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  1. It could be that the 2500 reel u use is bigger than the average 2500, each brands sizing varies.
  2. imho going that light on tackle is somewhat unethical if you catch any albie over 10 pounds it's gonna come up dead with that setup. although I agree that longer rods from 7'6- 8' are a better choice a 2500 reel just doesn't have the drag you need, I have a 5k sustain that is as light as a feather.
  3. I have a st.croix triumph that’s more moderate action and a gloomis e6x that’s extra fast, and I find myself grabbing the loomis 8/10 times because the faster tip allows me cast and work light epoxy jigs and soft plastics much easier.
  4. Bluefish are considered threatened, not surprised after seeing how people have been treating them like a limitless resource forever.
  5. Wrong there are literally tons of other species that would be more ethically consumed than stripers, you are obviously in denial of their population. Blackfish, porgys, and even weakfish are more numerous than they have been and years would be much more sustainable for everyone to eat those instead.
  6. I agree that those uneducated anglers that cause complete destruction shouldn't be allowed to fish, no one likes them either!
  7. I think what your not getting is that the 9% is an average for every recreational angler. I bet 80% of the anglers on this forum are competent enough to have a release mortality below 2-3%. While lots of people who are just getting into the sport/ use buckets and sand spikes for their rod probably have a 15-20% mortality rate, why aren't u attacking them.
  8. Respectfully offer $725 picked up, I have no use for the line
  9. Where are you located?
  10. Surprised no one could figure this out I thought it was a great idea tommy.
  11. Sweet, pm incoming.
  12. How much are you looking for?
  13. Show me what you got
  14. If your getting two personally I'd get one that’s fast action and one that’s more moderate so they can be used for different applications. Also a 7'6 or 8 footer really isn't much heavier and could come in clutch at times.
  15. G loomis e6x and shimano curado is my two cents.