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  1. I acquired a used Tsunami Shield 3000 the drag is sticky all or nothing assuming the drag washers need cleaning. Is there a special wrench or tool to remove the disc that retains them? Under the drag knob, the disc is plastic and looks like it requires some sort of spanner wrench. Tried a pair of needle nose pliers opened wide just couldn’t get a good enough bite to loosen the disc. Any suggestions?
  2. Way back when I made a Sage RPL 10’ 9 weight for beach fishing. It excelled with # 4 sci angler shooting head and 30# braid runningline, great estuary bay and river rod. Real nice with a long belly floating line as well.Fantastic on the mend when swinging flies. The one drawback was the torque it generated on my poor shoulder, it wasn’t a distance rod at least for me. My 9’ 9’s and 10’s fared much better . Just my 2 cents on a 10’ single handed rod in the salt. i’ve been using an 11.5’ 8 wt switch and my shoulder appreciates it more.
  3. Are you beach fishing the surf, or wading a stream? And are you overhead casting or doing skagit type casts?
  4. You can try look up your rod on Rio's website, there is a line selector for various rod manufacturers. Of course it recommends their lines - but it could help.
  5. I’m beach and boat fishermen, great spot lost is the Ambrose Tower - great inshore offshore spot for s small boater . That structure was a fish magnet. Shame they removed it and cut its legs clear to the bottom.
  6. Check Rio’s website or catalog the website has a rod line selector pretty cool it works well
  7. I never owned a Winston, I have several Rodon Boron rods that were made in the late 80's . Fantastic fishing tools! Very strong and slower action than the graphite rods of that time. If any drawback , the blanks were expensive and heavier than graphite counter parts. But man could they cast and fight fish, especially lifting a long line for another quick cast, or pull a deep running fish from the depths, Orvis also had boron rods. Advances in materials, tapers kind of squashed the boron phase in fly rods, yet there Seems to be a resurgence of it again in some of the newer rods. Still fish my 9 and 12 weights ! if you have the opportunity go for it . i can tell you casting the rod in the yard on a lawn doesn't project the true abilities it has. You'll need to cast it on the water and let the surface tension help load the rod, because they are much slower to load - which is what imo was a distraction to those rods.
  8. Guys, I'm not the most experienced with TH rods - I have only been using one so far an 11.6 switch 8 wt. all I can say to everyone is KISS. Use it and go fishing! If it's not working go heavier with the line until you find one that loads the rod best suited for your fishing. I am surf fishing central NJ in the back and out front and have caught more than my share this season. Have fun.
  9. I haven't posted in a while but I do fish almost every day. I have been using a switch 8 wt almost exclusively since I started fishing this spring. I love it. Mostly OH casting. Have a Rio skagit Versa tip line It's ok and gets the job done as far as getting the line out. But I don't like the way it fishes swinging flies, difficult to mend. The head is 654 grains I believe and it's like fishing with a clothes line!,,,I substituted a full intermediate clear tarpon line 13 weight. And for me problem is solved. Problem is trying to find one without the tropical coating. I was fortunate to have a few new old lines and found some on line. I did experiment with a 12 wt wf line it didn't have enough mass to carry poppers and the larger flies I frequently use i.e. Snake, sliders, hollow etc. Try it you'll be surprised! I do agree about the lifting ability fighting a large fish in heavy water or current, I have sacrificed quite a few this year also hard to get a good hook set with the outfit - and have popped a few good one especially when they decide to take off. Gotta go catch the tide now ...see ya'
  10. They are a still there when I saw you last
  11. I have have 9.5 ' Lami i built Great Rod made for salt water - oversized guides- good cork 2 pc. Fixed butt pacbay up locking reel seat wells grip Pleasure to cast and light have bag and tube Blank rated for 8-9 wt line fishes well with 10 line Excellent condition slate gray blank with black wraps Pm if interested
  12. I would consult Jones Brothers marine - maybe talk to Donnie himself.
  13. Most likely small piece of trash in one of the carbs venturi's - proper rebuild cleaning would resolved,sometimes you can apply the choke while running to clear it away, or else suck it in deeper resulting in a overhaul. Don't dismiss the fuel pump one of the diaphragms could have a tear or hole in it. A good marine mechanic can save you hours of aggravation and money in the long run
  14. B.O.A.T. = Break out another thousand. There are plenty of older rigs out there in that range 16-20 footers . They are going to be older and will require some love and $$$. To make them dependable. I'd look at some of the aluminum deep vees liked duaranautics,lowes, etc with a reliable outboard. The water you mentioned can get pretty rough in a small center console or a flat bottom skiff. You want something that will start, run without a lot of cost and up keep. Good Luck.