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  1. All it means is it can be wound through the guides and onto the reel, my personal preference is for the leader to stop just before the reel for maximum casting distance, so that the braid is still on your casting finger like normal. If your rod isn't very long you may need to do some wraps on the reel so it can be long enough to grab. I'd use gloves also and try not to wrap it around your hands if possible.
  2. Its actually called the modified fg, just a couple slight changes, if you look it up on the water has a tutorial.
  3. I ran into a similar issue a few weeks ago and once we got the fish in close after a long battle we realized we didn't know what to do because the leader was too short to grab without going dangerously close to the tail. And, grabbing the tail and dragging it out at night in crashing waves is not as easy as it sounds. So after another 20 minutes of tug of war trying to use the waves to beach it, it eventually snapped off. Going forward I think a long wind on leader of 80-100 lb mono going almost to the reel while the bait is in casting position connected via improved FG knot is the best solution to leader the fish properly.
  4. Sounds pretty dirty
  5. Nice plug thanks for posting but I meant to close this up.
  6. @Dan TinmanWhat would the price increase be if I went with the black nickel hooks?
  7. Okay Dan I'll take 3 1/2 oz, 3 3/4 oz, 3 1oz, 15 1 1/2oz, 15 2 oz, 3 3oz and 3 4oz.
  8. @Dan Tinman What hooks are on the 1.5 and 2oz sizes?
  9. The trustees are my least favorite organization ever
  10. I've been keeping a dans whetstone in my bag for a couple seasons now and I'm happy with it. but, I might try some of the diamond sharpeners.
  11. I would try wading shallow flats for bass with a hat and polarized sunglasses during sunny days
  12. Yes I didn't realize who he was when I bought it, definitely legit plugs
  13. Great these are awesome Dan, I'm out on a trip right now for the next two weeks but when I get home I will put an order together.
  14. Looking for the classic style bean/ upperman bucktails, unpainted heads is fine but the main feature I'm looking for is a Strong hook for heavy current situations I'm interested in small sizes and up to 4-5 ounces.
  15. You need outboard power at a minimum