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  1. Sorry no vs250 only 200
  2. I got one spinning for sale pm me
  3. Where are you located?
  4. I'll take the green stick shad if you take MO. If so please pm me. Thx
  5. $450 cash pick up, I am right down the street from you
  6. I back the lights out... fantastic lures. Very stand up plug maker
  7. Better fish started to be at the other end of the line... more quality soco.
  8. I respectfully offer $40 cash pick up for the (2) floating 155 shads. Thanks for considering
  9. Second on the saltiga pending on inspection cash pick up any time from now..
  10. Let me know what you have... prefer cash pick up around RI/MA.
  11. Respectfully offer $40 shipped MO... if you cant... no worries. Thx.
  12. .
  13. Pm me if you have more darters... thx bud I missed it by minutes
  14. Excellent....