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  1. Ok, as the 5 wt is the lower setup, I'll entertain other offers. Reason being, he will probably be using bass bugs and streamers rather than dry flies
  2. What's the action on it?
  3. I have a buddy that has recently been showing interest in fly fishing.... He will need a whole outfit, and in the $100- 200 range. He's mostly doing freshwater so a 5,6,7,8 weight is perfect
  4. Nice video! Was that in the back bays?
  5. I have also heard about the cinder worms and was also curious.... Are they located in the back bays only when they spawn or in parts of the actual bay... Was going to try to get to them last year but my Carolina Skiff and the motor was too low to be able to get to the shallows
  6. As title says, WTB the Scientific Angler Sharkwave Anadro WF7F.... looking to spend about $75... Prices on fly line are crazy these days! Thanks, Collin
  7. No problem
  8. Might want to post this on fly fishing BST as well, should get more responses there
  9. Words to live by...
  10. What type of line is that?
  11. If you can tie a deer hair bass bug, I kill the LMB with them here in New Jersey. Caught a 5 and 7 pounder with it last summer
  12. Thanks for the info! I'll check it out!
  13. That looks like a great box! I'll have to keep an eye out for one at the Somerset Show... the box i have now holds about 20. Great article by the way! - Collin
  14. Please PM me your paypal -Collin