specific camera on amazon or other web sites - they are cheap and help you with what settings to use in different situations If you are going to do more serious editing try shooting in RAW (if you camera has it you can use RAW+jpeg) - the raw pictures will not usually look as good because the camera is not doing the post processing but it is capturing a lot more info with the RAW format that you can take advantage of with editing software- the advantage of using both RAW+jpeg is that you have the data for pictures that you want to mess around with but also the camera doing the work for pictures you just want to post or email / text to someone
  11. Before I go to the Asbury show nest weekend I was curious - what size hooks (treble and single) and split rings do people tend to keep on hand to refresh old plugs and metals - I was thinking of picking up an assortment to have on hand - I know it is a general question but if I could narrow it down to 4-5 hook sizes and 2-3 sizes of split rings it would be helpful thanks
  12. for the harbor freight trailer (with the 12 inch tires) I found these with a 81 mph rating - I was planning on getting a spare so getting 2 new tires at 60 a piece is not too bad of an upgrade