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  1. Can someone smarter than me explain to me why SYM isn't going up
  2. I just put it on tv and they're talking about fantasy fishing leagues...
  3. Yes the neoprene can become saturated with water, I only find it an issue with heavy rain and even then it's just wet when I go to put it back on. Because of the neck and waist gaskets it's very water tight.
  4. I only have experience with the stormr surf top and for me it's been very water tight.
  5. For pollock fishing on a head boat is the tackle the same as for say a cod and sea bass trip? or can you get away going with lighter tackle? How deep are the fish usually in the water column?
  6. I second the above post, and would love to learn more about this fishery. I was fortunate to be gifted some fresh pollock from this bite and it was some of the best fish I ever have had.
  7. I've seen this before, this guy just trained his dog to run along side his truck, pretty cool actually
  8. I don't understand how the slots can cause splashing
  9. A good BM fish from this fall, a fish boiled on my plug in the wash at my feet so I made half a cast reeling at 2x speed and this fish ate it. Large danny
  10. Looks albino to me, I saw one a couple years ago on Long Island and posted it on that forum. Rare sighting for sure I bet they are easy targets like the op said.
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