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  1. I've owned one since the mid 90s. Haven't used it in a few years . Doubt whether it's worth much . Caught plenty of fish with it.
  2. Thank you Mr Diaz ! I think the general population has no idea of how much Long Island fisheries are in trouble. Hopefully films like this we help get the word out.
  3. I have the nine . And would suggest rio coastal quick shooter xp. Use the same wt as the rod .
  4. Thanks Jeff Received it today. Can't wait to try it out. Don
  5. I'll take it , sending check tomorrow. Thanks
  6. This Saturday March 18 @ Holiday inn in Plainview.
  7. Is rod still available? If so where are you located?
  8. I bought the 2oz thick and thin 2 weeks ago from bears den. Both came with the applicator tips.
  9. Thanks for the info. Just placed an order of a bottle of each at bears den. Hope my loon's light works well with it. Which light are you guys using ? Thanks Don
  10. Has anyone use the solarez? Been using bugbond,but it's pretty expensive.solarez is less then 1/2 the price and I like that it comes in a much larger bottle. Is it really tack free?
  11. Nice job on the albie whor$ ! One of my favorite albie flies.
  12. Awesome job!! Congratulations.
  13. Learn to tie a clouser #2 - 1/0 White White/ olive White/ chartuse
  14. Seems to me the running line is a bit stiffer, due to the mono core. The coating on the line is different. A huge improvement over the outbound series.