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  1. Whats the story on that middle plug
  2. Awesome thanks for the responses
  3. So cool, any close up pics of the plug
  4. Got the needlefish bug lately and it seems pink needles are hard to come by so I recently grabbed a couple of Tony’s 2.5oz in pink from Ebay. Anyone know if he wired through and also looking for some opinions on how they fish compared to other brands?
  5. Cool thanks for responding, thinking about one in future
  6. Cool rig! Does that make it through all sand?
  7. I see stormr on my FB feed daily being liked by my friends. If u post a negative reply in comments u may get something out of it. That’s a bummer as they seem to make top quality gear.
  8. Can’t we just introduce the orca? Eats seals and great whites are ascared of dem
  9. I started bass fishing about 14 years ago. September and October were our best fishing months of the season. Are there less fish? Seems so to me. Some might say they’re migrating patterns have changed not the amount of fish. Alls I know is my internal striper clock is used to kicking in around September 1st. Unfortunately the last two falls have been disappointing. I would trade the summer blitz we get now, for catching fish the end of October in a heartbeat
  10. From what I've seen it's usually may to early June. 58-62 degrees ish
  11. Saltwater, freshwater and hunting all progress around the moons. I don't think it's even debatable
  12. I just purchased these. I've gone through 10 pairs of different brands of pliers in the last 5 years and I've heard these last.
  13. Pretty weak show and the layout is awful
  14. I purposely find reasons to buy llbean in whatever i can just for service
  15. I wear west branch boots from them, luv em do get small pebbles not much sand holds though